Thursday, 28 May 2009

Mid week Scrapping...

What else is there to do when you are sick with the flu? I have spent Monday and Tuesday resting, watching movies (Twilight - again and Sisterhood of the Travelling pants) and staying home. Though this flu is not budging, think it likes me....
Anyway, the lovely Sandy, came over to visit and scrap with me to break the boredom. I just love sandy's visits, always guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Love Ya! Anyway we decided to tackle this milk carton creation, well, what can I say!!! It was really fiddley, tested Sandy's patience... LOL! But never the less it was great to scrap and have Sandy for Company. Sorry in advance Sandy if you get this nasty flu...
My milk carton creation using Kaszazz Papers

Nice and brief, hope you are all well, chat soon
Love Lisxx

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sickness, Anniversaries, scrapping, etc...

Well whats there to say!! Not much has been happening in my camp this past week. Sick with the flu as are my two boys. Just can't seem to shake it off at the moment, so the week has gone by very uneventful, just taking it easy, resting, working when I had too.

Though did manage to create one layout this week of Mums and I "High Tea" mothers day! Just love these new papers from My Minds Mind. So perfect and regal, just like our High Tea.

On Friday was mine and Grants 5 year wedding anniversary, so after getting home from work we just ventured to the local Bowling Club and had tea with our boys. Nothing Fancy, but it was still good to not have to cook tea, especially when I don't feel well.

I have to say I really detest this time of year for all the flus, colds, sicknesses and this cold windy rainy weather. Sometimes I wish I was a bear and go and hyberbate for the winter and wake me up when the weather warms. Luckily for us we have a fire, which has not gone out all week! Another reason to stay indoors.

Well I hope you are all well, safe from these floods and toasty warm..

Chat soon

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Kaisercraft May Simple Plan

Here is May's Simple Plan from Kaiser. It is another great sketch and one I just had to do. Had the perfect pic of my best buddy Mele and next door neighbour. These papers just went perfect with the pic. So loving purple and you don't see it very often in the scrapping world.

May Simple Plan

Close Up Sneaky Peek

This Girl - My interpretation of May's simple plan

I just love sketches.


Monster Trucks...

Not much happening this week, just the same ole same ole, work, cleaning, being a mum, wife, etc....

Though a weekend can't go by without some fun of some sort. Yesterday we had next doors little fella's "Treyvon (aka Vili)" 3rd Birthday. Now Vili and Cooper are the best of mates... If Vili's not here, Coops at his place. Very cute! So we were off to Macca's for Vili's 3rd Birthday party, and whereever Vili was Coop was right beside him like his shadow. Love the friendship that they have.
Two little cheeky monkeys & partners in crime.

After the birthday party it was time to come home and Coop to have a sleep before the big night. At 4.30pm we left to take the kids to see the Monster Trucks. WOW, what a night. These trucks are awesome and so BIG and powerful! Amazing. The kids were like in a trance, just staring and not moving. They had motorcross show, a smashem up derby, a jet van (A van that has an aeroplace motor in it that burns fire), pretty cool, the monster trucks of course and two big fireworks displays. Was a great night..

Monster Trucks
Today is Sunday. Woke up not feeling too crash hot. The start of the flu I am thinking. You know the ole sore throat, ears, running eyes and nose. Grant took Cooper to see the Motorbikes race at Maitland, and Trav and I stayed home. Just veging....Not even in the mood for scrapping.. Maybe later...

Whats your weekend been like?

Chat soon


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Happy Birthday Granto!

Its my Hubby's birthday today, so just a quick entry to wish my hubby "A Great 35th Birthday". Taking him out for dinner tonight once he gets home from work.


Love Ya Heaps.


Monday, 11 May 2009

Scrapping with the girls.

I finally got together a night to scrap with the girls from the salon where I work. Each of them are into scrapping in one way or another. Whether it be making cards or started scrapping years ago and haven't done it in a while. So it was time to get together and scrap!

I booked a class with Sonya, who is the marketing manager for Kaszazz. I love going to her studio, turning up with nothing but your pics. Being told what to do, while we can catch up on chit chat and lollies. Such a great night. We decided that we are going to get together once a month and scrap at Sonya's.
No brainer scrapping I call it. Just heaps more fun to be had with your friends. Classes are excellent. This class focused alot on stamping, which I must admit I don't do alot of, and should, because the effects are great. Just loved these layouts.

Page 1 - Cooper

Page 2 - Travis

Can't wait for the next one....

What have you scrapped lately?


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Firstly I would like to say, Happy Mothers Day mum, without you I wouldn't be the person that I am today!!! Happy Mothers Day to all the other MUM's out there! Us mums make the world go round, and clean washing & dishes, and made beds, and clean houses, and .........

MUM & Me before I took her out for High Tea

Can't say that I woke too happy though, after my little motorbike accident yesterday, I have to say I have woke up rather stiff and very bloody sore all over. Feels like I have whiplash to my entire body! My neck hurts, my shoulders, my boobs even, I can hardly move! A few more bruises have come out but the scratches look pretty good. Damaged ego indeed!!! Have to remember that I am 34 not 15!!!! I am too old to crash motorbikes!!!

Though I did have a nice awaking. Travis brought me in a gorgeous handmade card he had made from school, as did Cooper, travis had bought me a scarf from the Mothers day stall at school! Very thoughtful! Grant bought me in a cup of tea in bed, along with a bunch of flowers, a card and a lottery gift pack! Very nice indeed. Took me a while to get the courage up to move and get out of bed.... LOL!
Anyway once up, got into gear and got ready to take my mum out for an English High Tea. OMG! How posh and elegant. We felt like royalty! I loved it! They served us English Breakfast Tea in Bone China Cups out of Sterling Silver Tea Pots. First came some little gourmet sandwiches, then a three layered cake stand full of bite sized treats to sample. We were in heaven, was so nice and very different...

