Sunday, 30 November 2008

Santa came early!

You wouldn't believe what I received in the mail! I couldn't believe me eyes either! Jumping up and down for joy!!!!!
Are you drooling???

A few weeks back I went into the scrap the cards for a cause that Jane Jones was helping out with. Jane had made a JJ original Christmas Album to be drawn out to somebody who had contributed towards the cause. Yippee my name got drawn out and I won the gorgeous JJ Christmas album. Always feel so so special to have a JJ original. Thank you so much Jane for the wonderful album and it was a pleasure to be apart of such a wonderful cause....
Also on the scrapping front, I ordered some stamps, even had some stamps personalised, and they finally came during the week too! So so happy with them, aren't they just cute, especially those three little chicks...... Have no idea why this has turned out sideway as it isn't saved as sideways! Obviously Blogger having a moment again.....

Can't wait to use these, I am in the middle of designing my new scrap area. Getting rid of my current desk and bookshelves to make way for a custom built scrap area. Can't wait until its done, but can't scrap in the mean time either as I have no idea where any of my stuff is..... Will get back to you shortly!
Love Lisxx

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Chrissy Lights at Hunter Valley Gardens

Well you know the festive season is in full swing when you take the kids to check out the Christmas lights. Last night we ventured out to the wineries to check out the huge Christmas light displays!

Took us just over 2 hours to walk around the whole gardens where the Chrissy lights were. The Kids just loved it. There were Christmas Carolers, Santa, A Christmas dance show, food court, and heaps of things for the kids to buy as well! I am sure every child there had a glow stick!

Honestly it was just amazing and my pics really don't do the lights or the atmosphere any justice what so ever! Totally worth it! Love going for drives to check out the Chrissy lights and the faces on the kids are just pricesless.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Speaking of Lazy Cats

A few days later looking out my side kitchen window I spooted Levi asleep on the next door neighbours lawn locker roof. She was in a deep deep sleep, had slid nearly off the roof and was still sleeping, have no idea how she could balance that big bum of hers without falling off! Anyway, cats, they have the life don't they! No stress, just sleep and eat! I so want their life!

Levi - What a life!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

One Fat Lazy Cat

Just had to share this with you, here I was about to walk out the front door and this is what I saw, a big fat lazy black cat slothing about on the front verandah.. Of course it was the perfect opportunity for a pic, but it had to be taken through the screen door incase I disturbed her! What a sloth! What a life!

Diesel - the big fat black cat!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Christmas in November!

Wow, Santa really did come early! Did you know he visits the naughty girls first! We are living proof! He He He! What a weekend, its was truly amazing. Sandy and I made the hike from Newy to Sydney, Al made the Hike from Victoria to Sydney and Lee drove around the corner all to meet at Janes for the best Chrissy weekend ever....

The three Ho's
Me being a "supportive Friend" LOL!

To start off with were the food preparations, we had gourmet meals like we were queens, and even a princess... Prawns wrapped in Prosciutto and Avacodo with Seafood Sauce, Prawns on Ice, Gran Marnier Balls, Chocolate Layered Cake, Brandy Cups, White Christmas, Fruit salad in contriou, glazed ham, baked pork, zucchini bake, cauliflour and broccoli au graten, OMG the list goes on, not to mention a bottle of Moet, a few bottles of champagne and little wild hibiscus flowers in the bottom of our glasses. Mate, we dined like royalty!
While drinking our moet, we opened pressies, we all definately spoiled each other. Sandy bought me a Provocative Woman (Perfume) gift pack, Jane bought me a Britany Spears Curious Gift Pack plus hand made me a CD Folder with our trip to the Craft show in it and a tin with choccies in it, Lee bought me and all the girls a great girlie pamper pack full of choccies, a gone with the wind DVD, a coffee mug and coffee beans, a choccy spoon, little chrissy decorations, it was awesome, all in a white cane basket which I can use in my scrap room! Al made me a gorgeous mini album all about me and why she loves me! OMG so gorgeous! I love it totally! So very very spoiled.
After pressies and nibblies we had dinner, OMG mouth watering. We were all so full afterwards we headed straight for the lounge and slothed it. Watched a few episodes of Sex and the City before turning Mamma Mia on and what a blast we had. We watched it over and over again, singing along to all the songs, the best movie to watch with all the girls... So great memories. Sometime during the night we pigged out again on dessert. Have no idea how we fitted it in, but we managed... before all crashing on the lounges and floor for the night.

