Saturday, 31 May 2008

Our Family Day

Well afternoon anyway! After I finished work on Saturday at lunch, I took the kids into Newy to play at the park, grab an icecream at Kiwi's and then have a little play on the beach! Grant was away fishing again, so it was just me and the kids and we had such a great time. There were no tantrums, just lots of playing, laughing, giggling and smiles. I love days like these!

We headed into Newy park opposite the tugs, as the kids love the train you can pretend to ride in. They swung on the swings, went round and round in the cup, and even more so just enjoyed being kids.

After they started to get a little tired, we jumped back into the car and headed around to Newcastle Beach. Walked over to Kiwi's, and the boys grabbed a Triple Choc Cone and I grabbed a Choc Malt Milkshake. By the time we got back to the beach, Cooper has icecream everywhere, he was so enjoying it! He ate every single bit of it, even half of the napkin! LOL!

After the icecream, it was clean up time, then time to play on the sand. Cooper just loves the feel of the sand in his hands, and kept grabbing handfuls of the stuff, where Travis was more interested to grab it and throw it into the water. So by the time they were all covered in sand and looked half like chocolate monsters it was nearly dark and the air was turning chilly! And seeing that we enjoyed having such a great family day together, we stopped in at Macca's on the way home and grabbed tea too! The kids just loved it! Why can't every day be this good?

Have a good one!
Love Lisxx

Thinking of You!

Hi There Jane!

Just wanted you to know how much I am thinking of you lately and all the little prayers that are being sent your way! Life is very tough for you at the moment, what with you dad in hospital once again, though in saying that he really does amaze me with his strength of hanging on! He is one amazing man! You definately get that from him, as you are one amazing woman, how you juggle looking after Willy in the hospital, taking care of your mum and juggling the two is something only I know you can do! I know it is tough on you at the moment, and you are taking this really hard, getting no sleep, and are feeling quite helpless, you can do it, and you will do it, as I know you will find your inner strength as well! There aren't too many people in the world who can do or could do what you do day in day out every single day without a break for themselves! So for everyone reading this, please say a little prayer for Jane and her parents, so that Willy can find his inner strength to pull through this one or to find the peace and comfort that he so deserves!

Love You Janey Baby!

A gorgeous Pic of Jane and Willy back on Fathers Day last year!

Friday, 30 May 2008

Terrible Two's

Well isn't this just the worst age! Bring on 5 year olds I say! Least they obey and have a little concept of understanding! Cooper lately is sending me around the twist, let me tell you! He is having nights where he won't sleep, refuses to sleep during the day, the tantrums are just terrible, he is spending a lot more time on the time out chair and that doesn't seem to phase him here nor there! It doesn't matter whether I act calmly when he is in his mood, or I talk sternly to him, or I try to ignore it, it goes in one ear and out the other without a batter of an eyelid. So I have a confession to make? He totally frustrates the life out of me, I have no idea how to deal with him! Some days I feel like I am totally losing it, especially when I have him by myself 95% of the time. And the tantrums become worse once Travis comes home, as he always wants what Travis has got! I spend time with him during the day, whether it is cuddled up to him on the lounge while we watch his shows, or whether we play cars or trains together, or I read him a story, if something doesn't go his way, look out! So if there is ANYONE out there who reads this and has some ADVICE, any advice, I would be so appreciative. I will give anything a go at the moment!

PLease do not get me wrong, when he is good, he is so funny, and cheeky, and I do love him to pieces, but the terrible twos are outweighing the good of late! And this is really wearing me down! So I look forward to hearing some advice from a different view point other than my own!

Hope you are all well AND CALM!!!!!!
Love Lisxx

Here is a pic of what Cooper does to me when I put him into bed and tell him to go to sleep, he squeezes his eyes shut tight, and smirks! Little devil!

Way too cheeky!

Saturday, 24 May 2008

A Little Update!

