Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Travis's first playdate!

Well last Wednesday Travis had is first real playdate with his first friend from school! I have made friends with Colby's mum, Kasey, and she is a great girl! So while the boys played in the yard, doing what boys do, Kasey and I had a cuppa and pawed our way through all my scrap mags. Now I think I may have gotten her addicted!

Travis and Colby had a lovely first playdate together. Playing trucks in the dirt, exploring, jumping on the tramp, riding the motorbike, playing the Playstation and the V-Smile! Well there was just too much fun to be had! Travis then asked if Colby could stay for tea, well you know they are growing up when this question gets thrown at you! So we had a mini party, sausage rolls, party pies, mini pizza's, mash potato, peas and corn! Then I took Colby home at 6.30pm! What a great day they had, hope there are plenty more to come!

Here are some pics of their day together!

Trav & Colby


Colby on the tramp

Colby having a ride on the Peewee

Trav & colby playing trucks

Colby in the dirt!

Two silly faces!
Well on the home front, I am still sick, lost my voice, only squeaks come out every now and then! Or when I talk low, I sound like a male! Truly hilarious, a bit of a novelty I think! Though am quite over all the sickness, nearly 2 weeks of it. Least both the kids are well!
Take care!
Love Lisxx

Monday, 25 February 2008


Well we have had the week of it! Sickness Sickness and more sickness. Cooper came down with the poo's n spews (vomiting & Diarrhea) last Sunday - Tuesday! The Trav came down with it Tuesday - Friday! Just charming! I came down with it Thursday & Friday only thank god, but had to work both days, luckily for me I took some drugs to plug me up and soldiered on! Grant went away fishing for three days in a game fishing tournament )Friday - Sunday), so I was left at home sick! Firstly the poos'n'spews then Saturday I woke up like I had done a huge work out at the gym, no energy at all either, came the arvo I had the sorest throat, like I was swallowing needles. Sunday sore throat again and feel like shit! Today I have hardly any voice, think the kids like that! LOL! Luckily Grant is now on two weeks holidays so he has been great today while I had to go to work he has done the washing, looked after Coop, sorted through all the DVD's and found the matching cover, a chore I had been procrastinating over! God love you Granto!

Saturday my bestest old buddy Jane (friends for over 28 years) came over. She fussed over me during the day, we played beauty parlours, ha ha ha! I waxed her Bikini line and Tinted her lashes, then I tought her how to wax underarms and she did mine, way too hard to do it yourself! We had a good ole chin wag, heaps of laughs and it was just so great to catch up with her. I went to a scrap party at Mandy's during the week, where Jen Hall was the teacher, so I made this Canvas for her, to say she was wrapped was an understatement. So pleased she liked it! Josh apparently thought it was awesome (he is 9 years old) and now I have to do one of him too! LOL! We raised our boys to be so vain! LMAO! Josh and Trav are like brothers from the same mould! Too funny!

Sunday Grant and the boys caught a big Tiger Shark, so off me and my boys went to watch the weigh in! 356kg Shark! Big shark! Though the biggest for the day was 381kg. So the boys came second. Not a bad effort at all seeing that there were over 200 boats in the comp! They were ecstatic! Good on ya boys! Proud of you!

Well I am now up to date, can you believe that, don't fall of your chairs, its been awhile since I have caught up and I got a little poke from the gorgeous Tammy to pull my finger out, think I was quite enjoying the sensation, anyway, the finger is out now Tammy and I have caught up. Proud! Well relieved anyway! Thanks, I needed it! So I'll leave you with two gorgeous photo's of yesterday evening as the sun was going down off Nelson's Bay and Travis playing on the beach on sunset!

Love to you all and hope this finds you all well!
Love Lisxx

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

February DT Tips & Techniques

Well as you all know I am now on TSE DT Team, or the Dream Team as we call it! LOL! I just love these girls! They are the best bunch of girls to work with! Well February is my first month. We have two Teams. Team 1 will privide the layouts this month, while Team 2 will provide some Tips & Techniques on a certain product.

I am on Team 2, so this month I had to work with the McGill Tall Ticket Punch and come up with 6 different way to use this punch as well as an OTP creation! I had so much fun trying to think outside the square!

You can purchase the Tall Ticket Punch at The Scrapbook Establishment for only $20 at the moment. Thats a saving of 43% Massive Bargain! Just click here!

So here are my examples!

1) Punch out a ticket, and use it for journalling. Used an Autumn Leaves journalling spot and stamped the lines onto the ticket, inked the edges in black, smudged the ticket with pale blue ink, and completed journalling.

2) Punch out a ticket, add a favourite phrase or quote, and create a Quote Tag. I then inked the edges in pale pink ink and stamped Autumn Leaves Flourishes in pink over the top!

3) Punch out the ticket, adhere another ticket to create a Ticket Tag! I also binded the tag to the card with embroidery thread. The heart is made from a transparency, then painted the edges in pink.

4) Create the background out of the Ticket Punch, then add a letter to each tag to create a word or a title for a card or layout!

5) Punch out a ticket tag, and hide it inside a pouch or envelope! Use the tag to create a love letter, or some heart felt words!

6) Use the blank from the Ticket punch to frame a section of a photo!

For my off the page creation, I went with Technique number 5 and created a mini album 10 Reasons to be a girl!

Front of Mini AlbumInside Mini Album (Pop up Concertina)
Close up of hidden Tall Ticket Journal
Well I hope you all liked my examples of different ways to use the McGills Tall Ticket Punch! And I hope you go and buy one, you won't be sorry! They are wonderful! Anything from McGill is wonderful! Hey Jane! LOL!

