Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Yep, it was my Birthday, the 29th January, and I was 33! Gee where does the time go? 33, I can't believe it! I had an awesome day! Grant and the boys bought me a new printer, so I can print out my photo's for scrapping at home instead of having to go to the chemist everytime, so excellent bonus. Travis wanted to take me out for lunch, sweet boy that he is, so when I asked where he wanted to take me of course his reply was "Macka's mum", so off we all went to Macka's for lunch, in the arvo, mum and dad came home from being away for 4 days, mum bought me a gorgeous watch, some perfume, a bloody to die for bangle, gold, with 10 sapphires and 12 diamonds, Man I was flawed! Along with a box of choccies and a bottle of my favourite bubble bath! Heaven would be the word for the gifts I got.
I had numerous phone calls all day! Even one from Jane who was in Queensland holidaying, god love you Jane to still think of me, I suppose thats what happens when we have been friends for 18 years! Shell rang from Singleton, my Aunty rang, my parents rang, my sister in law and mother in law rang. I got numerous emails from alot of people, too many to mention but thank you all!
Mel came over with a birthday cake and a aromatherapy kit from Loot, I just love all the new age stuff! Mel never ceases to amaze me with the kind gestures she is always making, makes me proud to call her my friend!
Three of the girls from TSE even gave me gifts, Jane gave me a stunning handmade card, and matching box, complete with a brown necklace and bracelet, oh so me, and I was so stoked, it is absolutely gorgeous! Sandy came over and had morning tea with me, and her gorgeous kids, bought a beesting cake for us a donuts for the kids. Gave me a handmade card, three candles, two vanilla and one chocolate, again, just me, just flawed, then Jaimee gave me a handmade card and a brown gem necklace, again so me. I got 16 handmade cards from the girls at TSE, these girls are just gorgeous, and they picked me to a T! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends, and to have met them at TSE! Priceless!
Night came and Grant, Trav, Coop, Mum, Dad and I all went to Hogs BReath for tea. Lovely meal as always. Travis was a bit disappointed as there was no birthday cake and candles, so the next thing I know, 4 waitresses come out with Travis all holding sparklers and they all sang Happy Birthday! Well I had tears in my eyes, I was so so happy! Then the girls said how Travis had come up to them and said that Mummy didn't have any candles for her birthday, and did they have any! So they asked Travis what my name was and they all Sang Happy birthday to Lisa! One of the best days in my life! All these simple, generous and thoughtful gestures just made my day including all the love of my friends and family! Couldn't ask for anything more! So thank you everyone, you made my day, my year, my life!
I will post some pics shortly, just trying to catch up on the journalling while I have 5 minutes.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Pulling my hair out!

One word! Cooper! What a little devil! I am learning that I have to have eyes in the back of my head of late, maybe its his personality or maybe its because he has hit the terrible two's but holy dooley, Travis was NOTHING like Cooper at two! Trav was my angel! Cooper is into everything! This past week more so than ever! Every day it has been a new thing he has done that is naughty! Testing, maybe? Just downright Cheeky and mischievious, definately!

Wednesday - I go out to get the washing off the line, Here I am thinking that both boys are asleep! How wrong was I! Cooper was just waiting for me to go outside I am sure, because as soon as I go outside, he was straight in to the toilet, grabbed the Toilet Bleach, somehow got the childproof lid off and tipped 3/4 of a bottle onto his bedroom carpet. As i set foot back inside the house, it took a few seconds to register that the smell was bleach, and straight away my thoughts are "Cooper". Lucky for him, he never got any in his eyes or swallowed any! Just the poor carpet was affected. I tipped about 10 bowls of water on it immediately to try and dilute it, and it worked mostly, but there are some spots that are now not the same colour as the rest of the carpet, and the carpet is only 3 years old! I nearly cried! Though it could have been alot worse!

Thursday, work at Dads, whilst I am working and in the care of Nanny, thank goodness, Coop gets his hands on a thick black permanent texta, and you name it, Nanny & Poppy's dining room wall copped his artwork! Poor Nanny nearly had a heartattack, and whilst trying to get it off before Poppy found it and blew his stack, she takes the paint of the wall with it! Oh Cooper!

