Wednesday, 30 May 2007

My Chalk and Cheese

My Chalk & Cheese, I did get one layout completed over the weekend, called Chalk and Cheese using the new Crate Paper Boys Range! So gorgeous! Such beautiful paper and oh so boyish!

Also held my first scap party last night, with 12 girls and we had so much fun! We completed a concertina card, which was so fun to make and so affective when it is all together! I so have to make some more of these, and post to family who live out of town! So in love with this! Can't wait until the next one! Such a great night! Such a stress relief!

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Near Human Again!

Hello fellow bloggers!

The last few weeks haven't been the best for me! Last Monday it was off to the Docs as I was getting worse and worse. He told me I had a secondary brochial infection and if left untreated = pneumonia. So luckily I saw sense, now on antibiotics, but 5 days later, am still full of green slime. I am sure I have no skin left on or under my nose! So sore! At least my chest no longer rattles and doesn't hurst when I cough, so starting to see the light of day there!

The last few days I have been playing catch up with the house work, that was long overdue but no energy to do it like cleaning out fridges, pantry cupboards, cleaning windows, wiping off little handprints from the kitchen cupboards, TV, fishtanks, mirrors, etc, washing, vacuuming, washing floors, tidying up toys! So the house is looking presentable again!

I even found the time this morning to do some waxing, eyebrows, underarms, brazilian, legs, and washed my hair, so I am feeling a little more human again!

Only got one layout done this week, in ode of my mum, who has been my rock over the past few weeks with me being sick, but unfortunately, the past week I love her so much, I even shared my flu with her! But god love her, she still took the kids on Tuesday night so that Grant & I could have an anniverary tea without them! So heres the layout, hope you all like it.

Today I am continuing to try to put some order back into the house, next on the list is the backroom and my scrapstuff, then if tomorrow goes to plan, and Grant is out cutting firewood, I'll do some well earned scrapping!

Have you all checked out yet, and its fantastic forum. Well Annette at TSE has been so busy, she is even opening a gallery very shortly! Maybe as early as next week, so keep your eyes peeled! Can't wait!

Hope you and all your families are well!
Chat soon

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Time to Scrap!

Morning everyone

I have just added some more of my layouts, and even some of my wedding album layouts by request under the subtitle - My Art! Please have a look, hope you enjoy!

This week has been a dead loss! I have been really sick with a head cold from hell which has now moved onto my chest! My kids have had it all week too, so no time for resting or trying to get better.
I scrapped a page on beautiful baby - Cooper - My Angel! Hope you all like it!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

A Day Off!!!!!

My Beautiful Boys
Hi There fellow bloggers, its Wednesday today Yippee. I had alot of hat swapping last week, I had the "Beauty Hat", "Bookkeeper Hat", "Party Hat a few times", "Scrappy Hat", "Mummy Hat" & "Sick Hat". Had the biggest week last week, and ended up with a head cold from hell! Me, usually being a 14 hour a week bookkeeper and the rest of my time being a SAHM, my week last week (Monday to Monday) comprised of Beautician - 36 hours, Pink Concert - Tuesday Night, Bookkeeper - 14hrs, Scrap party - Saturday afternoon, 21st Party - Saturday night, Mothers Day Lunch at Raymond Terrace Botanical Gardens, Grants (hubby) 33rd Birthday tea at the local Chinese Restuarant. Yesterday was a disaster, had an appointment in Maitland, so by the time we went there, then had a browse around, it was after 2pm by the time we got home, we all had a nanny nap, then off to do the well needed Grocery Shopping. So much for resting yesterday. So today is hopefully put your feet up and rest day, don't know how I'll go with 2 little people under 4yrs and both with Colds too! Isn't it lovely to be a family and share everything!

Even though my week last week was hectic, and don't think I could cope with doing those sort of hours everyweek, I still really enjoyed putting my Beautician Hat on for a week, pampering people, meeting people and generally having conversations that are of adult topic instead of Kiddie talk. The girls that I worked with are just beautiful people!

Thats all for me, no scrapping has been done for the past week, and probably not much more will get done this week either with us all sick with colds. I might even browse store for some more supplies. For those of you reading, it is worth your while to check out the Scrapbook Establishment, as the owner Annette, is a wonderful person, and has just introduced a new forum to her site, of which I am one of her Moderators. The girls on the TSE team are just fantastic and I have adopted them all as my new family! They are just great, you will love them to, so drop by, say hello, and get to know some new people! It will be worth it! A Big High 5 to all the girls at TSE for a job well done, WOOT WOOT WOOT as Janey would say!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers and grandmothers out there! Where would we all be without our mothers! I love my mother to death, we are not only mother and daughter, we are also best friends. We love to shop together, have coffee and chats together, we like to do special things together, we are there for each other in good time and bad! She is my rock! I love the way she absolutely adores my two boys, and treats them as if they were her own. She plays with them, there is always fun to have with Nanny! She cooks with the boys, takes the boys shopping, buys them little pressies all the time, they have sleepovers at Nanny's, she just idolises my boys and we all idolise her! Life would not be as bright or sparkly without Nanny it in! We love you Nanny!

