Saturday, 1 September 2007

Visit with Sandy

Well this has been my highlight for the week! Nothing else has happened much this week, mum and dad are away and I haven't heard from them and I am missing them and their voices, wish they would ring me! Hate when they are away for several reasons. Very busy at home as I am looking after the business while Dad is away, which makes it hard when you have two children, have to do everything of a night once Grant gets home so he can watch the kids while I go to work, check bank accounts, pay bills, pay wages, bank recs, invoices, purchases, blah blah blah, so not much fun to be had there!

The days have been glorious here in Newcastle, beautiful warm days which has been great for the kids, puppy and I, spending alot of time playing outside and chasing, running around, riding bikes, jumping on the tramp, swings, slides, lots of fun! Nice to see the sun and nice to be able to wear shorts and shirts again. Just love spring for the beautiful weather. Here is a pic of Trav on a beautiful day riding his bike and Rusty enjoying the green grass and sunshine!

Yesterday which was my highlight of the week, I visit Sandy at her home in Seaham, and what a lovely home she has, so much room, not like our little house, and 3 beautiful acres surrounded by bushland, so envious, wish she's swap me. Ha! Anytakers, swap my house - 3 bdrm, 1300 square metre block for 3-5 acres with house. Now wouldn't that just be a dream come true! Need to win the lotto desperately. My visit with Sandy was fantastic, we spent three and a half hours together and time just flew. It was a gorgeous day too, so the day was just perfect. We just nattered like two people who had known each other for years. I have to say that I am ever grateful to Annette and TSE for the beautiful friendships I have made. I feel truly blessed! Sandy you are one gorgeous girl, inside and out and your bubbly, lively and down to earth nature is so infectious! Love you to pieces. Thanks so much for welcoming me into your home and for such a lovely day! Sorry Cooper raided your food and your Panty, oops, mean Pantry (little inside joke there).

Anyway, thats it for the present, I have also joined TSE in their Pre-Summer Diet Challenge in aid to eat more healthy, and motivate me to loose of few kgs and tone up for summer. So far not doing to bad, haven't eaten chocolate now since Wednesday or had Coke either. Huge milestone for me. Just have to motivate myself to exercise, I hate that! Boring! Running around after the kids and housework is all I do, that keeps me active enough! Though Grant has joined me too, and he has been excellent, eating healthy, and even started his weight training again, so I am sure he'll loose heaps! Least we can do it together for added motivation!
Bye for now, and Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there. So sad my Daddy won't be here for Fathers Day, but he knows how special he is to me and how much I love him, even if he is on the other side of the world at the moment.

Love to you all

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