Bacchus House - High Tea Though must have ran over the accident fairy yesterday as my high tea didn't end unscaved... Walking to the car, my heels hit a pothole, my right ankle twisted and down I went... LOL! Grazed knees now with holey stockings, not a good look! I wonder when my third time lucky is going to hit!!!! OMG I dread to think! Think I have the case of the clumsy's or something!!!

Now going to the Bay to throw some flowers in the ocean for Grants mum where we scattered her ashes. Then having dinner at Anna Bay Tavern where Netty loved to go! A little hard for Grant today being the first Mothers Day without his mum, so this will be a nice thing to do, just the four of us! Hope you have all had a lovely Mothers Day! Want to hear how you spent your day!!!! Do tell!
Love being a mother to my two boys...

Love Ya's, thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, 9 May 2009

Injured - contents not too graphic!! LOL!!!

Well what can I say it started out a brilliant start to a Saturday! Grant didn't work, took the kids for an early fish, I got to stay at home and have some quiet time.... So I actually got to watch a full movie, with my feet up, kicked back on the lounge, with no interuptions. Blissful! I watched "The Women" With Debra Messing, Meg Ryan, etc. Good movie.
Once the boys came home it was motorbike time. So we took the motorbikes over to the bush for a few hours of riding. Again me and one of the boys on the Peewee and Grant and another on the Thumpstar. We also met one of Grants mates over there with his daughter... Now let me clarify something first. A peewee is a 50cc motorbike, just putts along, not overly fast, the Thumpstar is about the same size as the peewee, but is a 125cc motorbike and has balls!!!
After a few rides with the kids, I thought I would do a solo run, and this time take the Thumpstar for a squirt. I have no idea what happened next, but I was rounding a bend, hit the throttle instead of pulling the clutch in to change gears back, and ended up going through the bush instead of round the track. Ended up over the hangers, motorbike runs over left leg while I slide on my right side through a thistle bush! LOL! But shit did it hurt but as I say it was oh so quick!!!
I somehow managed to pull the bike up and get it back on the track but my legs had turned to jelly and there was no way I could kick start it again! So me and the bike headed back for base, sore, scratched up, bruised with a battered ego! LOL!
Here's some of the injuries. Nothiing too major, just alot of scratches a bruises to my right leg and arm, bruises to my left inner thigh and knee, a sore left wrist and sore left ankle at this stage. God help me tomorrow!!!

The injuries - too funny! Ok So I refuse to cook tea now, came home, cleaned up, soaked in a hot bath, and ordered in Pizza!! Off to bed shortly to watch a movie! Sweetdreams! LMAO!!!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Nanny's Brag Book

Mothers day is all about letting your mum know just how much you love her.... My mum is just about ready to head on a cruise for 2 weeks, so why not create a little light weight brag book for her to take with her so that we can be with her too!

Close Up Sneaky Peak~

I whipped this up late tonight, nothing like leaving things until the last minute but just didn't know what to make mum for mothers day until it hit me! A brag book, so that she can always keep it in her bag!!!
The Album - Nanny's Brag Book

I made the album out of the MM Fifth Avenue 4 x 6 Journal Papers, created clear acrylic front cover and a chipboard backing, filled it with recent pics of me, Grant and the boys, complete with ring to hold it all together and ribbons. Not to mention a matching card that I had actually made for a Scrap Challenge on Scrapbook shelf last mothers day! Knew it would come in handy!! LOL! I am sure she is going to love it!!!
A liitle look into all the pages - 12 pages...
I want to know what you are making for your mother for mothers day too!
Love Lis xoxoxo

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Bella "Damsel" Range

OMG I am soooooo in love with this range! Have enjoyed scrapping with these papers the last two days.. So nice to scrap in pink, especially when I have a household of boys!

As i said earlier, Our wedding anniversary is just around the corner, I looked up what 5 years meant and what gift you should buy! The answer was "Tree" So concert tickets, anything paper, gift vouchers, plant a tree together. Well I already bought us Pink Tickets for her upcoming concert here in Newy, plus a night at the Crowne Plaza in the Harbour View Spa Room. Ooh Lah Lah!!! So why not go with the paper theme, seeing how much I love paper, and scrap a mini album, a card and a layout to match! And what better papers to use but the Bella "Damsel" papers.

So here you go girls, hope you like!
Close Up of Card

5 Years Card!
Close up of Layout! Loving the beads!
5Years Layout
Inside Album - Journalling Side
Inside Album - Pics Side
True Love Album Cover

Now there you have it! One big weekend scrapping our upcoming wedding anniversary! Just absolutely love this Bella range!!!
Ciao for now! Hope your weekend was as fantastic as mine! Don't forget I want to hear all about it!
Love Lisxx

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Happy Scrapbooking Day!

What a good excuse to scrapbook! Genius whoever came up with this one! Of course I have been scrapbooking all day, along with me mate Mele, from next door!

Now I am working on something a little special for Grant and I, as our 5th Wedding Anniversary is just around the corner.. 22nd May to be exact!
I went shopping through the week, visited the good ole spotlight for a change, haven't been there for ages, but I got myself some of the Bella "Damsel" Papers and matching embellies. Perfect for a love album! Love love love them can't wait to show you the finished album, Layout and Card! Yes, I am going all out!
I hope you all had a fanastic National Scrapbooking Day! I want to hear about how you spent the day! Leave me a comment on what you did! Please share! Now I have jsut come home from dinner with Grants family for Kates Birthday!
Happy Birthday Kate - Yum look at the cake!!!
Me and Granto

Please check by tomorrow as I will post up my special project I am working on!!! CU 2morrow!

Love lis xoxoxo