Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Just a quick one for the moment, here it was nearly on dark, when I looked out the back in the courtyard and what do I see, a little Rusty puppy and a little Moe, snuggled up together like the best of friends.... Now the photo is pretty bad, but as I said it was getting quite dark, I had to take the pic through a window so I didn't disturb them, no flash or anything....

Awwww too sweet!!!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

An afternoon in the bush...

It was such a beautiful weekend, we thought we would take the boys plus the little girl from next door out to the bush for an afternoon of Motorbike riding. Wow what fun the kids had. Of course I was the dedicated photo taker, snapping heaps of pics each time the kids had their turn with Grant on the Thumpster.

Sam (Samantha), Trav and Coop had an absolute ball! They got all dirty, dusty, and had the time of their lives..... as you can see below...

But of course the smiles don't last for too long, once we got home something went wrong, Cooper snapped and an all in brawl between Cooper and Trav took part on the front verandah, while Grant just sat back and enjoyed the entertainment with a cold beer while I snapped pics. He He He! Look at the face on Cooper, priceless, he was sooooo mad.....

Too funny! So much fun having two boys!!! Entertainment all year round! LMAO!!!!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Look how big he's grown!

Remember this little kitten that Grant bought home from work, feral as, couldn't go near him for three days without welding gloves or he's scratch you to pieces, well look at him now.... Isn't he just beautiful. He has grown into a gorgeous mummies boy, only 100% trusts me, everyone else he is very timid, but he loves his mummy! Just loving these pics, just had to share them with you!

He is just too cute isn't he!!!!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Kaisercraft K-Bots Paper

Well, told you I would be back soon! With Trav having so much fun in rain yesterday, I couldn't resist not scrapping them straight away!!!! These papers are so brilliant for boys! They remind me of the inner workings of a boy, the cogs are their little brains ticking over..... Luv them!

H2O Fun

As you can see it didn't take me long to scrap up a layout this morning, I have even done the groceries, tidied up all my mess, put the groceries away, done a load of washing, washed up, vacuumed, pretty good going for a Sunday! Just one more set of papers to play with, though not sure when I will get to them at this stage, my week is already booked up...

Tomorrow is back to work for dad, then I have to take him to the Gateshead private hospital in the afternoon for a 5 hour operation, then pick him back up again sometime during the night, they say around 9.30pm, but I'm not holding my breath, knowing hospitals. Poor dad he is going to be sore for some time.... Tuesday I am going to visit my long lost Sandy, miss you luv, see you soon, Wednesday I have my girlfriends mums funeral at Bero, Thursday back to work at Dads, and Friday back to work at the Salon, and here we are back at the weekend again.... I really need to buy me more time.....

Also I have been reading the Twilight books, the vampire romance... OMG these are the best books ever invented, I have not been able to put them down, I dream about them at night, I am so addicted. There are four books in the series and I am nearly through my 3 book in under 2 weeks. If you haven't read these books, I tell you go buy them, they are just the best books....

Well Ciao for now! Can't wait til its bedtime so I can read some more! Sweetdreams.....

Kaiser Bushka Range

This is such a creative design.. It can be interpreted in so many ways. You can use it for little girls with the little babushka dolls, you can make it more grown up and just use the flowers or I even saw something just a little different in it. My mother in law is from Holland, and what is native to Holland but these little wooden dolls and clogs.... I had the perfect picture too that would show off the Dutch in the papers and the pic.

Luv the Clogs....

This month for April the Simple Sketch Plan I found to be far from Simple...., so I decided to put the sketch to work with these Bushka papers and my pic of Netty! Turned our pretty well!
Now to start on the K-Bots paper! Have just the pic for it too! Be back very soon!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Storm Boy

It has been quite humid today, and it was nice to see the rain and a bit of a storm. Travis was so excited when the rain came down, we were sitting on the front verandah, having a cold drink, watcihng the storm come over, when the rain hit, the next thing we knew Travs clothes are off except for his undies, and he is running around in the rain, twirling, squealing with delight, giggling is head off, he was having so much fun.... As the pics show!

