Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Before and After

Well the past few months have been like living with a caveman. Grant has been in a beard off with the boys from work, and the guy who shaves the first owes everyone else a carton of beer. There was three of them and I have to say I haven't enjoyed this challenge at all. Anyway one of the guys had sercumbed over the weekend and thankfully I got my old Granto back, clean shaven and very handsome. So much more cuter with no hair than a caveman that we have been seeing around our house of late? What do you think? Clean Shaven or Caveman?

Funny & Cute

Well the past week and been a bit blah for me, sick with the flu for the second time this winter. Haven't been doing to much, haven't even taken the kids to swimming lessons, I know that is slack but hey, I had no motivation or sensibly did not want to venture in to the water and make my flu any worse. So we've been staying home and not doing much just trying to stay out of mischief.
A couple of funny things during the week though. Of course we have our new puppy and we are enjoying him to bits. He is so funny and cute and has the best little personality. Anyway, this particular day, was busy doing our own things when I thought, were is "Rusty Puppy" so off i went to find him, after a short while I found him in the bathroom, sound alseep in my slipper, was too cute to resist so I just had to take a pic! What an absolute cutie.

Another funny for the week, Trav had had a big day playing and doing things that kids do. On this particular day he did not have his daily nap, about 5pm he wanted a sandwich and curled up on the lounge to watch his daily cartoons while I cooked tea. Just as tea was ready I came to get him and this is how I found him, absolutely dead tired, fell asleep on the lounge sitting up with his sangas still in his lap, too priceless.

Third funny for the week, Cooper decided that Rusty Puppys new bed was really comfy and this is where I often find him watching TV now? Poor Rusty has to sleep on the floor!

My mum and Dad left for Europe on Saturday, so boo hoo for me, I am so close to my parents and I usually see them everyday, if not, I chat on the phone to them, probably because I am an only child and have a good bond with them. So they are off and left us here all alone, boo hoo, and I am left to look after the business, check their house and feed their animals. Travis had a big cry too when their bus picked them up to travel to Sydney airport! A very sad day indeed, lets hope they enjoy their time in Europe, as I am sure they will, least mum has her Travel Diary with her that I made.

This is the last week of me being a Guest Designer with The Scrapbook Establishment. My challenges this month was to complete two layouts each with Type. I have really enjoyed being apart of TSE and being a Guest Designer and coming up with new layouts each week. I hope everyone has enjoyed my layouts and hope that you may find one of my elements to scraplift!

Yesterday I had my PC put in to be fixed as he was feeling a little under the weather of late. Just running too slow, and every time I went to jump on the Net or open a program in would say "Not Responding" If only I could do that some days. Anyway we are all up and running again, and I have to say, I had serious withdrawals without being able to jump on my PC in just over 30 hours. Sad I know, is there therapy for this kind of addiction, cause I think I need it!
Well thats it for me today, tomorrow is the beginning of TSE Pre-Summer Diet Challenge, so tomorrow is the start of the new me! Even Granto is going to complete the challenge with me! I think he is keener than me, Not sure if I can give up my daily chocolate or coke. Will have to try really really hard, wahhhhhhhh! Anyway, tomorrows another day! All the best to everybody who is in the challenge. It certainly will be life changing, well hopefully anyway!
Have a great day! Lisxx

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Exciting News to share!

OK, well here it is, I did something shocking, exciting and well maybe damn stupid but het, we have to do these things every now and then. I have been feeling quite dull lately, looking boring, tired, blah blah blah, we have all sung that song at some stage in our lives, so I decided to go for the chop and add colours. So what did I do, I cut off all my long brown hair and got blonde and copper foils for a change. I feel modern and trendy now and alot more vibrant, exactly what I needed! Just have to get used to it now! But I am liking it! What do you think?

Also this week is Week 3 of me being a Guest Designer at TSE for TYPE! This week I worked with Diecuts to create layouts with Type! Really enjoying this challenge at the moment to come up with new layouts incorporating TYPE!

I've been RAKed

I got a surprise RAK in the mail today and it had the most gorgeous scrapbooking treasures inside, wow, what a surprise and what a gorgeous RAK! It really brightened my day, thats for sure, with being sick with this darn flu, was nice to know someone was thinking of me and loves me lots, as the little note says "Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for your wonderful friendship, I love you to bit! Happy TSE RAK" How sweet is that, really tugged on the ole heart strings, so I can only guess that it is from the ever gorgeous Kathy! Hopefully I am right! You are such a treasure and a gorgeous gorgeous person, thank you ever so much, really brightened my day and I so so love it, the little treasures are just beautiful.

