Sunday, 22 February 2009

An Album for a friend.

What do you do when a friend gets more bad news??? How do you actually make them feel better? We all say the same ole "If you need me, just call, if you want some time out, give me a ring and we'll meet for a coffee or come over", but who ever really takes you up on those offers? Even though you totally 100% mean it and it comes from the bottom of your heart.

Well I have a friend who is doing it rather rough of late. Her partner lost his mother late last year, only to then rush her own mother to hospital on Christmas day, with brain surgery two days later with a brain tumour. On FridayI learnt that the prognosis has not been good, and my heart goes out to my friend, not sure how I can really help except the same ole if you need me I am always there. So I started to rack my brain for that little bit extra. My friend dabbles in cards but thats where it ends. So I thought what if I make her an album, that she can put her fav pics of her mum in and journal about those pics. A keepsake, a momento, that she can have forever. So this has been my mission over ther weekend, and to also make a matching card of course. All the products are from Kaisercraft, the album, the papers, the bling, the stamps, except the ribbons. My LSS supplies all of Kaisers stuff and these papers so have to be my fav papers at the moment, I loved working with them and I just love the finished product. I can't wait to give it to her on Thursday when I go into work....

Here is my gift and card....

My special album

My "someone special" card.
I put my heart and soul into making this album so that my friend has a beautiful momento to keep of her mother forever. I just absolutely love how the album and card has turned out and I am very proud of it, as I am sure my friend will be... Today has been a great day!

Love Lisxx

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Yes a fishing widow again! You just gotta love the fishing season hey???? Well actually I am quite enjoying it. Saturday morning I went to the LSS and bought some new papers, album, stamps, ribbons, blings, etc, so that I could start to make an album for a much deserved friend. Will get to that shortly!

Whilst in Maitland, ran into Shell! So great to catch up again, her and her girls then ventured to my place, swapped Chrissy pressies, and the kids played while we gas bagged like ususal! Its been so long, we talk all the time on facebook and email, but to actually be in the same room, hug her, was just the best!!!
Well by the time we actually paid attention to the kids, I had my loungeroom mat plastered with play dough. OMG, we just couldn't get it out, not even with a knife, so the ole pressure cleaner had to come in handy! Lucky! But here is a pic of the kids and my loungeroom mat, and what you see is only a quarter of it! LOL!
From the top LHS is Lacee, then my boys, under my boys is Brodie and then the MAT! Ha Ha Ha! Oh well I guess at the end of the day they had fun and it all came out with the pressure cleaner.... Later that night, the boys and I watched Underdog together, pulled a mattress off one of the single beds and had a camp out for a while.
After the kids crawled into bed at 8.30pm, I watched Made of Honour with Patrick Dempsey. Wow he really is McDreamy! What a top movie, I balled my eyes out, then couldn't wipe the smile off my face at the end. Awesome movie ever!!!!! Great Saturday had by me, plus even started on my girlfriends album....
Hope your having a fantastic weekend, and guess what - No Fish was caught today! Bummer!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Kaisercraft crop night - Fundraiser for Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal

Bring along a friend and your craft gear and visit Kaisercraft’s Factory Outlet for a fun night of crafting and scrapping!

For those of you in the Geelong region Kaisercraft are holding a Fundraiser Crop night on Friday 27th February - 6pm - 10pm. Entry is $10 (or however much you would like to donate). ALL money raised from the evening will go to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Come and crop or just for a cuppa and chat.

Kaisercraft Factory Outlet in Geelong, 506-508 Latrobe Blvd Newtown, Geelong, Victoria.
Ph: 03 5222 3965

Unfortunately I cannot attend the scrapping event, and would sooooo love to, but instead, I have created this Recipe Book and matching card to be auctioned off on the night. Jane J0nes has also created two wonderful JJ originals to be auctioned on the night as well. Check her albums out here.
Recipe Book

Inside Recipe Book

Made with Love Card

Recipe Book & Card to be Auctioned off

Me heart goes out to all those affected by the devastation that the bushfires has caused. I hope our contribution will at least help a few lives. Our albums have been made with sincere love and heartfelt thoughts. I hope you can make it to the Geelong Kaiser scrap fundraiser night!