Friday Cooper had a terrible morning at preschool, cried for two whole hours until he made himself sick, so at 10.30am I had to go an pick him up. Of course he is not sick, just Cooper and his tantrums, anyway, he gets home and runs amuck! Laughing, giggling and being cheeky! The boys were happy playing together in the loungeroom, so off I go to vacuum, by the time I make it out to the Backroom, there is a new display of Coopers artwork all over the tiles in the backroom. Oh joy! And I mean 11 tiles including the grout! I can't believe this kid lately! He gets a smack on the hand everytime he does something naughty and gets a stern voice saying No Naughty, but he keeps doing these naughty things! Any help or advice would be great! Never had to go through any of this with Travis!

Yesterday we enjoyed a great Australia Day morning and headed to Caves beach for a play on the beach and a frolic in the caves! The kids really enjoyed themselves, pity it was high tide and couldn't get to the majority of the caves! We then headed to Macca's for lunch of course! What else would we have? By the time we got home, me and the boys crashed whilst Grant mowed the lawn and celebrated Australia day with a few beers! Had a good ole Aussie BBQ for tea then we all retired at 8.30pm and watched Premonition with Sandra Bullock, great movie! Great Australia Day too!

Well today, I have been scrapping while Grant spent the day out fishing with two of his mates. Fishing tournaments start next week so they went out for a practise run. Came home with about 12 Nanny Guy's and 2 Snappers! Looks like we are having fish for a few days! Completed a layout of Trav with some of the new papers I got - the Kaisercraft - Rough & Tough! Also started a Kaiser Organiser for Mum using Kaisercraft - Tudor papers! Though this one will take me a few more days I think! Am so in Kaiser heaven at the moment, their products really do rock! This is the stash I bought from TSE and received on Friday! What did I say, "Kaiser Heaven"!

Time for me to blow this joint and go and organise some tea for my tribe! Hope you are all having a lovely long weekend!
Chat soon

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

You know they are growing up when........

They tell the hairdresser exactly what they want, zig zags and all! Mind you Travis is still 4, not 5 until 6th March! And here we were, getting our school haircut and he insists of having his hair short with zigzags at the side! Well, blow me off the chair backwards, I couldn't help but giggle! Then I was thinking, my god, how quick is he growing up? He even knows what type of haircut he wants! Mind you, the mirrors at home got a good work out too once we were home, he couldn't stop looking at himself, he was so proud of his zigzags! Oh to be vain! He was so worried when we got home from swimming lessons in the afternoon, that the pool water had washed his zigzags away, he was so relieved when we got home and he headed straight for that mirror again to make sure they were still there. Though you know I had fun with him don't you, telling him that I couldn't see them! Oh I couldn't stop smiling and giggling, so gullible, poor Trav!

After the Hairdressers, now that was Cooper, Trav and I, all for haircuts, ready for school and me to go back to work at the Salon! Time just flies! I spent the rest of the day doing cleaning chores and some scrapping. Made my Cybercrop Challenge for The Scrapbook Establishment Cybercrop, beginning on the 1st February 2008! Going to be a great Cybercrop! Put that date in your diary and come and join us! Here's a sneak peak!

Anyway, best be off, my bed is calling! Sweet dreams everyone!

Love Lisx

Monday, 21 January 2008

Ended in Bliss!

Well here I was worried what I had to cook for tea, and Nanny & Poppy turned up for a visit. After a chat, it was time for them to go home. Well the kids cried and wanted to go with them, so Mum said its OK, they can have a sleepover. Man I nearly fell over backwards, I can count on one hand the number of times mum has had both the kids at the same time. I'm like "Are you sure"!!! So off they went, it was quiet, just Grant and I! So we cooked Chicken Burrito's together, so yummy! Then Grants mate turned up, and they were happy watch the Shark shows on Discovery! So I scrapped Annette Lee's Birthday Card!

The I decided that I would CHILL, and take a few moments for me, so I went and ran myself a nice big hot bubble bath and enjoyed the silence, by candlelight and totally relaxed. Ended in total bliss! I just love hot bubblebaths, don't usually have one very often cause I always have to share them with the kids, they see me and the bubblebath and its "Mum, can we get in" and of course they are in with you before you can even respond! So no baths very often for me, just showers, and mind you, I usually have to share them too, little devils!