Monday, 20 August 2007

New Edition to the Family!

Hi There, yesterday I got a nice surprise visit from my friend Lynne who I only ever see once in a blue moon, it was such a lovely surprise to see her and her two daughters, Bailey Mae - 6trs and Ella Rose 6mths. Such cuties. Lynne and I have been friends since Year 7 at school, so that makes it 20 years! Gee time flies, have three great friendships with three great girls all with lengthy time frames. We had a great time catching up, chattering and getting all clucky over Ella Rose, I couldn't stop giving her smooshes and snuggles, what a little gem!

Also got a little Mini Book completed over the weekend, every second page has a clear page, for something different, just have to add some pics and journalling now, but not sure what to put in it just yet! Have to wait for those perfect pics.

Now the big news I know you have all been waiting for, a new edition to the family, yes thats right you read correctly and no I am not pregnant, we have a 9 week old Maltese x Shitzu puppy which we have named Rusty and he is so gorgeous and so cute and the kids absolutely love him to death. Tonight will be his first night with us so hopefully he doesn't cry too much overnight. I am sure he is gonna love living with us and I am sure he will be spoilt rotten like everything else in my household, pets and kids included!

Well thats it for me! Hopefully I'll have some more exciting news to share later on in the week so keep posted! Love to you all!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday Lacee

Yesterday, Travis, Cooper and I spent the day in Singleton at my god daughters 3rd birthday party, Lacee! Her mummy, Shell and I have been friends for 17 years now, and we have had some great great times in the past growing up through the teens to early twenties. We were quite inseperable, and partied quite hard every weekend, thankfully we both settled down, married, me having two boys and Shell having two girls Brodie nearly 5 and Lacee 3.

We had a great birthday party with all the girls, played pass the parcel, danced, watched movies and played in the backyard, a great day all round while Shell and I chatted, reminisced and laughed! Just wished she would move a little closer to home rather than an hours drive away! Maybe one day Dean will get his wish and so will I! We'll just have to keep working on her for now!
So happy 3rd birthday Lacee and enjoy all your Dora presents!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

My scrapbook week

My Scrapbook Week has been a fairly busy one. I have completed two layouts, one mini book and two layouts for Annette Lee's & Michelle Vass's CJ's. Quite a busy week all in all for scrapbooking! My two layouts I completed were for my Guest Designer spot at The Scrapbook Establishment, this week, Week2 was Handcut letters with type.

This is a pic of my hubby and I on our Wedding Day in Fiji on 22nd May 2004, and to incorporate type I cut out a number collage of the date of our wedding.

This layout is of the lovely girls I met from TSE when I visited Sydney a few weeks back. We had such a great time and it was so wonderful to meet these girls. To create type in this layout, I cut out the word TSE out of a Kodak Film strip negative and embellished the layout with strips of the film strip negative.

Also during the week I completed my two pages in both Annette Lees Cj - All about Seasons and which season is your favourite, so I completed my page on Spring as I love spring, the warmer weather, the sounds of the birds chirping, the flowers blooming, the animals having their babies. I also incorporated a poem that I liked about spring.
My second Cj was from Michelle Vass and her Cj was what are you the Queen of? Of course my pages were all about Chocolate, as I cannot go one day with out chocolate in my diet. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and don't care what it is, whether it is Chocolate, a bar, a confection, a biscuit, icecream, a hot chocolate, and anything chocolate. So of course I crowned my self the Queen of Chocolate. Was a fun page to do too. I took a pic of some Peanute MMs, then ate the lot! Extra added bonus to doing the page! Thanks Michelle!
And last but not least, my parents are off to tour around Europe in a week, so I finally found the time to sit down and finish off the Travel Journal I had started so that mum can record their worldly adventures and we can add pics when she comes home. I even tucked some pics of me and the kids away so that when they are missing us they can pull out our pics! Mum was so happy with it and can't wait to use it!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

I have been tagged by the beautiful Jane Jones as having a Rockin Girl Blogger!
1-Post these rules.
2-Each person tagged must post 8 random (... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves.
3-Taggees should write a blogpost of these facts.
4- At the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named and released back into the wild.
5-Go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

So here are my 8 random things:
1. I have a beautiful tattoo in honour of my two beautiful boys who will forever be apart of me!
2. This is currently my second marriage
3. Grant and I eloped to Fiji in 2004.
4. I have only been scrapping now for just over 12 months!
5. I moved out of home at 18, then came back and went again probably ten times
6. I am seriously addicted to chocolate
7. I have a friendship that has endured 27 wonderful years - my childhood friend Jane Blanch.
8. This is my second house I have owned and onto my 5th car, and love my Subaru Forrester to death!