For Mum
When I was a baby, you rocked me to sleep,
And dressed me and taught me to talk,
You guided my faltering, hesitant steps
When I first started learning to walk.
And then came the day I started to school,
When you realized how fast I had grown,
And you told me what wonderful fun it would be
Then watched as I skipped off, alone.
You made all the days of my childhood bright,
Filled with contentment and fun.
That the memory I have of my growing-up years
Is a cherished and wonderful one.
And then, when I started to be on my own,
You offered a sure, guiding hand,
Whenever I needed a listening ear,
I knew then that you'd understand--
For all of your thoughtfulness, all of your love,
Your patience and gentleness, too,
I'm thankful--for I have a wonderful treasure
--A sweet, lovely mother like you!

I love you Mum, Happy Mothers Day
Love Forever, Lisaxxx

Thursday, 10 May 2007

P!nk RockS

I just have to say, P!nk rocks. Went to see her live in concert at Newcastle Tuesday night, and she is just the best entertainer I have ever seen. I saw her the last time she came to Newy, and this show was even better again. Her voice live is amazing, I love how deep and husky her voice is, she is mad, she is friendly, she makes jokes, she interacts with her audience, she makes you feel as if you are one of her long lost friends. Her music and the lyrics are the best and I just love how she is not afraid to voice her own views! Cruelty to animals, I totally agree with, she has the image of a rough and tough chic with tats and an attitude but deep down she has sincerity and love and compassion for alot of issues! Makes her real!! Mel & I had the best seats, in the very first section, right at the front, we got amazing pics! Check out her website, and you'll be amazed at how many issues that P!nk gets behind! What a woman! She Rocks!!!!!! Chat Soon
Luv Lisxx

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Ye Ha!

Howdy Partners! What a week!
Last weekend Grant & I attended the lovely formal wedding of Grants mate Ed to Mel at Tulloch Winery at Pokolbin. It was a beautiful wedding and it felt good to dress up and feel elegant for a change! I've included a pic of me and hubby! What a couple! A big congrats to Ed & Mel, may you live a life full of love and happiness together.

The week past by unpreductively, not much scrapping done, more organising than anything, and most attention focused on trying to fine tune my new blog and chatting amongst my new TSE family!

TODAY is Sunday, and I'm still a bit doughy after last nights party! We went to hubbys sisters 30th at the Old Texas Ranch, dressing up Cowboy/Cowgirl style. We danced, rode Randy (the bull), ate too much and drank way too much, but what a great night we had! Yeha!

Managed to get up nice and early (though feeling a tad bit doughy) and battled the croud at Maitland Markets, where I bought some great scrap supplies and a few treats for the Kids. Loving the velvet rick rack!

My week ahead is hectic, working 6 days as a beautican (glad this doesn't happen all the time), working 2 nights as a bookkeeper, have another 21st to attend on Saturday night, Sunday is Mothers Day and hubbys 33rd! but best of all I have P!nks concert Tuesday night with my nextdoor buddy Mel! Can't wait for that! P!NK Rocks!!!!!! Went to her last concert and she is a fab entertainer. Will post pics!!!! But this time next week, I think I WILL be passed out and deflated.

Until then, I'll love ya's and leave ya's all and you'll all come back now ya hear!

Friday, 4 May 2007

A Fresh Start

Hi All, this is my first time as an e blogger, and I was so inspired by a new collegues Blog, that I just had to try it out for myself. I just love to scrapbook, though have only been scrapping for 12 months. I am a self confessed self tought, no lessons or scrapnights as such yet, as I have two beautiful boys Travis (4yrs) and Cooper (16 months), where I just cannot find the time, nor want to venture out and leave them. Though one of my goals this year is to go to a crop night and expand my horizons. I have just landed an opportunity of a scrap time, to be one of a Scrapforum moderator. To me that is a wonderful challenge, especially since I am only new to the wonderful world of scrapbooking! As my first post, I'll keep it simple, as I am yet to work our how to make my blog look wonderful! Happy chatting, Lisx