Monday, 28 July 2008

Slice of Life - Challenge 3

Well its that time again and the girls completing the Slice of Life Challenge are doing an awesome job! You have to go over to the gallery and check out their work! Just mind blowing! Keep up the great work girls, nearly half way!

Well this week sees Challenge three and again I am putting up a sample of the challenge.


How do you define Creative?


We want you to define the word "creative" in anyway you like, whether it be words, pictures or another source. - You must use the title "I am Creative" or "I am an Artist" on your layout!

So lets get creative girls! I know you can do it!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Last day of the School hols

and we had a great family day out! We took the kids to Blackbutt Reserve and fed the ducks, and the emus, and looked at all the birds and the new baby koala! Way too cute. Then we went on the 1.2km walk, was great chasing the kids, tried to wear them out but it just didn't happen. Once we got back to the car, we went into Newcastle and checked out the carnival at Nobby's Beach. We rode the Dodgem Cars, and Travis and Coop went on the giant slide and the jumping castle, and of course we had a go at the clowns. After the carnival we went to the Waffle and Cone and we all got an icecream each, Cooper got a Rainbow, Travis a Triple Choc, Grant a Cookies and Cream and me a good ole fashioned Jaffa! By the time we drove home the kids were fast alseep! We had a great day out and these are just the best days to have and we need more of them.
Blackbutt Reserve

Also over this weekend was the Scrapbook Shelf Friday Night Frenzy! The criteria was we were all given a advertisment where we had to draw inspiration from and come up with our own Layout! Quite interesting really! So here is the advertisement and underneath is my entrant. Me being a DT I can only enter as inspiration which I just love to do! And my good friend Sandy Myers cleaned this challenge up scoring her a bonus 50 points in the Slice of Life Comp!

The Advertisement

My Layout

Stay tuned tomorrow for the third challenge in the Slice of Life Competition!

Be well, take Care and Chat soon!

Love Lisxx

Monday, 21 July 2008

Slice of Life Challenge Two

Well its that time already! Yep Challenge Two is up and ready to be taken on!

This week's Challenge is all about.....

Let's say there's a story you want to tell and feel really passionate about telling and you realise that you do not have a photo to go with that story. Don't discard that story just because you don't have a photo to go along with it. Its all about capturing your life through words, its about creating art with a few choice embellishments.

1. Create a layout with No Pictures
2. Title must be One Word or Two Words only. If using two words create emphasis on one of the words
3. Journalling must be in a List Format

I was lucky enough to be able to provide the sample for this Challenge! And what a challenge it was, took me right out of my comfort zone, I have never scrapped without a picture before!

So enjoy and get scrapping and don't forget Friday Night Frenzy this Friday night to grab yourself some extra bonus points.
Love Lisx

Saturday, 19 July 2008

A new trend in our household.....

Grant has introduced Travis to the world of Playstation 2. Everyday they are glued to the TV, moving the lounge right up close, the concentration that goes into playing the game ATV Quads is hilarious! They take turns and it is just fantastic to watch them bonding over something so simple as a Playstation.

You just gotta love these pics....

And this is what happens when you spend all arvo playing the Playstation and drinking beers. You end up passed out and fallen off the lounge where your lovely wife leaves you and takes pictures of you! TFF!

Hope you enjoy!
Love Lisxx

Monday, 14 July 2008

First Challenge on the Slice of Life

Today is the DAY!!! Are you ready 'to capture life and to create art'. Our challenges will be inspired from the fabulous celebrity scrapbook artist Ali Edwards book 'Life Artist' .Ali quotes "Scrapbooking is about life. About capturing the life you are living, have lived and will live. It is about creating art from the photographs, words, documents, and bits of this and that. Those things that help tell the stories of who you really are.... Scrapbooking is capturing Life, Creating Art". So good luck everyone as we embark on discovering the 'life artist' in all of us.

What a great competition this is! To capture your life and create art! Thats what I love about Scrapbooking and this is a wonderful competition to showcase your life art!

Today is the first of five competitions with a few bonus point competitions thrown in along the way! So look out for them!


There is so much more to life art than just traditional scrapbook pages and traditional sized photos. How many of you have scrapped outside your comfort zone and scrapped a 8.5 x 11 or a 12 x 6? How many of you have made the photo tell the story? Scrapping in other sizes can be exhilerating and can tell the story you are trying to create from a different perspective. Using a larger than life photo can also evoke emotion by telling the story without using words Criteria

For this challenge, Choose one of the following

1. Scrap in any other size except for the traditional 12x12

2. Scrap a photo no smaller than 5" x 7"

3. Combine both Bonus Points:

The DT have selected a secret technique or product. If you incorporate this in your layout this week, you are also elligible for bonus points

Here is Trudi's example! Isn't it gorgeous!