Have a great day

Love Lisxx

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Catch up!

Well the past few weeks have gone by in a blur! I had 18 tags I had to do for TSE Tag Swap, and though I kept procrastinating about doing them I finally got them done! And now I have to say I am rather excited to get everyone elses back now so that I have like a mini TSE RAK Address book! Rather a cool idea! Here are my Tags, well four of them anyway!

Also for the month of February I complete Janes Page challenge. Seeing that it was February - The love month, Jane had set the challenge to do a page on someone or something you love. So after a little think, I wanted to do a layout for Grant, capturing all the different faces of me from 16 to 29, stating that he had my heart right from the start. Grant and I have know each other since I was 16 years old. We dated and lived together briefly when we were 18. We then went our seperate ways for a while, me getting married, then divorced, and caught up with each other again at 25 years old. FATE????? Well as they say the rest is history! We have been inseperable ever since. Of course there has been a few bumps along the way, but tell me what marriage doesn't. Thought the layout didn't really work out the way I had pictured it in my mind, but hey, shit happens! I got the point across at least.

Valentines Day!

I asked Travis who he wanted to give a love card to for Valentines day and he saidn "Miss Phillips" I love with his school teacher already! Too cute. So I bought Jane Jones Gift Kit from TSE and made her this for Valentines day from Travis. The Concertina Album, I put YSK on the front (The name of Travis's class) and 2008 in the inside, so that she can get some pics of the kids through out the year and have a keepsake of the kids she taught Kinder to in 2008! She was so happy and nearly had tears! Made her day thats for sure! It was very nice and Travis was in heaven. Such a darling!

To buy Janes kit - click here:

Well I had a nice Valentines day! Grant gave me a nice card with some very nice words in it! And he even came home with a bunch of flowers! Very lucky indeed. We flirted via SMS all day, it was rather nice actually! I gave Grant a nice card too and bought him the first series of "The girls of the Playboy Mansion" so he was in heaven, he just loves the perv! I cooked a nice dinner, some Lime & Chilli Chicken Kebabs & Brown Rice, then we had Strawberries dipped in Melted chocolate for dessert! Yum Yum! So it was a lovely Valentines day!

Happy Valentines day to all you gorgeous peeps too!

Love you

Saturday, 9 February 2008

TSE Cybercrop - 1st February - 8th February!

Well what a great time we had! Wished you were there! LOL! Though most of you who read this were! We had some great challenges set by the DT Team, and some fantastic games as well.

1st Challenge criteria was 1. Notebook, Diary or Journal 2. Something Red 3. Flowers which was set by me! Winner - Lyndal, HM - Linda65, Annette's Award - Kerry. Well done girls you all did such an amazing job!

My book!

Challenge 2 criteria was 1. Use a torn photo 2. Use paint on your layout without using a brush (I have used a rub on utensil for this one - you know, the ones with the pointy ends) 3. Use at least 1 rub on and this was set by the ever gorgeous Kristine. Winner - Ruthy HM - Lisa TSE Award - Vita. Such a great challenge, I just loved this Kristine, thanks so much!

My Entry into Challenge 2 where I won a Card pack from Vita - gorgeous cards too! So happy!

Challenge 3 - 1. Felt product 2. Swirls/florishes 3. Bling 4. Sentiment phrase or wording 5. Cardstock( white.) Such a great challenge Ruthy! especially with Valentines Day around the corner! Winner - Janey HM - Jaydee TSE Award - Judith . Well done girls, I loved all your cards!
My Card

Challenge 4 - Criteria 1. A symbol of love (eg a heart) 2. The photo must include 2 people at least (it may be a group/family) 3. Heartfelt journalling - speak of your love - don't mumble, shout it out. What a great challenge set by Ngaire! I loved this challenge! Winners - Lisa and Jaimee HM - Jayjay TSE Award - Marie

My Entry & Equal winner with Jaimee! So excited hey Jaimee!

This would have to have been the most successful Cybercrop so far that we have held! I really enjoyed all the enthusiasm and involvement amongst all the girls. The games were awesome and the girls went to so much trouble to provide something unique! Well done! Can't wait until the next one! 28th March 2008! Put that one in your diary girls!

Love Lisxx

Friday, 1 February 2008

Travs first day at Kindy

What a proud proud day! Travis's first day of Kindergarten and how excited was he! He couldn't wait! I had him all dressed ready to go, we went to Nanny and Poppy's to show off what we looked like in our new school uniform complete with school bag and hat! I was going pretty strong until it was time to capture the memory on camera, and then the lump in the throat hit me, where did my baby go? He looked so grown up and ready for school! I am going to miss his hundreds of kisses, cuddles and I Love You's during the day for no reason! I will miss his caring and sensitive nature while he is at school! Then I thought, well least I'll get all them when he comes home, so bonus for me! I fought those tears off and the lump in my throat as I did not want Trav to see me upset when he was so excited! So I just got excited and squealed with him! Rather infectious really!

So off we all went to take Trav to school for the first day, Cooper and I, and Nanny and Poppy! He went so well, found his name, put his bag where he was told, then just sat on the mat, telling the other kids "Hi, I am Travis". Too easy! We hung around for about 10 minutes but it was obvious that he didn't need us!

I worried about him all day! It was very hot, and kept worrying, is Travis too hot, hope he can get his lunch out of his bag, all these silly little thoughts that were unnecessary, but I guess thats the joys of being a mum isn't it!

We then picked him up, minus poppy this time, at 2.30pm. And he had a fantastic day and couldn't wait to go back tomorrow, what was I worried about!