Thursday, 29 January 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Oh I just love this day of the year, a day when its all about me!!! Yes Vain I know, but hey, its not very often when I get noticed, so its great when a day is all for me and a day to be spoilt rotten.

Today I am the big 34!! OMG where the hell have the years gone????? Though I have to say I have the best friends in the whole wide world, as well as family. Everybody totally spoilt me rotten. Gotta love it!

Yesterday afternoon, the ever gorgeous Sandy came over for a cuppa and a chat, and pulled out a pressie! I was so surprised and may I say excited. I just love surprises.... I then find out that the naughty Miss Jane and Miss Al also went in with the pressie so my excitement rose even more not knowing what my pressie was! Now do you know how excited I was when I opened my pressie???? Well does this pic say anything????? I was blown away excited.

Excitement Plus!!!

And do you know what these naughty but ever so gorgeous girls got me???? A CUTTLEBUG!!! and 3 EMBOSSING FOLDERS. OMG talk about totally FLAWED! I was nearly peeing my pants with excitement, my cheeks were hurting from grinning so much! OMG jumping up and down with excitement. You girls totally rock my world. I am ever so grateful to have such wonderful friends like you three!!!! I tell you girls, your halos are shining!!! Love ya's to death I tell you! Thank you ever so much from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

Collage of my Pressie from the girls...

Now did I mention that I got totally spoilt rotten! Think this is one of the most memorable birthdays for being spoilt! Bring on 40 if 34 is this good.

Now my hubby and the boys got me a Wii and a Wii fit as well as a $20 Lotto gift pack, my mummy and daddy bought me a box of Ferro Rochere's (my fav), a Cherry Blossom Candle and a Smoky Quartz Pendant, matching earings and a 9ct gold chain. Totally loving it! Mele bought me a scrap paper pack, just gorgeous, Kerry bought me a gorgeous pair of earings and a beautiful handmade card, Jaimee also got me a beautiful pair of green earings (now not sure if she was clever and made them or they were bought) but they are gorgeous and a handmade card to match, my BFF Jane bought me a bottle of perfume - mmmm, my SIL Kate bought me a body pack (Lotion, Wash and Soap), gorgeous, and my work girls at the salon bought me the most gorgeous bunch of flowers (gerbera's and lillies), I am just the luckiest girl alive right now, and to top it off, Grant, my boys, my parents, my BFF Jane, her son and partner, all took me out to dinner. So no cooking either!!! Happy dancing all round!

So wish it was my birthday everyday! Just loved it! Thank you so much to everybody for making my birthday so so special, for thinking of me and for all the wonderful cards, and gifts. I am truly grateful! Thankyou!

Love You All


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

1st Class

Time just flies by and here it is the end of the school holidays and my gorgeous Trav heads off to 1st Class. I have to say I was sad to see him head back to school as I really enjoyed having him for the holidays.

So here we go for another year and heading into a new year of school is not complete without a first day pic. Not the best pic but least we still got one.
Goodluck Trav! Love You

Mummy xoxoxo

Monday, 26 January 2009

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Oi Oi Oi!
Happy Australia Day Everyone.
We couldn't get more Aussie then a BBQ with the neighbours, a few beers, we all had to bring something Aussie, and later we all soaked up the sun in the spa! Oh Heaven I tell you.

First up though, Grant, the boys and I put our Aussie Tats on, to start our Aussie Day!
I took my homemade potato salad, as any BBQ is not complete without my potato salad. There were hotdogs, meatpies, Vegemite sanga's, breadrolls, tomato sauce, snags, steak, we had a feast and the kids had a ball! Was a fantastic day!

We headed off around 8.30pm. A great Aussie day filled with great friends, laughter, good times, Aussie Food, our kids, and a little alcohol to add that zing in life....

Go Aussies Go!!!!

Hope you all had a great Aussie Day!!!

So to finish off the day I found this:

