Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Marlin Fishing

As most of you will know my hubby just loves his fishing, as do all of his mates, and with them all off on holidays, why not go for a fish. Well most of you would expect them to come home with a few little fish, maybe some bream, flathead, snapper, or something, but what if I told you they came home with a Marlin. And not just 1 marlin but three.

Grant, Rob & Rod

Grant caught one which weighed 72kg, Rod caught another which weighed 77.5kg and Rob caught the biggest with 82.5kg. Have you ever tasted marlin??? It is devine! Looks like all our families and friends will be having Marlin for dinner!

Grant and his 72kg Marlin

Good on ya boys, proud of ya's! Next time Its my turn to catch a marlin.... (lol)

Well now to get ready for New Years Eve!

Love Ya's Lisxx

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Great day for the beach.....

What a gorgeous day! Perfect day for the beach. Took the boys into town, let the boys ride their bikes up to the end of the breakwater and back, they loved it, though Coop got a little tired towards the end.
The boys riding their bikes on the breakwall....

Then we went and got icecreams, thought that was the best way, that way the water could wash off all the mess. Then off to the beach, or the rock pool as they call it, right beside the bathes. OMG Cooper just took to it, he loved it, best way for kids in the round shallow pool than to get splashed by the waves. We couldn't get Cooper out he was having a ball. Travis is so good and confident in the water, he just took off. Loved it! It was the best day, very hot, I got quite burnt, even the boys got a little colour.
Trav loving the beach

Cooper having a great time at the beach....

After the beach we treated the boys to Macca's before heading home, by the time we got home, guess what two little boys were sound asleep in the back seat. Wore them out I think! Great day! Just loving the holidays and doing things as a family, spending time with all three of my boys. Its just great, wish life was like this all the time....

Hope your enjoying the holidays as much as me! Now time for a swim in the pool before it gets dark.


Saturday, 27 December 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday Coop!

Gosh this time of year is soooooo busy! To start the silly season off, its Christmas dinner at mums on Christmas eve followed by opening some pressies.

Mum and Dad bought us some towels, tea towels, candles, glasses, me some perfume, and Grant the Bourne trilogy. They bought the kids heaps of toys and a portable DVD each! Talk about spoilt.

Chrissy Morning and we are up before the birds I think! Gotta love kids enthusiasm... The boys ripped into their Pressies and stockings. Grant bought me the Sex and the City Box Office Collection (all 6 seasons), some Gym stuff and $100. Thats a good start... Then off to Grants brothers for a Champagne Breaky, with lots of Bacon, Eggs, Coissants, and more pressies. Lunch time we headed to my Aunties for another Cooked Lunch, then back to Grants brothers for dinner. OMG why do we eat so much on Christmas day???????

Boxing Day morning and we are up at 5.30am again, this time only Grant and I, as it was Coops birthday! We had a BBQ for lunch, salads, a cake, slip'n'slides, the kids played, jumped on the tramp, more presents, the kdis crashed about 8.30pm, and us adults partied and played cards until midnight. So much fun! Another great night! Loving our card nights, they are the best!!!!

27th saw us just mellow and recoup over the last week or so.

Hope you all had a brilliant Chrissy and Boxing Day! We sure did! Sorry for no pics, totally forgot the camera Chrissy day and Boxing day was so hectic, then come night time I was partying! Ha Ha Ha!

Chat to you all soon! If its a nice day tomorrow its off to the beach with the kids.....

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Chrissy Party with the Girls

When Mele next door asked me if I wanted to go out with her and the girls for a Chrissy Dinner, I am not one to refuse. What a great night, drinks at Hogs Breath on the Harbour in Newy, followed by a great dinner and a to die for dessert, great company, secret santa and heaps and heaps of laughs! Loved ya parking Kylie!!!!!! You rock girl!

Mele & Me

Kylie & Amanda

Me & my dessert

All of us on Santa's big Chair

Me walking along the esplanade on Newy Harbour trying to walk off some dinner!Merry Chrissy to you all! Hope the jolly fat man with the cherry red cheeks brings all your hearts desires for Chrissy!