So it was a perfect end to such a great day!
Love Lisxx

Scrapping Time

Finally! Time for scrapping! All the housework is done, Grants home, kids out the back with Grant, time to scrap all to myself! And what a productive day I had too! I got three layouts done today! Very happy with myself! I got Jaimee's Tribute Challenge pages done for my mum and dads pages. January was to scrap a layout about the childhood of the person/people youare paying tribute too! Another great topic from Jaimee!

and I also got Janes Page Challenge done too! This month, Jane decided that New Years Resolutions suck and that we never stick to them, so instead, we had to pick one word to reflect on for the whole year instead! So I chose Chill! I am such a stresser, worrier, have no patience, blah, blah, blah, so I decided my word would have to be CHILL! Don't stress the small stuff, take deep breaths, and take time out for me to Chill! Great topic I say! so much better that 10 stupid New Year Resolutions that you never stick to!

In the afternoon Grants sister Kate and mum Jeanette came to visit, nice visit, ended up waxing Kates arms, too funny, haven't done that for a few years, just don't have the calling for arm waxes in Newcastle! Ended up with very waxy fingers, but hey, the end result was all good! Kate fitted Travis for her new range of PJ's coming out this winter! She not only will have womens this year, but also Mens and Kids. The kids are adorable, and Travis didn't want to take them off! Too Funny! Looks like I will have to put in another order for Winter as I am up for a new pair of her signature PJ's too! If you are interested check her website out. The footed jumpsuit is her signature! Awesome, so warm! Never cold in bed again, believe me!

We all ended up going for tea at Hogs Breath. Man they have nice food there! Sunday, didn't do too much! Did the paperwork at Dads while Grant and Dad played around with the Corvette. After the paperwork was done, mum, the kids and I, all spent an hour in the pool! Gorgeous way to end the day and take out Chinese, Dad's shout! Even better, no cooking again! LOL!

Today Grant had a roster day off, took Cooper for his Swimming Lessons, had a look at Printers, but just can't decide on which one I like! Came home and spent the arvo watching movies! Great slack Monday arvo, now just need the fairies to come in and cook tea too! LOL! Sure!

Took this pic of Coop yesterday, and just had to share, what gorgeous eyes he has! Anyway hope your weekend was great! Chat soon....

Love Lisxx

Friday, 18 January 2008

A pretty Mundane Week Really

Not much happening on the Hallett front.
During the week I got my February DT work done for TSE! Unfortunately I can't share with you what I have done but here's a sneak peak!

Also on the scrapping front, TSE is having its first Cybercrop for the year starting on February 1st. There will be lots of games, great challenges and fantastic prizes, that lasts a whole 9 Days ( to the following Sunday). Make sure you come along, will be lots of fun as usual!

Wednesday went and spent the morning with the very gorgeous Sandy! So love going to visit at her place. So peaceful, love catching up with her, love her witty sense of humour, she just gives me the best smiles and giggles to last me until the next visit! Sandy you rock girl!

Friday saw the first Pre-school day for Cooper, as to how it went, well lets just say that the whole centre knows who Cooper is. The girls there are fantastic, and they were very positive about the whole thing, their response was "We learnt that Cooper has no willpower, has no patience, has a very loud set of lungs and is very head strong". LOL! They could of just said a little shit!! LMAO! BUt yes Cooper is all those things, he is cheeky, very funny, but if he doesn't get what he want then and there, well all hell breaks loose! Terrible twos are such a lovely part of toddlerhood! So challenging!

So, Travis and I decided that we would spend the day together, as we haven't done this since Cooper was born (over two years) and we went on a DATE (As Travis kept telling everyone) to the Movies to see the Bee Movie. Such a sweet movie. We had a great time together, then went and visited Nanny at work at the Vets, checked out all the sick animals, then went to Macca's for lunch and came home, snuggled up together and crashed until 3pm. Just in time to pick up a very high spirited Cooper. Even the girls at the preschool said they couldn't believe how totally different Travis & Cooper are! They also said "That there will be no way they will be able to twist Cooper around their little finger, like they had with Travis". Now aint that the truth! Don't get me wrong, Cooper is no brat, he can be quite sweet, he is very good at sharing, he is so hilarious, has us in a constant state of the giggles, but his fuse is very very short and he is very headstrong and independant.