Such a great cause.....


Sunday, 15 February 2009

30 Random things to share about me that you may not know.

30 Random Things To Share
(now I tag every one of you who have visited my blog)

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 30 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose up to 30 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you

30 Random Things About me...

1. I was born in Sydney
2. I have travelled nearly all over Australia except for WA & TAS
3. I want to visit TAS & WA
4. I want to go on a cruise all through Vanuatu, and surrounding Islands.
5. I love shopping on the internet.
6. I hate being lied to. Totally dispise dishonesty.
7. I have a cottonbud fetish, have to clean my ears out everyday as soon as I get out of the shower.
8. I would love a boob job!
9. I am a perfectionist
10. I am a hopeless romantic.
11. I am fiercly protective of my closest friends, very loyal as well.
12. I LOVE girls weekends - yes time spent with the girls eating, drinking coffee and socialising is the way to go!
13. I have been constantly renovating our home for the past 5 years. what haven't I done???
14. My bff is Jane, and we have been friends and kindred spirits since we were 4 years old. Thats 30 years of friendship.
15. I have a half brother and sister, but grew up an only child. had no idea they existed until I was in my teens.
16. I am a huge animal lover. I have 4 cats, 1 dog and 3 fish. I would love to own a baby echindna. So cute.
17. I used to own horses and won lots of ribbons and trophies when I was younger.
18. I have a lead foot when it comes to driving.
19. I have to read a book in bed before I go to sleep at night, its my quiet time.
20. I cannot give blood and hate blood tests, as I have spider veins and they collapse
21. I do not go to church, I am not christened, I believe more in the spiritual than religion.
22. I am a very sensitive and emotional person.
23. I have had Cervical Cancer twice..
24. I lost a boyfriend (great friend) to a car accident when I was 25, who I still miss very much.
25. I miscarried a little girl inbetween my two boys.
26. I have been married twice, divorced once.
27. I left home at 18!
28. I hate rumours and people who jump to conclusions, it really pisses me off and annoys me!
29. I have a tattoo and a nose piercing
30. I have to make the beds first thing in the morning and have a quick tidy through... Can't start the day otherwise,
31. I live by my routine - cuppa first thing, make beds, tidy, shower, brekky, work, dinner, baths, kids to bed, wash up, bed to read, lights out.
32. I got engaged in Fiji, conceived Travis in Fiji, and later eloped in Fiji!!!!

So I did 32 ... I must be a rule breaker huh! Thanks for reading through x

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Romance Day!

I just love this day! Bring on the romance. It just doesn't happen any other day! Why not, I do not know! But I'll live it up while it lasts a day!

So what is Valentines day without underwear, chocolate, flowers, strawberries, candles, bubblebath and a little romance. Well i actually achieved all this today! So so excited.
I gave Grant some boxers (underwear), a box of chocolates and a Lotto gift pack, Grant came home with a bunch of roses (OMG so excited first time ever for a bunch of roses, its usually a mixed bunch, and only ever on Valentines),
How gorgeous are my Roses?
we lazed around for the rest of the afternoon watching movies. In the arvo thought I'd go and have a bubblebath with candles, but that was short lived when two little naked boys jumped in with me....
Me and my two little naked boys enjoying a bubblebath!
After the kids went to be Grant and I had strawberries and chocolate dip, then snuggled on the lounge together and watch another movie.
Yum, chocolate and strawberries - is this heaven?
Bliss really! Loving this romance! Wish it could always be like this! A little love, a little romance, the feeling of being important and cherished, the feeling of being the centre of somebodys world. And do you know what also topped it off, falling asleep in each others arms to the sound of the rain outside.....
Hope you all had a great valentines day and that your day was surrounded by love!
Love you all!