So now I have to tag 8 more people, gee, who hasn't been tagged, OK, Kristine, Jaimee, Lyndall, Michelle, Katherine, Lou, Kathy and Jane. That makes 8 but I already know that Kathy, Lou and Jane have been tagged, so the other five, you are inducted into the Rockin Girl Blogger hall of fame! Enjoy!

I love Sundays!

Its only been a few days since I last posted, rarity for me, but have been quite busy with finishing off cleaning my now clean and fresh house and it feel absolutely wonderful to hae such tidy house, clears the mind too! I had the carpets cleaned on Friday, blessing in disguise, now to keep the kids off it with food and drink, any thoughts on that one! I completed the August Jenni Bowlin Challenge this morning too, really really enjoying Janes challenges at TSE, and it will be nice to have a completed Book of Me at the end. Also spent Friday afternoon cleaning out the backroom, resorting all my scrap supplies again, had purchased four cane baskets during the week and managed to fill the whole four, least now my scrap area and the backroom looks alot more tidier and functional! Just need to buy me some more of those wire paper racks - I have one in cream which I bought second hand from TSE over 6 months ago, and in desperate need of at least two more. Will have to keep searching!
Yesterday I worked at the Beauty Salon, and what a busy day that was, massages, facials, brow waxing, lash tints and eyebrow tints, then I also helped the girls with shampoo and conditioning the hair clients and the poor girls were run off their feet! Got home at 2pm and was exhausted. Though Janet offered me a permanent one day per week next year, so will definately be taking that as Travis will be in Kindergarten and Coop will be off to Preschool! Miss the Beauty industry, be nice to dabble for a day each week instead of every now and then!
Today is Sunday, I just love Sundays, would have to be my favourite day of the week. No work, just a leisure day to do whatever whenever. I promised myself I would get some more scrapping done today, always relaxing and nice to take time out for myself, also have my bestie (27 years of friendship) Janey, coming over today! Will be nice to hang out and just natter like we always do. Can't believe that we have been friends and the closest of, for 27 years. We were joined at the hip and became inseperable throughout our Primary years, then her family moved to Quirindi (near Tamworth) when we hit highschool, so most school holidays saw one of us visiting for a week at a time. Of course there were those lengthy letters back and forth in between. We have seen alot together, endured alot together, shared alot together, and I still love her with all my heart! She is a sister to me, part of our family! Well she has been in it long enough! Boy 27 years, that makes me feel old. But how many people out there can say they have been friends with someone since they were 4years old and still the closest of friendships 27 years on. So looking forward to spending some time with her today!

The weather at the moment is absolutely gorgeous too, enjoying this warmer weather, and having the kids play outside in the sun, really enlivens the body and soul. Can't wait for Spring! Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will certainly be enjoying today!
Love to you all

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The Week So Far!

Well this week had been really productive, very proud of myself. The whole weekend I spent doing a pre-spring clean, started in the main bedroom, pulled the bed out, tidued underneath, vacuumed underneath, went through all the clothes and drawers, and wardrobe, refolded everything and put everything back in neatly. Cleaned the window sills and the mirrors on the built in. Then moved onto Travis's then Coopers Rooms and done the same, again in the bathroom and the kitchen, then the Lounge Room. No corner was left untouched, unpolished, untidied, or unsorted! Also vacuumed and washed the floors, cleaned out the linen press, pantry, fridge and oven! Feels so good to have everything so wonderfully clean and tidy! While I was busy cleaning, Grant took the loungeroom mat outside and gave it a good pressure clean, then took down each timber venetian - 5 in all, used the air compressor to blow all the dust off, then used his panelbeaters spray gun, to respray linseed oil onto them, they look a million dollars and smell it too! Great weekend all in all, even though I was busy. Still have the laundry and the back room to do, but that can wait until another day!