It was also Michelle's Birthday from TSE on the 16th January! Happy Birthday Michelle. Sandy and I celebrated over a cuppa and a piece of Apple & Cream Slipper, plus some extra yummy Cinnamon Muffins that Sandy baked. Hope you had a wonderful day! We were thinking of you!

That concludes my week so far, hope you all have a great weekend and will chat soon!

Love Lisxx

Monday, 14 January 2008

A Week Later

and here I am again! One really exciting news that I can share with you is that I am apart of TSE's new DT (Dream Team) along with 8 (Jaimee, Jane, Kristine, Trudi, Vita, Ngaire, Ruth, Marie & Me) other talented girls. So honoured that A! has given me this opportunity! So so excited. To see the other talented girls, just check out their blogs on the side! Well done girls so pumped and looking forward to working with you all and learning more! Its going to be a great year at TSE, I can feel it in my waters!

The past week I have been doing nothing too exciting, believe me! Last Sunday we found that we had a huge problem with our Storm Water pipes in our backyard, so after five huge holes, we found the problem, (and we have a huge yard - 1300m2 block, most of it being backyard). We found that the storm water went right under our garage and finished just at the back of it, where the big aggy pipe at the end had been blocked by a roof tile that was buried in the ground, for whatever reason! So after we found out the problem, we organised an excavator to come Monday to dig a 20 mtr trench, 1.5 metre deep and extend the storm water to the back fence. Just what we needed right after Christmas! Though the kids loved the excavator and Coop kept wanting "BOB", thought it was part of Bob the Builders" crew in our backyard!

The Big Excavator (BOB)

And of course they loved all the dirt! Though we did have one mishap, Coop fell down the 1.5mtr deep trench. Mischief and Trouble is his middle name, he just can't help himself. He wasn't hurt, just frightened him, cleaned him up, settled him down, then he's laughing again and wanting to go back outside to the dirt! Go figure! He is totally all boy! So to say that I have had filthy dirty clothes from the boys all week, would be an understatement. Thank good for automatic washing machines and HOSES! LOL!

The Problem Can we fix it? Yes we can!!!! So come Monday, I decided to have a New Years Clean out, Out with the old, and in with the new! Well I am working on the new!!!! I went through every room of the house, one by one, and cleaned out wardrobes, drawers, linen press, bathroom cupboards & drawers, kitchen cupboards, pantry, fridge, and then the huge task of the backroom (home to the gym set, the bookcase full of books, Grants Bar, toys and my scrapping space). It took me all week, Friday night I finally had finished the whole house! To say I was exhausted would be an understatement.

One tidy Kitchen! (No fingerprints - LOL)

No Scrapping stuff on the Dining Room Table (LMAO)No Toys all over the floor - Bliss!
So to treat my self for my huge efforts, Saturday I scrapped. Though unfortunately I cannot share it with you as it was DT work, but thought seeing that my house was organised, I would stay organised and in front on the DT work too!

Saturday afternoon, Grant had a mate over, where we ended up having a BBQ for tea and playing Euka (how do you spell that?) til 10.30pm! Such a great night! So many laughs!

Sunday we were up bright and early and caught the 8.30am train to Central with Mel, Wil, Trey and Tess! Spent the day at Darling Harbour, went to the Aquarium, which the kids just loved. Especially the Penguins and Seals. They are so cheeky! Cooper did not like the Alligator, kept putting his hands over is eyes and saying NO!!!!!

Did the same with the sharks at first, but then warmed to them, and kept yelling out SHARK!!!! Gotta love kids! Once we finished there, we ventured next door the the Wildlife Centre, which was really great! Kids got to see Spiders, Snakes, Butterfly house, Nocturnal House, Koalas, Kangaroos, Birds, Lizards, and other animals! Pretty good! Though Cooper had lights out half way through! Was just too much for him!

