Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Happy Birthday Mum & Mele!

Well today is an extra special day indeed! Its my mums 54th Birthday and my good friend and next door neighbour Mele's 33rd Birthday!

So today I took my mum out shopping to Charlestown Square all day! It was wonderful! We shopped until we dropped and shock horror even Cooper behaved! I got myself an outfit (A pair of black pinstriped pants, and a black top) fpr our Cronulla Bash in a few weeks time as well as a new pair of PJ's from Bra's and things! Very happy with that, and not to mention a special pressie for a special friend. I excelled at shopping today it was great!

Once home, I ducked over and saw Mele, gave her her pressie, a kiss and a cuddle, a quick chat then I was off again! This time we were (Grant, Trav, Coop, Dad & I) taking Mum out to dinner at Biondi's at Raymond Terrace (Italian)! Oh man that food is sooooo good! I had a small pasta so I could fit in the Berry Crepes for dessert! I really could of skipped the main and went straight for dessert! So many nice ones to choose from! Though sorry to say, I didn't take the camera so I have no pics! Shame Shame Shame!

So heres a little bit of trivia for the special people who were born today!

Today's History:

Popeye: a statue of the spinach-loving cartoon character was erected in his honor in Crystal City, Texas (1937)
Bangladesh: declared independence from Pakistan (1971)
Camp David Accords: Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement was signed at the White House (1979)

Today's Birthdays:
Bob Woodward
Sandra Day O'Connor (78): first female US Supreme Court justice
Nancy Pelosi (68): first female Speaker of the House; also, US Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao (55)
Bob Woodward (65): Watergate journalist/author; creative writers A.E. Housman (1859-1936), Robert Frost (1874-1963), Tennessee Williams (1911-1983) and Erica Jong (68) were also born on this date
Steven Tyler (60): lead singer of Aerosmith; also, musicians Diana Ross (64) and Juvenile (32)
T.R. Knight (35): Dr. George O'Malley on Grey's Anatomy; other actors born on this date include Leonard Nimoy (77), Alan Arkin (74), James Caan (68), Martin Short (58), Jennifer Grey (48), Amy Smart (32) and Keira Knightley (23)

Monday, 24 March 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone, hope this finds you all chocolated out! Well almost anyway! We had a great Easter! The kids were up bright and early so off we went outside for our first Easter Hunt of the morning. This year was great as Cooper just loved it! He looked so cute running around trying to find the eggs. Though its a bit hard when you have an older brother who is totally clued in on what is happening and what you have to do! Anyway they had a ball!

Easter HuntThen we set off for the day, firstly stopping into visit my mum and dad, and yes another Easter Egg Hunt! The boys were is paradise I tell you! Then we went and visited Grants mum (grandma), and while I was there I gave her a manicure, which she totally appreciated it! After visiting Grandma we then went and grabbed some KFC at Kurri and went to the park so the kids could have a play and some lunch! It was such a gorgeous day out! Perfect for taking some great shots of the kids while they were playing!

Cooper playingTravis Playing

We then spent the afternoon at Uncle Darrens (Grants brothers) then back to mum and dad's where we had a BBQ for Tea! Was such a nice day visiting family and spending the day with the boys all together as a family!

So Happy Easter to youall and hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Love Lisxx

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Well thats what my hubby thinks at the moment anyway! I have been menstrual, hormonal and in a huge amount of pain since Thursday night due to ladies monthly tides! And oh boy I have not had a red sea like this since I was in highschool! You know the dragging pain where it feels like everything is going to fall out when you stand up, the pain in your stomach and lower back, the cramps that make you feel nauseated and light headed! And talk about cranky! I have no patience at all at the moment. Poor Grant has stayed out in the shed all day yesterday and today, comes in everynow and then and says are you ok? Then he disappears again! I have spent the last two days drugged to the eyeballs, half on this world, half not, with a hot water bottle permanently adhered to my stomach! My face has all broken out and I feel like something out of a horror movie! Tragic!
Because I have spent alot of time lying on the lounge or laying in bed, I did manage to finish reading my latest book - Jodie Picoults - My sisters keeper, which is not a good book to read when you are hormonal, as I balled my eyes out for about 10 minutes straight, so much so, that I couldn't read the words of the page on the last few pages. Had to keep wiping my eyes so I could finish it, then I had a huge howl! OMG what a bloody sad book, excellent, but sad, apparently the movie industry are going to make it into a major film, hence the reason why I wanted to read it! Very worth it, but make sure you have tissues towards the end! You will need them!