Can't wait to see what you all create!

Love Lisxx

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Photo Shoot for Jo

I spent the afternoon at the local park taking some pics for a friend. Her parents were down from Gunnedah and they wanted to some pics of their grandparents. Of course I am no professional, far from it, but the pics turned out pretty nice and they were very happy with them! What more could I ask for! Enjoy Jo!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

A Surpise for the boys

Aunty Kate and Grandma came for a visit today, and with them Aunty Kate had made the boys a Romper suit each! Now these are the best things Aunty Kate has ever made. I got a pair of these when Aunty Kate first designed them, and they are the warmest Winter PJ's you could ever own, and for a cold frog like me, that is awesome. They are a full one piece fleecy lined body suit, complete with feet, no more cold feet, now more flannie PJ's riding up your back and making your back cold, you are toasty warm allllllll night! Kate has now designed them in Mens and kids too, and she was kind enough to bring some down for my boys to enjoy, of course we had to put them on straight away and have a little fun in them, so here is some pics. Don't they look awesome!

Now if you are wanting some of these warmest Winter Rompersuits just visit Kate's Website at Believe me you won't regret it!
Also it was fantastic to see Grant's mum out and about too, complete with wig, she looked fab! There is never a day goes by where she is not in my thoughts! It was great to see you both!
Anyway thought I would share Kates great creations! Well done Kate I am so very proud of you!
Love Lisxx

Saturday, 5 July 2008

School Holidays

have started and what beeter way to start the first day than to do a little scrapping! LOL!

So I got down and jiggy with it and completed Kristines Card Challenge over at SBS and I combined Jaimee's PleasantVille Challenge and Brendy's Ketch challenge together, cheeky I know but at least I have three challenges done and dusted.
So first challenge was Kristine's Card challenge where you had to find an old layout that you like of yours and convert it to a card! So first I will show you the layout I chose and then the card I drew inspiration from!

4 Generations

Happy Birthday

Then I thought I take a stab at Jaimee's Pleasantville Effect Challenge, now this is where you keep one section of your photo in colour and change the rest to black and white. So I found some pics of Trav that I love, kept him in colour and converted the background to black & white. Rather effective, especially for someone who is not very good at Photoshop or any of these digital effects. LMAO! Then I adhered those pics to Brendys Sketch, and what a great sketch it is too! Love it! And love the outcome of my layout! Thanks for the inspiration girls!

Brendy's July Sketch Challenge
My layout using Brendy' Sketch and Jaimee's Pleasantville EffectNow thats what I call a good start to the holidays! What are you up to over the school holidays?????

Love Lisxx

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Shelfs July Challenges

Well its that time of the month again!!!!! New challenges, new prizes and new products in store.

This month we have a Card Challenge where you choose an old layout from your stash and convert it to a sketch, cool challenge by Kristine, can't wait to go through my albums to find one I'd like to convert to a card. Check the link here.

We also have a Digital Challenge where you have to convert part of your picture to black and white and keep a section of it colour, this is called the Pleasantville Effect! Just love this effect and love this Challenge created by Jaimee. Check the link here.

We also have a cool Sketch Challenge created by Brendy, and I have to say she is the queen of Sketches and her layout to match is just awesome, make sure you check it out here.

Then we have my Stamping Challenge, where the criteria is to stamp onto PP or Cardstock, cut out and adhere to your Layout! Very easy, even for you non stampers out there, I would love to see you give this a try and upload into the gallery by midnight 31st July 2008 to be in the running for a $10 gift voucher at the Shelf! Here is my layout.

There is also a Trendsetters Kit Challenge where you purchase the kit from store, create a layout with it, upload in the gallery by midnight 31st July to go in the running for a $10 gift voucher. There was only one entry last month, so one lucky winner. Make sure you enter, its a gorgeous kit too, Brendy has created some wonderful layouts using this kit as inspitation. Check out her layouts here. For more info regarding the Trendsetters Kit Challenge check it out here. To buy this months Trendsetter Kit, click here.

And don't forget the BIG date 14th July 2008! The beginning of our Slice of Life Competition. Only 2 weeks away now and huge huge prizes. See all the details here.

Well its a big month at the Scrapbook Shelf this month! So join in the fun, just think, we all may get some well earned scrapping done together! See you there!

Love Lisxx

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Anyone for spaghetti????

Thought I would share with you a quick post on Cooper eating 2 minute noodles. His favourite snack at the moment and he enjoys them so much! Just had to capture it all!

Love the facial expressions, especially the last row on the RHS! Love it!