We then spent an hour walking Paddy's markets, but I have to say, I was pretty disappointed, so much shite! The only thing we bought were icecreams. Jumped on the train at 4.15pm and got back into the train station at 7pm. Huge day, we were all buggered, tired, sore legs, and we all slept well last night.

Now I need some lessons in my camera! My new Canon SLR 400D! I took it with me yesterday to Sydney to take pics at the aquarium and Wildlife Centre. Though inside both were so dark, and of course the animals were behind glass. So my camera kept wanting to put the flash on, but with the glass, it just reflected off. I tried Auto, played with the Aperture for a little while, and in the end just gave up and put the bloody thing away, so no photo's worthy of anything from yesterday! So ig anyone nows the secret on how to take pics in the dark, or at night, with out the flash going off! I would so love to know for future reference. I even changed the ISO to 800 and 1600 to see if that worked, but no! Still blurry as! Looked as though I didn't have my glasses on! LOL!

Thats me probably for another week! Though to leave you with a thought, with the New Year now here, everyone is busy making resolutions, though at TSE, this months page challenge is to come up with one word that reflects what you would like to achieve this year! Jane chose the word ORGANISE, so I would have to say my word would be CHILL! I am a worrier, a stresser, so I would like to CHILL more, stress less, and don't sweat the small stuff! What would your word be? I'd love to know!

Love Ya's

Sunday, 6 January 2008

TSE Bankstown Buffet & Bourbon lunch

What a day we had! Firstly Sandy, Jaimee and I made the road trip to Sydney, Sandy driving, Jaimee navigating with the Navman, and me in the backseat pretending to see! A few giggles and jokes were passed my way as to my disability (blindness)! Very funny! We were quite over the Navmans mundane womans voice in about 5 minutes, and Sandy decided it should be an Aussie Chicks voice "You dumb bastard, you went the wrong way", "Blow it out your arse" and other wonderful phrases! Think she may be onto something there! Well the laughs were worth it.
Top from left to right
Marcela, me, Skye, Annette Lee & A!Bottom left to right - Sandy, Jaimee & Jane

We arrived at Janes at 10.30am, had a cuppa, gave Jane her Chrissy present and gave Janes mum and big box of Darryl Lea choccy's. Jane gave us a pressie too, cheeky thing! I got a Daily Thoughts book, just beautiful, with my colours too, where I have to take one photo of something that occured in everyday, and write about it in my journal. What a fab idea!!!! Can't wait to start that! We watched Willy playing with his balloon, and finally he decides he likes our attention, and starts whistling, dancing and playing tunes. Awesome. Was so great to see Jane and her gorgeous family again!

Janes pressie from me

Our pressy from Jane

The best day I have had for such a long time. My cheeks and stomach hurt from all the laughing. So so blessed to find such a great bunch of girls! It was like catching up with old school buddies, we all just chatted, and laughed like we had known each other for years!
The day was dedicated to Jane, who has had a rather hard time of it of late, with constant ups and downs with her dad! Hats off to her for doing such an amazing job! Jane is such a selfless person, amazing woman and bloody talented scrapper! so we all pitched in, 18 of us, and got her a gift voucher to spend on herself! We all gave her our own cards with words that moved her to tears one minute and belly laughs the next!

Jane crying from the gift we all gave her!

There was talk of what Jane had been doing with her batteries, seeing that her camera was flat!!!! We chatted about TSE, the laughs we have had on the forum, the jokes that circulate, how much dessert Marcela could eat!!! . It was a great great bloody fantastic day! Can't wait to do it again! Once we left the RSL, Jamiee, Sandy & I went back to Janes for a cuppa before heading home, we giggled at Janes mum for all the chocolate she eats and sneaks, hey, I don't see a problem with that, coming from a self confessed chocoholic myself. Mind you we didn't leave until 6.30pm which meant we didn't get home until 8.30pm that night! A huge day but oh so worth it!

Summary of the day

Can't wait for the next TSE Bankstown Buffet & Bourbon Lunch!!!
Love you all Girls, you are the greatest!
Love Lisxx

Blind I tell You!!!!

My lovely darling two year old Cooper decides the first thing he would do when he woke up on Wednesday 2nd January 2008, would be to sneak into my room, and grab my glasses and then say "Mummy". I open my eyes scream "Cooper NO!!!" and what does he do, with each hand on the glasses arms, rips them apart, totally mangelled! Charming! I was totally devastated!