60 Reasons You Know You Are Australian When
1. You know the meaning of the word 'girt'.
2. You believe that stubbies can be either drunk or worn.
3. You think it's normal to have a leader called Kevin.
4. You waddle when you walk due to the 53 expired petrol discount vouchers stuffed in your wallet or purse.
5. You've made a bong out of your garden hose rather than use it for something illegal such as watering the garden.
6. You believe it is appropriate to put a rubber in your son's pencil case when he first attends school.
7. You understand that the phrase 'a group of women wearing black thongs' refers to footwear and may be less alluring than it sounds.
8. You pronounce Melbourne as 'Mel-bin'.
9. You pronounce Penrith as 'Pen-riff'.
10. You believe the 'l' in the word ' Australia ' is optional.
11. You can translate: 'Dazza and Shazza played Acca Dacca onthe way to Maccas.'
12. You believe it makes perfect sense for a nation to decorate its highways with large fibreglass bananas, prawns and sheep.
13. You call your best friend 'a total bastard' but someone you really, truly despise is just 'a bit of a bastard'.
14. You think 'Woolloomooloo' is a perfectly reasonable name for a place.
15. You're secretly proud of our killer wildlife.
16. You believe it makes sense for a country to have a $1 coin that's twice as big as its $2 coin.
17. You understand that 'Wagga Wagga' can be abbreviated to 'Wagga' but 'Woy Woy' can't be called 'Woy'.
18. You believe that cooked-down axlegrease makes a good breakfast spread.
19. You believe all famous Kiwis are actually Australian, until they stuff up, at which point they again become Kiwis.
20. Hamburger. Beetroot. Of course.
21. You know that certain words must, by law, be shouted out during any rendition of the Angels' song Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again.
22. You believe, as an article of faith, that the confectionary known as the Wagon Wheel has become smaller with every passing year.
23. You still don't get why the 'Labor' in 'Australian Labor Party' is not spelt with a 'u'.
24. You wear ugh boots outside the house.
25. You believe, as an article of faith, that every important discovery in the world was made by an Australian but then sold off to the Yanks for a pittance.
26. You believe that the more you shorten someone's name the more you like them.
27. Whatever your linguistic skills, you find yourself able to order takeaway fluently in every Asian language.
28. You understand that 'excuse me' can sound rude, while 'scuse me' is always polite.
29. You know what it's like to swallow a fly, on occasion via your nose.
30. You understand that 'you' has a plural and that it's 'youse'.
31. You know it's not summer until the steering wheel is too hot to handle.
32. Your biggest family argument over the summer concerned the rules for beach cricket.
33. You shake your head in horror when companies try to market what they call 'Anzac cookies'.
34. You still think of Kylie as 'that girl off Neighbours'.
35. When returning home from overseas, you expect to be brutally strip-searched by Customs - just in case you're trying to sneak in fruit.
36. You believe the phrase 'smart casual' refers to a pair of black tracky-daks, suitably laundered.
37. You understand that all train timetables are works of fiction.
38 When working on a bar, you understand male customers will feel the need to offer an excuse whenever they order low-alcohol beer.
39. You get choked up with emotion by the first verse of the national anthem and then have trouble remembering the second.
40. You find yourself ignorant of nearly all the facts deemed essential in the government's new test for migrants.
41. You know, whatever the tourist books say, that no one says 'cobber'.
42. You love Vegemite on toast, sangas, anything.
43. That we definately do live in a sunburnt country.
44. Theres nothing better than a backyard Barbie, a few coldies and great friends (and flies)
45. You’re familiar with Neighbours, Home and Away, Playschool, A Country Practice, Norman Gunston, Barry Humphries, Blue Heelers, Ray Martin, Bert Newton, Lisa McCune, Jon Burgess, Number 96, Molly Meldrum, Kerry O’Brien, and of course, Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch.
46. You know how to abbreviate every word, all of which usually end in -o: arvo, combo, garbo, kero, lezzo, metho, milko, muso, rego, servo, smoko, speedo, righto etc.
47. You know that backyard cricket is a nice way to bond with family and the rubbish bin. There’s no lbw in backyard cricket, and over the fence is out. And the ‘one bounce, one hand’ rule always applies.
48. You feel obliged to spread salty black stuff that looks like congealed motor oil on bread… and actually grow to like it. You’ve also squeezed Vegemite through Vita Wheats to make little Vegemite worms.
49. You've had an argument with your mate over whether Ford or Holden makes the better car!
50. You know that there is a universal place called “woop woop” located in the middle of nowhere… no matter where you actually are.
51. You know that Sydney or Melbourne should be the capital, because Canberra is a hole.
52. You know that Americans think we’re all Steve Irwin clones. And crikey, they couldn’t be more wrong.
53. You have the ability to compress several words into one - i.e. “g’day” and “d’reckn?” This allows more space for profanities.
54.You’ve ever used the words - tops, ripper, sick, mad, rad, sweet - to mean good. And then you place “bloody” in front of it when you REALLY mean it.
55. You know that the barbeque is a political arena; the person holding the tongs is always the boss and usually a man. And the women make the salad.
56. You’ve sucked your tea/coffee/Milo through a Tim Tam and you call it a Tim Tam Bomb or a Tim Tam Slam.
57. You see people walking bare-foot on the sidewalk and don’t scorn…. because you’re doing it too.
58.You have a story that somehow involves an excessive consumption of booze… but you can’t remember.
59. You know that the value of a public holiday is measured in terms of alcohol. God bless the queen and her 4-day birthday.
60. And you will immediately forward this list to other Australians, here and overseas, realising that only they will understand.