I had a lovely visit from Sandy on Wednesday! It is always so nice to catch up with you! We really need to do this more often! Time always flies whenever we get together!
Cooper is going OK! But I wouldn't say excellently! The drugs work most nights, though he really fights them until he is exhausted. He sleeps most nights, though there has been a few nights, the last one being last night where he wakes at 3am and that is it! Its time to get up! I am really hating that! Day time sleeps are a thing of the past unless we are driving in the car somewhere then I can guarantee if it is around 1pm then he will fall asleep! Though he is so head strong and we really clash here, my patience just does not handle the tantrums. He is spending alot of time on the time out chair lately! Terrible twos, they are just the best aren't they! Makes me realise how spoilt I really was with Travis! I had none of this, the worst we had was that he loved sleeping with us, we didn't care, we were first time parents, but tantrums, etc, never existed in Travis's world when he was little, maybe every now and then now, but two Travis was an angel! Cooper is the devil I am sure! But he is still cute, and I still love him to pieces, he as the funniest little personality when he is happy! And can be quite sweet!
Other than that I have been working like a trooper. 4 days a week! 2 doing bookkeeping and 2 at the salon! Busy Busy Busy! Have to organise a training night on how to apply makeup! We have had quite a few requests from clients so this is my little baby! Looking forward to it!
Moe is settling in! He is getting tamer, he has gotten used to me, but with everyone else he just runs and hides. I am sure it will take a lot of time! Grant bought another feral kitten home last Saturday, and luckily I found a home for her straight away, couldn't handle another one!
Our little Penny turtle that we have had for the past 4 years finally has a new home. She was growing so big, and we just didn't have a tank big enough for her! Anyway one of the vets at mums work loves turtles and has a big pond for them at their place and breeds them. So she has gone to a good home with lots of friends, instead of being in a tank all by herself. I am sure she will love her new life! Though a little sad for us and we do miss her, she was a funny little thing and the vets couldn't get over how tame she was! She was certainly an esme, always wanting to know what was going on!
I have caught up with alot of people from School on Facebook recently, and gosh it is good! Blasts from the pasts, brings back alot of memories. Thats for sure!
Well thats me! Grant is away fishing for the weekend, I have the fire blazing, and it is just me and the kids. They are chilling out watching cars while I have a little play on the computer! Hopefully tomorrow I'll get started on a new project that I need to get done. Will tell you all about it later!
Hope this finds you all well and toasty warm!
Chat soon

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby!

4 Wonderful Years of Marriage, 8 years together!
Gosh how time flies. We have been together 8 years now, married for 4 and have a great relationship! The best thing about it is we are best friends, we talk about anything and everything, which I love! I love just chillin' with you!

We had a great night, we went out for dinner with our great friends and next door Neighbours, Mele and Wil, plus all our kids! Was a great night, great company and a great reason why!
So Happy Anniversary Granto! Love ya Baby!
Created this layout in honour of our anniversary!Love is in the air, gotta go!
Love Lisxx

Sunday, 18 May 2008

A Little gift.....

that I made for a friend I work with at the salon! We are forever talking about papers, etc, as she is a card maker and me a scrapbooker. Nyree is a top chic and her hairdressing rocks. She was saying how she needed to organise all her little poems and quotes into one place, so the little light when 'ding' and I made this for her! She was very rapt, and Nyree you are very welcomed!
Outside Cover


Chat soon

Love Lisxx

Saturday, 17 May 2008

A Genius in the making!

I am so so proud of Travis! He is in Kindergarten and he received his first TWO awards during the week! He received the "Principals Award for excellent behaviour and academic achievement" and received a "Merit Award off his teacher for trying his best in everything he does"! To say I was overly proud was and is an understatement. His class also received the best behaved class in the school and they received a Trophy, which Travis got the honours of accepting on behalf of the class! How good is that!

His two best friends, Colby and Harrison both received awards too, Colby received his Merit Award for Counting to 20 and Harrison received his for his progress in reading! Well done boys I am very proud of you all!
Travis both Daddy & I are so very very proud of you! Keep up the great work! We love you!

Trav getting his award from the principal, and his teacher is the younger lady on the left!

The Three Muskateers and their awards - You go boys!Well one proud mummy signing off!

Love Lisxx

Another Week in hell!

Gosh what a week this past week has been! I twisted my ankle on the day before Mothers Day, so I have been hobbling around like an old duck all week! Luckily its starting to feel a little better now!

My main hell has been Cooper! No surprises there hey! Well being two and all, he has now decided for the past week that Sleep doesn't exist in his world, whether it be day or night! Just another thing to test my non existant patience! Come sleeptime he screams and yells "No Bed", which of course I ignore! Put him to bed, turn on his music to try to calm him down and shut the door. Then the screaming starts, and maybe a spew if he works himself up good enough! Once he gets over the screaming, the tantrums start, toys are hurled and then little punches and kicks start on the door! Jane is right, he is the demon child! I have no idea what his problem is except that he doesn't want to sleep! This continues all night! He may fall asleep around the 8-9pm, then only to wake around 11pm to start the game all over again, this goes on for a few hours, with both Grant and I loosing our tempers, to only fall asleep again around 3am, then rewake around 6am! We have been living on 3-4 hours sleep a night and I was at my wits end! So "Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to the Chemist I go, and get some drugs to knock him out, Hi HO HI HO"! I know you were singing then! LOL! Well the last two nights have been bliss! He fights it for about 45mins - 1hour, but then by 9pm he is usually out and not waking until 6-6.30am! Love it! I actually looked forward to spending a day at the salon with the girls and no kids yesterday! Bring on work I say!