A little card to go with...

the layout of Cherished. I am going to give this to my Aunty as a little gift to say I am thinking of her! She will love it. I have mounted the layout onto a canvas, and made this little card to go with it.

Thinking of you card

Close up of Lollipop flower My gift to my Aunty

My Aunty will pee her pants when she gets this..... Tomorrow I will have to go and get some bubble wrap and post it off to her! Just love how it has turned out. The colours are so gorgeous....

Kindred Spirits.

My mum and her sister are kindred spirits, they have such a wonderful bond and relationship, that only sisters should have. To celebrate their awesome bond, I could not help but use the new Airy Fairy Papers to dedicate a page to them! They are both into magical, new age, meditation, yoga, etc, so these papers were absolutely perfect.


My Aunty lives in Wollongong, so next time she visits, I am going to mount this onto a canvas, and this will be here pressie. She is going to love it! These papers from Kaiser just rock!

Also this month is a great sketch from Kaiser so this is my take on the sketch. Kaiser you done it again! What a better way to spend Valentines Day, doing something I love while listening to the rain! Love it! Happy Valentines day to all, may your day be truly filled with love or doing something you love.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

My Recipe Book

Well Kaiser have done it again with such a great range of papers for February! There is the A La Carte Papers, Sugar Sugar Papers and Airy Fairy Papers.

Well of course the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the A La Carte Papers was to make a Recipe Book. And the easiest option was to go an buy a spiral bound notebook. I just love the finish product, so easy to make and so quick and simple.

My Recipe Book

Close Up Can't wait until the weekend to get stuck into the other papers. So stayed tuned.

Another project I did last night was to sort through all my linen press and halve it. I want to donate it to the Red Cross for the VIC Bush Fire Appeal. I had 4 huge piles of sheets, baby blankets, baby sheets, doona covers, pillow cases, towels, beach towels, tablecloths, you name it, feel so proud of myself. Now just to sort them into bags and label them eg) towels in one bag, sheets in another, etc. Easier for them. Save the labour.

My heart goes out to all those who have lost their houses, possessions, lives and loved ones. It is absolutely devastating to watch and I don't know how many times over this past week I have shed a tear each time I watch the news. I just wanted to do a little something to help those in need. Now this is not the best shot, but you get the gist.

4 Piles of linen to donate.

To all those in VIC, my thoughts, prayers and heartfelt sympathies go out to you all!


A little birdie told me.....

It was someones birthday soon, so what better excuse to make a birthday card....

Thought I would try something a little different instead of using paper all the time, and just stamped.... Love it! So cute...

Hope they like it.....


Found this on facebook and thought it would be fun to share with you all!

Where is your cell phone?.... In my handbag
Your hair? ........ Light Brown / Blonde
Your father? .....Big Al!
Your favorite thing? ..........Cuddles and kisses from my boys
Your dream last night?.... Can't remember
Favourite drink........ Kaluha & Milk with Ice
Your dream/goal? ........... To live happily ever after LOL!
The room you are in? ......Dining Room
Your biggest fear? ......... Something happening to my babies
Where do you want to be in 6 years?.....Happy, content, partying hard for my 40th, a holiday to Vanuatu, more of the house renos done....
One of your wish list items?......... To buy a nice big house in Seaham, with 5 -10 acres, that backs onto the river....
Where you grew up? ......... Downtown Woodberry
The last thing you did? ....... Made a cuppa tea
What are you wearing?....... My PJ's
Your TV?........... Is on and the boys are watching Bob the Builder - Coopers pick.
Your pets names ? .........1xDog - Rusty, 4 x Cats - Mishka, Diesel, Levi and Mo! Its Mishka's birthday today she is 16!!!!
Your computer? ...... Laptop
Your life? ......... Has its ups and downs
Your mood? ......... Good
Missing someone? ....... Always
Your car? ..... Subaru Forrester
Favorite store?...... Anything with scrapbook supplies
Your summer? ..... Hot Hot Hot
Your favorite color? ......... Brown, Pink, Blue & Avacodo Green
When is the last time you laughed? This morning at the kids
Last time you cried? ....... Yesterday while watching the VIC Fire News. Sad & Heartbreaking!
Three people who email me? ........... JJ, Sandy, Al
Three of my favorite foods? ......... Chocolate, Avacado, Marinated Feta
Place I would rather be right now? ..... On a holiday, no worries, no stress with my family

I want to know a little more about you! So post this into your blog and answer the questions...
Have a great day....

Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Fishing Widow once again!

Yes you read right, Grant is away for three days AGAIN! And whats happens when the cats away????? The mice play!!!

I had to work both Friday and Saturday this time, but I did go and have dinner with Jane, Shake and Josh. Lifesaver I say, saved me ffrom having to worry about cooking tea for myself and my boys.....

I got home from work saturday and ventured straight to Janes. We were on a mission. We went to Home Hardware and picked out some paint, to paint my bedroom. I bought a new doona cover as well, which arrived on Friday. Happy dancing. So Saturday afternoon saw me washing the walls down, masking up and painting, while Jane layed on the bed and chatted to me, in no time at all with having company I had finished. We remade the bed and decided we needed to go shopping on Sunday. I cooked Jane tea while we went on and on about my bedroom and what else it needed. Too funny.

My New Bedroom - Just love it!!!!

Come Sunday I was up, scrubbed the bathroom, then off to Janes so we could go shopping. We bought Candles. wanted also to buy something for the wall and some chocolate lamp shade covers but never found anything, though we ahd fun shopping and browsing in every shop possible. We then took the kids to Macca's so that they could play while we had a chance to have a well earn coffee and more chatter.
Once we got home, we rearranged things, put the candles around the room, I cleaned out underneath our bed and vacuumed it, also cleaned out our wardrobe, and totally cleaned the window sills and skirting boards, the Bedroom looks a million dollars. we then decided to check online for what I was after for the bedroom wall and finally found this.... Can't wait for it to come now and put it up, how romantic will that look! Oh bring it on!!!!!

Though I will be going to buy some new Green candles instead of the white ones... Loving the effect.

Have to say I am pretty chuffed and proud of myself to achieve all this in a weekend all by myself! Who said we need men!!!!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Sneaky Peaky

Kaiser have done it again.
More gorgeous smorgeous papers along the way! Just to tease you a little, here is a sneak preview of the ever gorgeous Airy- Fairy papers. OMG how whisical and magical are these? Loving the blues, purples, the little fairies, the circles and the butterflies.... Makes me long for a little girl I tell you!!!! Stay tuned, will have some scrapping stuff up soon with these new papers ranges..

Kaiser rocks!!!!!!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

A Fishing Widow

Well this weekend saw me as I fishing widow once again! Grant has gone fishing for 3 days, home this evening at some stage, but what a weekend I had.

I had to work of course on Friday, my bff Jane picked up my boys after school, and I went straight to her house, we had a BBQ, a whole bottle of Wine each, and we crashed the night. The boys had a ball and thought it was so much fun to have a sleep over with Josh!!! While Jane, I and Shake party artied out the back until we were absolutely ripped!
The next day I had to take Trav to his little girlfriends Paiges 6th Birthday at Macca's. I then started to feel quite ill after I had eaten Macca's. Not good I tell you! Got home, and Janey came back over in the arvo, we just lazed around and nattered on as we do.... God I love her to death. We have been friends since we were 4 years old. Started Kindergarten together and have been BFF since. Kindred spirits I would say! We are so close that if my life falls of the bandwagon, I know that her life has too, we seem to have the same ups and downs in life as each other. Janey is like the sister I never had, she is my world, my everything, I know I am going to have seperation anxiety come Monday when our lives return back to normal....
Josh, Shakey & Janey
So Just have to say, Love you Janey, you rock my world.....

Love always

me xoxoxoxoxoxoxo