Grant had off Monday and Tuesday as his Picnic then Roster Day, and it was really nice to have him home and get some odd jobs done around the house together! This is what family is all about! Grant spent Tuesday pulling out the motor in his commodore, ready to repimp everything, then respray the engine bay, and some time down the track respray the outside and pimp the inside. He gets a kick out of doing cars up, think he is onto his 4th since I have known him! Not to mention all the others he has done for his mates! Handy being a panel beater and a great one at that! So while Grant was playing with his Commodore, the kids were happy playing out in the shed too, so I got some well earnt scrapping time, and completed two layouts for my Feature Designer position at The Scrapbook Establishment. This month is all about Type - or Typography! So my layouts have to incorporate Type to some description. Here they are:-

Today is Wednesday and the kids and I spent the day with Nanny shopping again! Bought Grant some work shorts, and I got myself some baskets to fill full of scrapbooking stuff when I get to cleaning out the backroom! Can't wait to reorganise all my stuff again, so it is even easier to find, I so dream of oneday having my own little Scrapping Shack out the back! Oh one day!

Also completed another layout last week that I forgot to put up here, it was a sketch challenge from Kathy Pit over at TSE, have to admit that I am really loving these sketch challenges at the moment, takes all the hard work out of where to put your papers and pictures! Great stuff Kathy, keep them coming!

Tomorrow is Thursday and its work all day doing Book work and wages, then Friday I have the carpet cleaning people come in to clean my carpets, yay, then all my house will be clean from top to bottom! So happy about that! Saturday is Beauty Therapy day at Medowie and Sunday I am catching up with my bestie Jane Blanch, who we have been the closest and bestest friends for the past 27 years! May even get some scrapping done on Sunday too, see what happens! Until then take care and give all your families huge kisses and cuddles.

Love Always

The Rainbows Bridge

Hi All, I have been holding off posting until I could get a pic from mum of her cat Bailey! Bailey has been with our family for the past 11 years. On this particular day 11 years ago, mum was on one of her daily walks, as she passed a paddock she noticed a green platic garbage bag moving beside the paddock fence. Curiosity got the better of her, and she went to see what it was, she opened the bag to find a little kitten inside. Obviously the poor thing had only been dumped minutes before. Mum, who is a huge animal lover of course took it home with the intention of finding the kitten a good home, but fell in love with him, named him Bailey and he remained part of our family for 11 years. The past 3-4 had been hard for Bailey as he was diagnosed with Diabetes, where mum had to give him two insulin injections a day! The past six month his diabetes worsened, and became uncontrollable no matter what mum or the vets did for him. Then mum found a mass in his stomach last week, the vets operated to see what it was, a tumour had wrapped around his intestines and pancreas, and all other lower organs, and the best thing for him was to give him the green dream and let him pass over to the Rainbows Bridge. This was a very sad sad day for all of us, especially my mum, who shed tears for days, and still looks out for him, out of habit! So Bailey this ones for you, we love you little buddy, we miss you and we will never forget you!

Author unknown
Just this side of Heaven, before the Pearly Gates
Is a sunny meadow where your pets can rest and wait.
It's where the slanting sunshine meets the highest clouds,
A floating bridge of rainbows, so far above the ground.
This is where we wait for you, if we have gone before,
Just out of sight of mortals, just outside heaven's door;
Here we play in sunshine, frolic free from age or pain,
And anticipate the joyful time when we will meet again.
Every pet that's lived on Earth can bide his time, can wait,
For that special person to come walking to the Rainbow Gates,
And everyone who's loved a pet will find them safely here,
Frolicking on Rainbow Bridge till your own time draws near.
One day there comes a feeling, a trembling in the air,
And then we know it's time to run and come to meet you there,
Faster and faster on that day, across Rainbow Bridge we'll run,
To meet the humans we love best, come walking in the sun.
Alas my friend you cannot pass across Rainbow Bridge with me,
But when your time for glory comes, waiting for you I'll be -
Then together we will walk upon a path of glittering light,
No more to suffer, nor to part, but to live forever side by side.
Every pet that's lived on Earth can bide his time and wait
Until together with his person he goes through those Pearly Gates,
And everyone who's loved a pet, you'll find them waiting here,
Safe and sound on Rainbow Bridge till your own time draws near.
RIP Bailey - 11 wonderful years!

Friday, 3 August 2007

A Selfless Act!