Love Ya's


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Touching Base

Well not much has been happening lately. I finished making all my Chrissy Cards, gosh, where does the time go, its nearly Christmas already and I still don't have my cards posted, I am usually prompt, having my Christmas cards all mailed out by 1st december, and here it is the 17th and still nothing posted. Best be pulling my finger out now that I have finally finished and get them posted tomorrow.

48 cards - Merry Christmas

And here is a random pic that got taken during the week, gosh I just love me boys!

Went and had a spray tan yesterday just in time for Dads Chrissy Party. Looking pretty tanned now. Love that I can just get a fake tan without all the sunbaking....

Had Dads Chrissy Party last night, great night, no kids! God luv Tessy for baby sitting. We got home around 1.30am. Too many drinks, lots of dancing, a great time, a funny ride home! Onya Karl & Mel! Next Chrissy Dinner is with the girls... Bring it on!

Also a few weeks ago I said I was in the middle of organising my new scrap furniture, well guess what, its all done! I can't believe how good it turned out! Now just to organise everything, this is going to take me forever, anyone know any fairies who will come and do it for me! So procrastinating!!!!

Chat soon

Love Lisxx

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Formal Time

You know its that time of year when you the ole, its my formal, can you do my makeup! Well lucky for me, two of my fav girls, either asked me to do their makeup or come and watch them at their formal! How could I refuse.

Firstly there is Jamie, a gorgeous gorgeous girl, a friend of the family! I was honoured when she asked me to do her makeup and how gorgeous does she look! Stunning!!!!

Secondly there is my girl Tess! I just had to go and see her all dressed up and looking fabulous. What a heartbreaker. She is my super sweet gorgeous girl, who Cooper just loves to death. So of course me and the two boys went to see the glamorous Tess! Looking Hot Tessie!

Have a great night girls......

Sunday, 7 December 2008

FNF Secret Santa

A few weeks ago I received a special parcel in the mail! Marked do not open until the 5th December at Friday Night Frenzy at the Shelf. Unfortunately my computer was down, continual problems with connecting to the internet.... Another story for another time, so at the last minute could not join in on all the fun! Boo hoo! Though I did receive this gift and I opened it a little after 8pm. OMG how gorgeous! The papers are beautiful, the candle is devine and smells absolutely yumm, and the little guardian angel is exactly what I needed! So whoever my Secret Santa is, thankyou so so much, I really really appreciate your wonderful gift. I love you Secret Santa xoxoxo, (any clues)...

And speaking of Secret Santa's, I was Secret Santa for Belinda, had fun shopping for it. I hope you loved it Belinda. I was so tempted to create something with it myself, just loved it..... Hope you all had a great FNF and hope to see you at the next one.

Until next time, happy scrapping!

Friday, 5 December 2008

School Awards

How proud can a mum be???? I must be doing something right!!! We got an invitation from the school asking us to come to Award Day as Travis was getting an award. So Grant, & I, and mum and dad all went to watch Trav get his award. We had no idea what award he was getting, but how proud was I when they called Trav's name out for the Academic Achievement award. He came first in his class! I was so excited and so so so so so proud!!!! 1st year of school has been great for Trav! GOOOOO RAV!!!

Trav getting presented with his award

I am so proud Trav! More than I can express! Keep it up dude, you will go along way!

Love Mum xoxoxox

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas....

The tree is up, the Chrissy lights are up, the kids are getting excited, I am sick of shopping, procrastinating about wrapping, car rides at night to check out the lights around the area. Yep its definately Christmas.

Here is Moe, our newest edition to our family who we have had now for about 8-9months now. This is his first Christmas and he was very intrigued with the Chrissy tree and the decorations on it.... Cheeky little charlie.

Here is the house all done up for Chrissy! Not the best shot but hey you get the jist!!!!

So while I am in the Chrissy spirit, I thought it was about that time to do the boys photo shoot to get 2008 Chrissy Photo for the cards.. How much fun did I have...
My two gorgeous Santa Baby's
How cute does Cooper look????
Travis always looks adorable.....

So Ho Ho HO to you all! Bring on Christmas.....