He is such a moody little pooh, and so head strong, what he wants is the only thing that matters and he will tell you in any which way or form if things are not going his way! So so opposite to Travis! Travis is and has always been my quiet little angel!
Well on another front, we have named our feral kitten, "Moe" because he has a black face and a white little moustache! Ha ha ha! He is still quite scattered! Hides all the time, when you find him he hisses and carries on but once you pat his head you can pick him up without gloves! So he is getting there! Though we hardly ever see him as he spends all his time hiding in the back room! I grab him out after breaky for cuddles, and if I am home during the day, I give him cuddles again at lunch, and I grab him out again after dinner and we snuggle and watch Home & Away together! So he is getting used to me quite quickly, though he still is skitz around the kids and Grant!

Well have some more news on Trav but he deserves his own little post, so off to go and post that up!

Ciao! Lisxx

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Happy Birthday Granto!

Well its hubby's birthday today - 34! You over took me again! Love it when we catch up for a little while! So heres a big hug and a smooch from me to you! Love ya & Happy Birthday!

Today was extra good as we both had the day off, so we got to spend it together! Grant really wanted a pair of Black long Ugg Boots from Mortels so $170 dollars later, he got his birthday pressie!
Plus an extra special one of going to Fiji on a fishing trip for 10 days just the boys! What a life you have Grant! So we will be busy organising flights, accommodation, etc during the week ready to go in August! There is a big tournament on over there, and Grant of course just loves his fishing and why not try Fiji for something different! So that will be the third time that Grant would have been to Fiji, bugger, will have to go back to catch up! Grant & I went in 2002 where Grant proposed, then we went back in 2004 and got married there! I love Fiji!

Fiji by Day (Taken on our Wedding Day)

Fiji Sunset (Taken on our Wedding Day)Now you can't get anything more perfect than that!

Take care Chat Soon

Love Lisxx

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all you mums out there!

I had a great day! Grant cooked Bacon, Eggs, Tomato's, Sausages and Baked Beans on the BBQ with Toast and a cuppa! Mum and Dad came round too, and it was a great way to start Mothers Day! No cooking and even no washing up! Even caught a pic to capture the moment! This is how it should be I reckon! The boys washing and wiping up! Love it!

The Boys bought me the new Jodie Picoult book, a gorgeous new Address Book and a Birthday Book, and a $20 Lottery gift pack! Fingers crossed we win the big one! Well enough anyway to pay off the house and have a holiday! Not too greedy!

We then went and spent a little time with Grants mum until she became too tired! So we went to Greenhills for a browse, Grant even shouted a coffee and cake, sitting down at the cafe, well believe me this never happens! So was quite over the moon! We came home, layed on the lounge and watched Alien vs Predator 2, then went and had dinner at mum and dads! Got out of everything today it was pure bliss and such a wonderful day to spend it with the three boys in my life! Thanks Grant, Trav & Coop you made my Mothers Day extra special! I love you all to the moon and back!

Love Lisxx

Thursday, 8 May 2008

MM Animal Crackers - Jack

This month at TSE for my DT I had the pleasure of working with MM Animal Crackers - Jack! What gorgeous gorgeous paper! Such a good excuse to grab out all the old baby photo's and do some layouts with!
I just love this pic of Cooper, it reminds me of one of those Anne Geddes pics! Too cute!

Travis really is just an angel, especially in this pic!

Hope you like them! These papers really are gorgeous and if you have bubs, there is a pink range and a boy range and they are a must have! Believe me!

Have a great day!

Love Lisxx

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

A New Addition

to the family! Grant's workshop has been plagued with feral cats so he set about setting traps and catching the big ferals. He had been successful on three occassions catching two big Toms and one big momma, then he takes them a few doors up to the RSPCA! Though what he didn't antipate was to catch a feral little kitten and when I say feral I mean beyond feral. You just have to look at it and it goes psycho! It hisses, it spits, it smacks the air at you, it growls, it is just plain Feral! Anyway Grant decides to bring it home! Well the only way we can pick it up if we put on welding gloves otherwise as we found it, it latches on, teeth, claws and all! Thanks Grant, just what we needed, another feral to add to our family! Ha Ha Ha! Now just to name him!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

TSE Cybercrop!

Well its that time again, the Cybercrop and another four wonderful challenges. So here are my entries! I just love love love this paper! Fancy Pants Botanicals! Did someone say I have a paper fetish! Well I certainly do for this paper! Such a nice change from all the boyish papers I always use! Never get a chance to do something girly! Thank goodness the CC is for Mothers Day!

Trudi's Challenge
- A Card
- Two Folds or More
- A Quote
My Card

Janes Challenge
- A Layout
- Layered Paper
- A Quote as a Heading
- 3d Embellishments
My Layout - 4 Generations
Vita's Challenge
- OTP Bag / Gift Box
- Buttons
- Ribbons
My OTP Bag Jaimee's Challenge
- A Layout
- Journalling in a Letter format
- 2 patterns papers from the same range
- a pink embellishment
My Layout - Your Birth Story

The CC ends 8pm Sunday 4th May! So get over there and join in! Some great prizes too!

Happy Scrapping!

Love Lisxx