Finally pulled my finger out and finished off Jamiee's tribute challenge this month - a pic of you with your mother or father! So another two pages to add to my tribute book for my parents! Its coming along now, starting to capture quite a few moments in their lives now! Great journey and keepsake! So glad I am doing this, and thank you Jaimee for the inspiration each month!

Daddy & Me

Mummy & Me

Well the Easter Bunny will be here in one more sleep and I have two little bunnies in this household that are very excited! We have a tradition in this house, the first thing on rising, we do an Easter Egg hunt around the yard! The have Hot Cross Buns for Breaky with a nice HOt cuppa tea. Will be interesting with Cooper this year hunting, as this is the first year he is interested, I can see alot of crash tackling happening! And all initiated by Cooper too! I just hope this rains disappears, so we can do the hunt outside, hate to have to do it inside, no fun that way! What are your traditions? And can someone please tell me why on earth Easter was moved forward a month???? It is always in April near Anzac Day! Why on earth is it in March??????

Hope you all have a hopping good day tomorrow and a Lovely Easter Too!


Thursday, 20 March 2008

Easter Hat Parade!

It is finally here, the Easter Hat Parade, and I can remember all those years ago, at the same school, it was me walking around, proud as punch, showing off my Easter Hat! Well let me tell you, Easter Hats have come along way in 28 years! There were some absolutely fantastic hats there! And the little kids were super excited about their hats! Some had made them themselves, some had helped made them and some of the mums or grandmothers had made them!
The little kids all went up class by class, showed off their hats, sung a song, then paraded in a circle around the hall! Everysingle one of them had grins like cheshire cats! And I have to give credit to the teachers, they didn't want to create any fighting amongst the kids awarding the best hat, so they drew four names out of a hat for each class, to win an Easter egg! Thought that was fantastic! As each hat was fantastic in its own way! So much work, effort and time were put into these hats and the little kids faces were priceless! Such a wonderful afternoon! Though boy it was hot!!!!

Trav's First Easter Hat Parade

Travis looked so adorable in his bright yellow chicken hat, even Cooper loved it. He kept running over to Travis, taking it off Trav's head and putting it on his head and running back to me, little devil! But it was very cute and he suited it too!

I was a very proud mother in the front row at my first ever Easter Hat Parade with Travis! And I loved it!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Disco Baby!

Well I really can't believe that time flies so quickly! Nearly 1 term of Kindergarten over already, and to celebrate the school had their first disco last night! To say Trav was just a tad excited would be an understatement. We bought some blue hairspray to spray his zigzags so he could be supercool! All his friends went along with his favourite girls! So cute!

The disco went from 5.30pm to 6.45pm! Long enough for the little ones, then the bigger kids came in from 7pm to 9pm! It was so cool watching all the little kids strut their stuff, jumping like they all had ants in their pants! There were games, and prizes for the best dancers, mind you Travis won three prizes for the best dancer! Oh gosh! Isn't it the girls who are supposed to win the dancing prizes! LMAO! The kids played limbo, done the chicken dance, the hokey pokey, the macarena, all the fun dances and they had such a good time. Trav even had a go at breakdancing! Hilarious!

Though I am sure when Trav gets older he will be a mosh pitter! He was always up the front, right in front of the smoke with his hands in the air! I had visions of 13 years into the future of an 18year old Trav headbanging in the mosh pit at a concert somewhere! I tell you he was glued to the front! He even had a little dance with his best girl Paige and her friend Anastacia, but no other girls took his interest! It was such a great night, even Cooper got in on the act! Though he just ran around and around in circles, galloping like a horse! Too funny! He'll find his groove sooner or later, though he is quite good at shaking his tooshy!

Here are some pics - Priceless!