I am so so proud to have Angela as my cousin! A little background, Angela breeds the most amazing and gorgeous White German Shepherds (Alpinarc White Shepherds). These dogs are truly amazing and just have the most wonderful temperament! A little while back Ange had read on the website dogsonline.com.au about a 15 year old girl with osteogenesis imperfecta, and has been confined to a wheelchair since she was two. This is also known as Brittle Bone syndrome and just by sneezing can casue a fracture! Ange was so taken by Ashleighs story that she contacted the family, then flew down to Melbourne from Sydney, and hand delivered a $1000 nine week old white shepherd puppy, Ange registered as Divine Intervention! The family did not have to pay a cent, Ange did this out of the kindness of her heart and her enormous generosity! When Ange told me about Ashleigh and the most selfless act she had done it pulled on my heart strings and I felt so blessed to know that Angela is apart of my family! Ange I am so proud of you girl, that is the most wonderful thing a person can do for another human being, I am so proud to call you my cousin and be apart of our wonderful family!

Ashleigh & Divine Intervention (Cooch)

If you want to read the article that was printed in the Age click on this link.

If you want to see some of Ange's gorgeous dogs and puppies or would be interested in a puppy go visit Ange's site at http://www.wherewhiteisright.com/

Ange again I am so blown away by your beautiful nature! So very proud of you!

Spook - My Uncles Dog

Thursday, 2 August 2007

I met the ever gorgeous Jonesy!

Hi Everyone, I have had the most amazing weekend! I had a weekend off and went to Sydney to spend a fantastic weekend away with Jane! What a wonderful person she is! It felt like we had known each other for years and visiting her was a normal occurence. I totally enjoyed her, her puppies and her beautiful mother and father! Not once did I feel uncomfortable, I just felt totally at home like I belonged there and visiting was a normal occurance! Janes mum is just the sweetest lady, and she makes the best chicken curry, believe me! So glad I got to stay for lunch on Sunday, so worth it! When I arrived we oohed and ahhed over all of our creations, Jane has shelves and shelves full, and her scrap room is to die for especially in real life, drawers and shelves and cupboards full of supplies, wished I lived there, I would never surface! Then we went shopping at Scrapbook HQ, got some amazing chipboard cutouts and so cheap, like $5 for 12x12! Amazing, we bought some templates for some wonderful creations to make. Once home, we met up with the girls from TSE. How exciting, but again, it was like we were all long lost buddies, the natter just kept going constantly!
Meeting all the girls, Rae, Lara (& Nicholas), Annette L and Annette R (Baby A), wow, what an awesome experience! You girls are just divine and so is your Rocky Road Lara! What a hit that was! I can't believe that a little forum could create so many great friendships that I will treasure forever. To Annette R I am forever grateful for being apart of TSE!


JANES DAD (Priceless smile)I really enjoyed the shopping with Jane, drooling all over Janes beautiful creations, and believe me when I say, there are heaps! I mean heaps! Boxes and shelves full of OTP creations! And all just simply stunning, as someone said, how come we don't know you? You should be famous by now, another Ali, fabulous fabulous work and I am so proud that you are apart of TSE!

Saturday night we had so much fun creating our own creations, plus dancing and amusing Willy. Sunday was much of the same, more scrapbooking, more entertaining Willy. I just loved all of it, I really unwound! Jane I can never explain in words just how delighted I was to be apart of your world and for you and your family in welcoming me into your home! Again Truly blessed! So before I get too soppy and mushy, I will say thankyou to all the girls who came over to Janes, Lara, Rae, and Annette L and Annette R and your gorgeous boys, I had a great time meeting with you all, and Jane I love you and your family, and can't wait until the next time!

My Ribbon Book

My Handbag!

Back home to reality, even had my mum and dad waiting for me at home, was like I had been away for months, really made my night! My babies were all over me, couldn't get enough cuddles and kisses, makes it all worthwhile! Dad ordered Chinese and I filled them all in on my wonderful weekend away. Mum instantly fell in love with my handbag!

Again, thanks to all the girls at TSE for coming to meet Jane and I! Was awesome of you all and fantastic to meet you, to my gorgeous Jane, and your wonderful parents, thanking your welcoming me into your world for the weekend, I had a ball and enjoyed every minute! So whens the next one! Good night and sweet dreams! Will post some more about the week so far tomorrow!

Love Lisxx