The next morning we all so did not want to go home, we had the best time, it was great to kick back, relax, have no interruptions, just chill, laugh and have a great time.... When can we do it again Jane! and PS, Jane your house looks absolutely amazing, you have done a fabbo job redecorating, your taste is just excellent. Looks like something out of a magazine...

Just loving starting the Festive season in November, Chrissy is going to go forever! Thanks so much for having us Jane and all the effort you all went into! Had the best time with all my Ho's!!! Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas in November!
Love Ya's

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Nar Nar Nar Nar Its Scrap Time!

I hope you just sung the title to Macca's music!

I have been scrapping up a storm lately, have heaps of little things to get done before Christmas. You know the ole christmas cards for friends, teachers cards and pressies, pressies for work mates, blah blah blah! Well I have started on this list.

I have just finished making 4 Christmas Cards for my weekend away! I just love the new Kaisercraft Wish Upon Papers and Christmas Rubons! So soft and gorgeous! Love them! Sure the girls will love them too!
Three of the cards

The Fourth Card

Also tomorrow is Trav's teacher Mrs Phillip last day tomorrow as she is leaving to go on Maternity Leave! She has been a wonderful teacher, and has made Trav's first year of school and enjoyable and memorable one! Such an easy transition when you get a great teacher. Anyway thought I would make her something special. So I made her a Thank you Card, decorated a Notebook and made a Lindt Pull Treat Box. The Lindt Pull Treat Box is an awesome box I learnt from Carol Dunstan. It is designed so that when you pull the ribbons up the chocolate comes out with it! Too cool I reckon and fits a block of Lindt in perfectly! I had to use the October Afternoon Detours paper as it was perfect for school! Every Teacher needs an Apple right, and with the graph paper and the ripped notepad paper, I thought it was perfect for a schooly gift. What do you think!
Thank You Card

Altered Notepad
Lindt Pull Treat Box

The Teachers Gift

A Close Up!
Well thats me for another day! Have a day of Beauty work tomorrow then a great weekend planned! Christmas has come early! LOL!

Chat soon

Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Great Weekend!

Does it mean you are getting old when you start going to friends houses for card nights! Too funny! Over the past few months we have had a few card nights, a few at our place, one at Rods and last night at Ed's. had a great BBQ for tea, then out came the cards. Rod, Wil, Grant, Ed and Me all playing Uno! OMG too funny! Shirts off in the gravel! Hilarious!

We all had such a great night! The little boys ended up crashing on Ed & Mel's lounge. Won't be long and it will be Ed & Mel's turn, a big huge congrats to Mel who is nearly 12 weeks with their first. Very exciting for the both of them!

Before we left to go to Ed & mels, me and the kids were mucking around with the camera. Love having pics of my boys! They are so handsome! Don't you think????

Me before going to the BBQ!

Me & Cooper!

Me & Travis

Oh I just love my boys!

Today I had another brilliant day! Jano came over and we spent a day being pampered. Hair treatments and manicures. Catching up, talking shit as we do, and just taking five out. Grant and the boys went to my parents place, while Grant fixed my Uncles car over a few beers. So heaven all round I think! Don't know what I had done right, but when the boys got home Grant decided that he would cook a BBQ for tea! Lovin it! A night off too! This is what life is all about!

Chat soon!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

What a great day!

Sandy and I decided that we would spend the afternoon together and do a little bit of Chrissy shopping, with no kids! What a fabulous day we had! Looking at all the shops, having coffee and lunch together, such a great girly day out, and heaven for me, no little boys! We shopped until we dropped, getting some much needed presents for our Chrissy in November! We did so well and had a ball in the process. Next time Sandy, I say lets take the whole day, not just a few hours in the arvo!

Travis won some money on the Melbourne Cup so I had strict instructions to buy a Transformer of some kind. Do you know how hard that is when he has nearly all of them! Anyway I did find the awesome Bumblebee Gun! So after a phonecall home, I had a winner. I practically got body slammed as soon as I got in the door, Travis was just over the moon!