Have a good one everyone. I will be back later, as it is the Easter Hat Parade today! Oh I am very excited!

Until then take care

Love Lisxx

Sunday, 16 March 2008

TSE Weekly Inspiration Newsletter - 13 March 2008

There are so many wonderful creations in this weeks Inspiration Newsletter at TSE! Jaimee has created the Easter Bunny's Bachelor Pad (And how cute is that, even Trav loved it)! What a winner with the kids Jaimee! Jaimee also created a gorgeous chuppa chup flower bouquet! Whre do you come up with this awesome stuff Jaimee! Mindblowing and well done!

Trudi blew my mind away with her Easter Hat for her daughter! Made me a little melancholy actually and wished I had a girl to make one for! It is so gorgeous! Am totally in love with that hat! Just beautiful Trudi! Trudi also create a Easter Basket (Bucket) with a cute Easter Bunny Face on the front for her children to collect the eggs on Easter Morning! This too is just gorgeous! Between the two of you girls, Easter is complete with all of your creations! You girls just rock! And I feel totally honoured to share this weeks newsletter with you! If you want to have a look at this weeks newsletter - just click here! Very inspirational!

Here are my creations for the newsletter, though I got to work with the new Making Memories 5th Avenue - Sophia papers! These papers are absolutely gorgeous! Some feel like felt, some fell like glossy paper! If you haven't got these papers I would so recommend them! TSE has then in store now!

D&C (Daddy & Cooper)

Beach Babe

Trav I Love U

Well thats me until next time! Totally buggered as I worked all day today in the salon as well as all day yesterday as well! Really busy of late! Bring on the long long weekend!

Take care everyone!

Lots of love Lisxx

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Chasing my Tail!

Where on earth is this year going? It is just flying, I feel like I am chasing my tail and getting no where! Golly Gosh! If I am not working for dad, I am working at the salon, Tuesdays is swimming days for both Cooper and Trav, Coop in the morning, Trav in the arvo, my only days off lately have been Wednesday and Sundays! Today I went on a shopping spree, bought two tops, a pair of jeans, a pair of tights and a pair of black knee high boots for winter! Then I bought a cake and spent the arvo at Sandys, so again the poor ole housework got neglected! Well shopping and friends are always more important aren't they? Well thats my story and I am sticking to it!

Though I did managed in between all my mayham to make Trav's Easter Hat! Gee "shakes head"! What is this anyway, a competition between the mothers on who can make the best hat!!!!! I had fun anyway, but created a huge huge mess, as I have never used a hot glue gun before, & I had it everywhere, not to mention the numerous times I burnt my finger tips! Youch!

All our sicknesses have finally nearly left us all behind. Though Trav and I are still left with this dry throat and dry cough, which gets worse as the night air hits! Rather annoying! Least my voice is back now and the sexy 1800 number is gone! Phew! "wipes brow".

We had Grant home for two weeks on holidays so it was great to have him home, well when he wasn't fishing that is! He spent 7 says fishing out of the 14 he had off! What a life he has got! Though the other 7 he did manage to start the driveway, level it out, redirect all the storm water, electricity, and put in a storm pit! Now we are just up to the rio and concrete! What a job! Who would of thought it would take this long????? We have about 7 cubic metres (or is that square metres - I don't know) of concrete to pour now! Can't wait! Then we can start the retaining wall, get a load of soil and lay the turf! Then create the garden on top of the retaining wall! What a difference it will make when it is done!
Well thats about it from me, about three or more weeks to our big bash at Cronulla for Janes Party! Oh I can't wait for this one! Kerry is flying in on the Friday, I'm picking her up for the airport, and she will stay with me and Road Trip with Sandy, Jaimee and I! Gee what has she got herself into! No, only joking we are quite tame really! Though have to say I am so looking forward to staying in the penthouse with the other girls travelling to Sydney, how exciting, have never stayed in a penthouse before, or even set foot in one, never thought I would do it in my lifetime! Good on you A! We owe you one big time!!!!!! What a great weekend this is going to be! Glad there is no scrapping involved! Don't think any of us would be up to it! He He He!
Until then enjoy, take care and chat soon

Love Lisxx

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Ah Ah Ah Ah Its Mac Time!