I then went up to Greenhills to see if they could fix them, they straightened them out to the best of their ability and they were still really lopsided on my face! So i bought a new pair, which they said would be in by Friday! OK, I said, thats not too bad!! As long as I had my glasses for Sydney tomorrow, all would be good!

So what happens Thursday morning while I am trying to get ready, the glasses just fall to pieces. I am beyond devastation at this time! Cursing Cooper for being such a brat!!! So I then ring dad to come and get me and take me up the shop to get some Super Glue as I can't see to drive. The bloody super glue did not work! Sandy arrives, and I fill her in and feel like a bloody disabled old granny who needs help to walk and find things. Where is the guide dog when you need it! anyway all was good. Sandy drove, Jaimee navigated and I just sat in the back, squinting and trying to see where I was going! The girls cracked me up when we stopped off at the twin servos for a toilet stop and me for food, I was looking around trying to find the straws, the girls were sitting down waiting for me, when Sandy jumps up and waves, yelling out, over here Lisa! OMG I just cracked up, they thought I couldn't see them and I was lost! It was hilarious!
Sandy, Me & Jaimee

So I copped the blind lady jokes all day! Which I will fill you in on the day in another post in a sec! Friday comes and I ring OPSM and the glasses never arrived, sorry, they should be hear Monday afternoon, and I am like "What the", Are you serious??? No Way!!!! I completely had a meltdown, I got off the phone and balled my eyes out, such a big baby I know, but I am seriously incapacitated without my glasses! So difficult, huge headaches, felling nauseated all the time, giddy, frustrated because I can't find anything! So pissed off! OPSM didn't care that I couldn't see!

Anyway Saturday comes and dad is like "Lisa you can't go on like this, not having to look after the two boys" and I am like "No kidding". So he takes me for another drive to Maitland this time, and OPSM had a go at soldering them, took them 2 hours mind you! Anyway, to my delight they are just holding together. Still can't go out in public as the bloody glasses are still really lopsided and out of proportion, and I look like someone who escaped from the Funny Farm! But hey, I can see lopsidedly anyway! Still giving me a headache but its better than not seeing at all! Bring on Monday I say!

Anna Bay

Off we go, for four beautiful days to Anna Bay! Grant and his family have been going to the same place, hiring the same unit, for the past 20 years, and each year we go up and join Grants mum for a few days out of her fortnight, and we always spend New Years there!

It is great as we can enjoy the beach (Biruibi) which is about 200 metres from the unit, or we can cross the road and let the kids play on the rocks, or swim in the rock pools, away from the sharks and huge waves. And believe me, these rocks pools are shallow one end and so deep the other end that they come up to Grants Chest and he is 6foot 3! Deep enough even for Grant to do bombs, such a big kid I Know!

Also there is the Skate Park, where Brock likes to frequent, so we had a few goes there too. Brock showing us his manoeuvres.
Grant going back to his youth and even he was shaking off the rust and pulling a few airs, so he says!!! LOL!
Travis had fun sliding down the 1/4 pipes on his bum like a slippery dip and then we couldn't get him off his bike once he got over the intitial fear of going down the ramps. Little skate punk!
Cooper, well he is the little dare devil, not frightened at all, had a go on Trav's bike and he wouldn't get off either, just wanted to keep going down the ramps. Little Monkey!

So we spent each day at the beach, playing, frolicking, and having a great time. New Years we just stayed at home with the kids, had a BBQ for tea, a few drinks, played cards & Monopoly, I won, much to Grants disgrace! Then we all went to bed by 10.30pm. Nice night!

Gosh these Hallett Boys are so Good Looking! Travis was so happy to spend time with his big Cousin "Brock"! Another good looking Hallett! Anyway we had a ball, Grant was like a big kid, and when you are in the water and hear "White Whale" you know you have to swing the camera around and take a pic! What did I get, Grants white arse in the air, with his shorts around his ankles. Such a joker!

So I'll leave you with another disturbing pic! "The White Whale" Hope you never have to come across one! LOL!!!!

Love Lisxx