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Catch up with the girls....

It was so nice to spend the day at Sandy's, catching up with Sandra and her family! The day was awfully hot, so the kids were off and had a dip in the pool.

Us girls chitted, chatted and caught up. So great to catch up with Sandra again and always a pleasure visiting Sandy!
The kids all got on so well, in the pool and out. After a swim the girls and Cooper all went inside and played Twister. So funny, little cooper trying to be apart of the fun.

While Travis and Ben took time out relaxing in the Bean Bags is the rumpus room playing Playstation. Travis was in heaven....

Really was a great day girls. Lovely to see you Sandra! Always a pleasure catching up with you Sandy! So Girls, whens the next date????

Love ya's

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Kaiser Sweets Paper - Valentines Gift

These papers are the sweetest ever! So couldn't help but create a takeout box with fortune cookies to match! Found the best little template on how to make fortune cookies, and I knew that a Takeout box would be perfect to go with it. So easy to make and look great too!

Of course a gift isn't complete without a card, so a simple "I love You" card was whipped up to go with it!

Valentine Takeout box with Fortune Cookies and "I love you" card....
Valentine Take Out Box with fortune cookies
Well thats me for the scrapping world today! I had so much fun making these cookies, and writing silly little love notes inside... I hope I have inspired you to make someone something special this valentines day! Its not that far away either.....
And of course these new papers "Sweets" from Kaiser are to die for, as are their two new ranges as well, so head off to Kaiser's website and check them out, or even better still, head to your local scrap shop and get yourself some.....


Kaiser Sweets Paper - Heartbreaker

How gorgeous smorgeous is this paper and so versatile too, with all the pinks and

I had to do a layout on Cooper using the Simple Plan Sketch from Kaiser, just love this sketch, it is so easy to adapt to your scrapping. I picked up the orange side of the papers, so not to make it too girly, but of course its Valentines Day soon, with Hearts, so why not incorporate a Heart Breaker into the mix! I know I have one in the making. A very strong, independant, loud, rough but ever so sweet and cute......
Sneaky Peak
Do you have a heartbreaker in your household?

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Netty's Keepsake Box

Well I think I have found some of that mojo I have been missing. I have had this idea in the back of my mind for quite some time now, a little keepsake box to hold all of Netty's treasures in, so they are safe and in one spot. We have the Funeral DVD, her funeral songs, a rose from her wreath, the funeral notice, all the sympathy cards I received, her poem, all the things we want to keep, and not just in a drawer somewhere.

And because Netty's fav colour was Red, I couldn't go pass Kaisercrafts Tudor papers, Storage Box, Red Paint and their little Wooden apha's.

Grant was very happy with the box too, so here's to new beginnings......
On another note I had a fabulous day today at Sandy's! I went to the hairdressers first and had my hair done as well as Trav's & Coops. On the way home we called into Sandy's for a visit and the kids had a ball playing in the pool with Ben and Emily, and Oh Boy was it hot!!!!! It was great to catch up, have a chat, just love sandy to pieces, she is the best!!!!
Hopefully by the weekend I will have more scrapping to share with you, as I am waiting on my papers from Kaiser! Too Exciting......
Love Lisxx

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My Blog is fabulous!!!!!!

Thanks Al for nominating me!!!! Wow , My blog is FABULOUS! Loving that!!!!
So the rules are:
Here are the rules for this Award.
1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs.
2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions.
3. On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link back to their blog.
My 5 fabulous addictions:
1. Anything Scrapbooking of course
2. Chocolate
3. My Family
4. My Computer
5. My gorgeous friends
Well of course I would love to nominate Al but she nominated me! Al you are the bomb girl, the princess of princesses, funny, lovable, and just plain ole Fabulous!!!! Thanks for nominating me!!!
5 Fabulous Blogs I'd like to pass this award on to:
1. Jane Jones Now who wouldn't nominate Jane! Her blog rocks! Always up to date, always shares everything with us! Her creations are out of this world.... Jane is just Fabulous!!!!
2. Kristine Collins I just love browsing her blog, always full of gorgeous creations.... Just fabulous...
3. Vita Thai Another rockin blogger and rockin scrapper! Vita's creations are just amazing! I would love to have half of her talent! Digital, Hybrid or Traditional! You rock Vita! Congrats!
4. Julie Dudley Well what can I say! Another blog I constantly stalk! Another fabulous scrapper and awesome chic!
5. Kerry Gillett She is just awesome! I miss you so much! The only way I can catch up on your world is to read your blog, so keep bloggin babe! You rock and of course you are fabulous!!!!
So Girls, yours blogs rock, your creations are mind blowing and you are all fabulous!!!!
Love Ya's

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Kaisercrafts Sneaky Peak

Hi There all you avid Scrappers, do I have a treat for you!