Oh gosh, what a day! Travis had his first birthday party at Macdonalds for his 5th Birthday along with 12 of his little school buddies. What a fantastic day they all had! There were balloons, opening of the presents, pass the parcel, limbo, hide & seek, playtime in the play area, Mac time, Ice cream cake! The kids just had so much fun! I am so glad I did this for Trav and so so so glad I had it at Macca's and not at home! LOL! Anyway here is a summary of the day!

Trav received some great pressies too! A police outfit, bionicles lego, Laser guns, money, jigsaw puzzle, texta's. We bought him the Nintendo DS lite with the Nintendo dogs, and I am sure I will play it more than Trav, it is so cute! We picked a Shitzu puppy like out dog and named him Rust, like our puppy Rusty! You have to feed & water him, take him for walks, bath him, groom him, play with him, take him to dog competitions, so much fun! Plus he got a few little things and some clothes for winter!

He had such a great 5th Birthday and Party! Growing up way to much for my liking I can tell you! Though touch wood he is still so sweet and innocent! Though I am sure he has been here before, he is a wise old soul thats for sure! Blows me away sometimes by some of the things he knows and says!

Hope this finds you all well!

Love Lisxx

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Happy Birthday Trav!

I can't believe my first born baby is now 5! Where does the time go? I just love you to pieces Trav! I just love the way you are so gentle, so soft natured, so caring, kind, I love the way you worry about everyone and fall in love all over with you again when you tell me you love me, give me a kiss and a cuddle and tell me I am your sweetheart! What would a girl do without all this affection and praise? My world is totally a better place with you in it!

So Happy 5th Birthday my little buddy! I hope all your dreams come true! Stay sweet my angel! Can't wait until Sunday for your party!

Love Mummy!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

I got published!

OMG How Exciting, my first layout and bio published in any Scrap Mag yet! Do you think I am excited! Well you have no idea how much!

My layout was featured in Vol 9 - No 10 of Scrapbooking Memories on Page 138! How stoked am I to finally be accepted and see my work published in a Magazine for all Oz to see! I am so so proud right now!

I have bought a few copies, one for me and one for mum to keep! Everyone is so proud! I feel like the cat who got caught in the meatsafe! LOL! Anyway, just wanted to blow my own horn, as I was very excited! Just have to break the other mags now! He He He!

Woot Woot - happy dancing! Hope you are all happy dancing with me!

Love Lisxx

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Grans 84th Birthday!

Gosh what a milestone! 84years old today! So all my Aunties and Uncles and me and the kids spent the day with the dear ole thing! Mind you she is stubborn as an Ox! She smokes like a chimney and has done all her life, but no signs of cancer or lung disease or anything! Amazing! She has very bad Diabetes and went blind over 5 years ago because of it, so she is in high care at the local home here in Newcastle. She still has all her faculties, and is very independant. Even to the point of trying to light her own cigarettes and cinging her eyebrows and hair!

Gran - 84yrs today - Happy Birthday!

So anyway we gathered at my Aunties for the morning before we left to go to the Junction Inn for lunch ( A pub on the Hunter River). Nice food, great company and a wonderful time.

Aunty Kathy, Gran & Travis


After lunch we all went over to the park across the road so that I could get some 4 generations pics. Wish it wasn't so windy but hey such is life!
The four GenerationsDad & Gran

Got some rather good shots of the boys too! Such a lovely day, even though I still have a terrible deep husky 1800 number voice! Still can't reach them high tones yet? LOL! Though unfortunately I have given this awful flu to Cooper which he didn't need! Always the way isn't it! So he now has a cough, the green runny nose and a rattle (Asthma) so that isn't good!

Trav up a treeCooper beside the reeds!

Grant has gone away fishing again! So he missed out on all the festivities! Though I have to share one more pic before I sign off and am up to date once more! Before we left for Grans birthday, Cooper was all dressed ready to go apart from his shoes and socks, because I am such a sharer and shared my flu with him, he was just resting on my best watching Tractor Tom! This is how I found him! Completed with hands where most males have them! LOL! Too cute!

Until next time - take care!

Love Lisxx