I can see a layout in the midst......

Its a Boy Thing!

Ning Nings! Every afternoon Cooper asks to go for a ride on the motorbike.... So this afternoon I thought it be a good idea to snap off a few pics. Cooper is so serioius when he is riding, he doesn't let his hands come off the handles, its like he is riding it himself, the smile doesn't come on the face until after the motorbike has stopped.

Grant & Coop

So before the storm hit, I watched Cooper and Grant go round and round and round the back yard.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

My heart goes out....

to my dear friend. Not long ago I made that gorgeous album for my girlfriend for her to put all those favourite photo's of her mum in it and journal about. Well this morning my friends mum passed away! She was only 58! That is such a terrible tragedy to loose your mum not only at such a young age, but my friend is just as young, still in her 20's.

Honestly my heart goes out to her, I feel so terribly helpless. There is nothing I can do to ease me friends pain, other than to be there for her. I got the phonecall at 7am this morning, I had just got up, I had to get ready for work, shower, hair, makeup, get the boys up, dressed, brekky and somewhere in between I managed to make a card, how I threw it together so quickly still amazes me, but I got it done, so that when I got to work, I could send her a bunch of flowers with the card from the florist next door. And I even thought to make the card, to match the album that I made! Funny how your mind takes over when you aren't even thinking clearly!

With Sympathy card

Close Up

I am still pretty speachless at the moment, and still feeling so terribly useless, but I know my girlfriend will cherish the card and the album even more so now.

Thinking of you
Lis xoxoxo

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

March Kaisercraft Releases

Kaiser have done it again! This months papers have catered for the boys, and of course another for the girls, but two for the boys!! Yeh!!! So hard to find boys papers! And I am loving both boy ranges! Absolutely gorgeous!

Wait until to see them, stay tuned, I will upload more on the 15th of March.

Friday, 6 March 2009

My little man is 6 already!

Where does the time go. I can still remember my first born, my pregnancy, my birth, the sleepless nights, the joys of watching him grow, and now today he is 6 years old! Time is flying!!! I need to step off this ride and just reflect, watch, observe, to cherish!

Travis has always been my angel. My good boy, my soft and sensitive, loving, caring, and very intelligent boy, not to mention quiet.

Trav at Dinner

We took a birthday cake into school today so that he could have cake with all of his friends, no big birthday party this year as we did the big Macca's thing last year. We went to the bowling club for tea, and met Aunty Michelle and his cousin Brock there. He was so happy!

Trav glued to the XBox - LOL!
He got so many wonderful presents. An Xbox 360 and games: Kung Fu Panda, Indiana Jones Lego Man, Halo Wars, Saints Row, Crash Bandicoot and The Bee Movie Game. He also got three DS games, My little Kitten, Dinosaurs and Spyro, plus Mel is in Bangkok at the moment and she is bringing back a gamepak with 30 DS games on in too! OMG he is going to be stoked. Plus he got a few smaller things of us too, like a Transformer, some Bakugans and some pool stuff. Very spoilt, but also very loved and very deserving....


Mummy xoxoxox

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Happy 85th Granny

Yes my Granny, (my dads mum) has reached 85 years old. What a feat! Even though she lives in a nursing home due to becoming blind (from Diabetes) she still has all her faculties, she can reminisce about the old days, and what her kids got up to, she know who you are as soon as you walk in the room, how I do not know, but she does.

So to celebrate her turning 85, we got all the family together, my Aunty from Darwin, my Uncle and Aunty from Kempsey, My Aunty and Uncle from Eastern Creek, my Aunty and Uncle from Thornton and of course my mum and dad, me and my boys, my cousin, his partner and their daughter. We all went over to the Junction Inn for lunch, then back to mum and dads for coffee and cake.
Granny and all the family!

After coffee and cake, dad decided to entertain the kids with a ride around the back yard on the lawn mower, and well some of the bigger kids as well. Good on ya Mandy and Uncle Ian....

It was a lovely day, great to see all the family together again. Happy 85th Birthday Granny, hope you hade a perfect day!

I just love family!