I couldn't resist taking just a few shots of the boys, they look so cute! Don't you think? Handsome little men!

Too cool for school! Love you my boys!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

What a Shiner!

Poor Ole Cooper! Always in the wars! Such a boy! Always running around flat out! And in this instance nothing was different. Running around the house like a mad hatter, flat out into Travis Room, me not too far behind him! He tripped over his own feet as he entered Trav's room and flew like superman until his eyebrow hit the wooden toy box! Ouch! And this was the outcome! Though believe me, it looks so much worse in real life!

And I am sure with Cooper's nature this will not be the last! LOL!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

More Kaisercraft

Well I just loved loved loved "What a Hoot" range, I couldn't resist in making a friend one of those exploding Birthday cards for her birthday! Love how it turned out!

Happy Birthday Nyree! Enjoy!


Sunday, 2 November 2008

New Papers for Kaisercraft!

These papers just rock! Kaisercraft goes from strength to strength! So happy that this month I got to play with these papers before they were released to the public on the 1st Novemeber 2008! There are three paper ranges I got to play with! Waterberry (Aqua and Coral in Colour), Sakura Park (striking Black, White & Red) and the cutest Owl Paper "What a Hoot" (Green and Brown with Owls). Fantastic papers yet again from Kaisercraft! Whoever designs these papers are legendary! Well done and hats off to Kaiser.

So to my creations! Waterberry reminded me of Christmas, but with a funky edge, even though they are not Christmas papers! The Aqua and coral are a close resemblance to the good ole traditional Red and Green for Christmas! So I decided to make a Christmas Wall Decoration our of Chipboard, the Waterberry papers, Kaisercraft Christmas Rubons, Autumn Leaves Acrylic Stamps. So here it is!!!

My second creation is with the gorgeous "What a Hoot' papers! How cute are these! So loving the colours too! Green and Brown! These papers match my house perfectly, so what better way to put them to use than to make myself a Recipe Book! This looks so perfect sitting on my kitchen bar!

Now for my third creation! Tessie (my next door neighbour) hit the big Sweet Sixteen during October! She had her party at the Horror Theatre Restaurant with her family and friends, and they all had to dress up! She looked so gorgeous! Tessie is such a beautiful girl, and looks like a real life China Doll! You rock Tessie! The Sakura Park papers just matched perfectly!

Also just had to add this pic as it is so funky! Love it! Glad you had a great time! Happy Sweet 16 sweetheart!
Well that is me from the creative front! Today is the annual Truck Show in at Newcastle Forshore where my dad has won best fleet for the past three years in a row, so guess I have to make an appearance in there at some point in time today! Just hope the sun comes out! Pretty overcast at the moment! Good luck Dad! Lets make it four years in a row! Fingers crossed!
Have a great day all!
Catch yas soon

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Back on Track!

Today has seen me climb aboard the train of life! Had a surprise visit from my best girlfriend Jane! Just to check in on me, have a cuppa and a chat! What would I do with friends! I love you Jane! You are my kindred spirit that is for sure! You are the sister I never had! Can't believe we have been joined to the hip since we were 4 years old! Nearly 30 years! Love you to death!
I swept through the house doing yet another tidy through, scrubbing the bathroom, vacuuming, washing up, loads of washing, folding, making beds, you name it, makes me feel good when the house is clean! Though still procrastinating on cleaning the scrap room! Lucky I can shut the french doors and it is all hidden!
Once Grant got home I decided that I would dedicated the afternoon to Travis. Just have some me and Travis time! No Cooper! So Trav and I went to the pictures, and saw Beverely Hills Chuhauha! Can't spell that sorry! We munched away on popcorn, and skittles and coke! It was a great movie! Nice to have some time with just Travis! Cooper takes up so much of my attention, poor ole Trav misses out! So he was very happy to spend the afternoon with me! Makes me feel heaps better to make him feel happy to!
So all in all today was a pretty good day! Still feeling at tad edgy under the surface, but it felt good to concentrate on Trav and have the house tidy, as well as spend some lovely time with Miss Blanch! So bring on tomorrow!

Happy November everyone! This month is going to be a good one!
Love You all