A little sneaky peak at the new January Papers to be released mid month! This one is called "Sweets", very very gorgeous indeed, wait until you see all the ranges. Sweets is just in time for Valentines day! How exciting!

Looks like I will be getting some scrapping done afterall, these papers look to die for! And I know, I know, its about time.......

Chat soon

Love Ya's all


Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy Birthday Kat

Well as you know we kidnapped Kat after the ashes and brought her back to stay with us until Thursday! Her brother joined us on Monday, and we have been partying everynight. Its been great! Tuesday was Kats 19th birthday, so dad being the gem he is, took Kat and Gelof for a drive in the Vette! These guys are car mad, so it made their day going for a drive in Dads' vette..., these days have been so hot, we have spent every afternoon in the pool as well! Its been so great and relaxing!

Kat loving the Vette!

For Kats birthday (Tuesday 6th) we had a BBQ dinner, mum, dad, Grant, Me, Gelof, Rod and of course Kat, the birthday girl! We all went for a swim in the arvo, drinks and dinner, birthday cake, which of course Cooper had to help blow out the candles. Then drinks, drinks and more drinks. So Happy Birthday to Kat, hope you had a memorable 19th!

Kats Birthday
Wednesday I took Kat and Gelof into Medowie to get Kats Birthday pressie done from Gelof and I! I got kat a nose piercing and Gelof got the top of her ear done! Afterwards we went into Salamander, grabbed some lunch and then went and visited Uncle Bill & Aunty Gayle. Uncle Bill is Jeanettes brother and he was diagnosed with cancer just before Chrissy and unfortunately couldn't make it to the ashes due to the Chemo. Was great to catch up with them and Grants cousins. Though this cancer business really sucks I tell you! Not nice at all and way too soon after Netty!

Gelof, Aunty Gayle, Uncle Bill & Katarina

Well thats it for me at this stage, Thursday Kat & Gelof head back to Sydney to catch a flight back home to Mareebra. Me I am back to work Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Back to reality! Not really looking forward to that! Have totally enjoyed having Katarina and Gelof stay with us! Next time guys stay longer so we can do more things!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Love Lisxx

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Netty's ashes

4 months on, and its now time to scatter Netty's ashes. Such another beautiful summers day, the sun shining, the ocean gorgeous, surrounded by family and Netty's favourite holiday spot - Anna Bay!

We all congregated around Net's favourite swimming hole, a few words spoken, rose petals thrown into the ocean, then Grant, Kate, Darren and Nick all took Netty up to the rocks and let her go over the ocean, she would be very proud. A lovely day! So nice to see all the family again! I just love Grants Aunty's, Uncles and cousins!
The Ceremony

After the ceremony we all went back to Anna Bay Tavern for lunch and drinks. Catching up on old memories of Jeanette, while more drinking!!!! By the time we got back to the unit, we had some pretty merry people. Us younger ones ventured back down to the Rock Pool to have a swim for Netty, the kids loved it, as did the bigger kids. Kat crashed tackled Wil into the water, very funny! More drinking! We kidnapped Kat to stay with us, and Wil & Rod came back to our place too, for more drinking and good times. A great day all in all! Just hoping now that he ashes are done that we all get the closure we need and our lives can start to head back into some sort on normality!

After the Ceremony

May you rest in peace Jeanette, your always in our thoughts and prayers. Love You and Miss you!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Kids day out at Warners Bay

It was such a gorgeous day today, that we thought we would take the kids out to Warners Bay and take them to the skate park out there for a while. Well the boys had heaps of fun, but the older kids just ruin it for the littler kids, so we moved from there and took the boys to the esplanade and let them ride around the path beside the water, stopping at Speers Point Park for an icecream. Such a lovely family day out! Loving these holidays with my boys! Its great!

Hope you are all enjoying the school holidays! Chat soon!


Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Well what a way to bring in the New Year!

We dropped the kids off at Nanny and Poppy's. Headed up to the beach, with friends, made a camp out, drank, fished, partied, played cards, and really just chilled to the sound of the ocean. It was fantastic. And an added bonus, we could see the 9pm and midnight fireworks at Newy from Stockton Beach! We all just plonked down on the sand out the front of our campout and watched the fireworks. Awesome way to end 2008 and great way to start 2009.

And you know what the best thing was, waking up to the first morning of 2009, to the sound of the ocean, this amazing view, watching the waves rolling in. Just beautiful. Hope this means 2009 for me is going to be peaceful, relaxing and full of friends.

Happy new Year to you all! Hope you all had a fabbo New Year and lets hope that this year is our best year yet!!!!!

Love Ya's all!