Thursday, 28 June 2007

Thank You Thank You Kathy

Just wanted to say a huge thankyou to the wonderful Kathy Pitt for creating my gorgeous new banner! Isn't it just to die for, my kids are just the most precious boys in the whole world now they are apart of my blog! I am so in awe of it! I am totally excited and proud of my new banner! You are such a talented chiccy there Kathy, I just had to say a huge thanks to you for creating this for me! This is my prized possession now! Especially incorporating my boys, you have blown me away with your talent and creativity, thank you ever so much I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Another week gone!


Another week gone since I blogged! Time flies! Life caused a few bumps over the weekend but I managed to get through it! Luckily for me I have children to think of! I love my babies with all my heart! They are my life! They are my little angels! Damn cute ones at that! Got Cooper's hair cut last week, Poppy and I took him to the Barbers, and got a shark cut!
Well he looks so grown up now, wahhhhhhh, where's my baby going! Not a little baby anymore! As for Travis he grows more mature every day! Even though he is only 4, the way he speaks, and speaks so clearly, you would think he was 8! He is so intelligent. He will do so well at Kindergarten next year! He keeps saying he looksing forwards to going to school as he wants to learn how to read! He gets so frustrated when he cant read the words and he has to rely on me to read books to him! Most of his favourites he knows, so he'll tell you the story! Quite cute!

Finished my circle journal, and Terri and Jessica came over on Friday, and we swapped Journals. Already done my page in Terri's. Terri 's journal is all about ME - what do I see when I look in the mirror, who is the girl in the mirror! Quite an interesting journal! Will be interesting to see what other girls write as we all perseive ourselves differently!

Also got another of my Emily Journal Art Cards dones - Week 5 - Ithink - What is your favourite symbol! I did mine on the heart as I am a sucker for Love!
Also got my Elsie Challenge layout done! It was about me as well, also had to take a pic of yourself behind your camera!
Talk about challenges! Have them coming out of me ears! Can't seem to keep up! Want to get all my art cards up to date but just don't have enough free time! Tomorrow night I have my first scrap night with Kim Archer. Looking forward to that! Have already got my pics and picked my papers! Should make for an interesting night! Mele and I are going together! We need time out! We've both been through a fair bit lately! Mele more than me! So tomorrow night we be a big breath of fresh air!

Best be off, thought I'd get my blog updated while my angels are sleeping! Waiting for poppy to call in for a cuppa and a chat! He said he'd be here around 12.30pm! Love to you all and hope this finds you all safe and well!

All my love and kisses

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Who is ME!

Hi there peeps!

Just out of curiosity, I have had someone who comments on my blog, thankyou whole heartedly, I love people to visit me, but I would love to know who you are? You put ME but am stumped as to who ME is? A little mysterious! Keep me guessing, give me clues! Love to know who me is? Maybe its my alter ego playing tricks on me when I am asleep! No Seriously, give me some clues, I am very intruigued!
Love Lisxx

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Scrap me Happy!

Hello, I've had a fantastic weekend doing absolutely nothing, aprt from Scrapping and watching movies with hubby and the kids! Not much else you can do in all this rain! Will it never end?? So over the rain! We needed it but we didn't need this much! Wish we could send it out West a little, where they need it!

I am apart of a Circle Journal with The Scrapbook Establishment where we all have to pick a topic get our Circle Journals done and then send on to the next person on the list so that they can contribute to your journal. A great idea, so I've spent all day yesterday completing my journal already for the Post! Also had another nearlly 3 hour marathon chat over the phone with Zaney Janey lasy night! She is so funny! Such a soft spot for her! Also got 5 more of my Journal Art Cards half completed, started a production line, got all the photo side attached, just have to turn them all over now, pick some paper and do the journalling and that will be 9 done! Only 14 more to catch up! Will I ever get there!! Here is my Circle Journal minus my personal page! Will put it up later when I have taken a pic!

Love to you all, hope you are all fighting fit and keeping indoors snuggling up!
Love Always

Wednesday, 13 June 2007


What a devastation! I can't believe how much water is lying around everywhere you go! My heart and prayers go out to all those affected or lives that have been lost in this disaster! So tragic!! Over the long weekend Grant & I and the kids went for a drive around to see what areas were affected and we were blown away at how wide swept this natural disaster is! The road out of Woodberry was flooded and still is, our backyard and my parents, which we usually have rural views of green paddocks are totally filled with water, Raymond Terrace - 10 minutes from here is under water from the Hunter River, we checked out Morpeth and where the Boat Ramp and picnic grounds usually are - all under water, we watched East Maitland break its banks, Maitland was an eye opener with the river about 1 mtre from the top of the levy, but luckily enough the levies held! Singleton where we have family and friends were isolated with both highways flooded! Here are some pics of the Hunter Floods!




Then we had the Pasha Boulka run aground at Nobby's Beach from the storms, that is a sight to see, looks so out of place, and so big in comparison to the beach! Has been there now 5 days and still not moving anywhere soon! Quite amazing and heart wrenching - mother nature and the devastation she can cause in just over 24 hours!

Well thats it for all the sad and devastating news! On a good note, I managed to get a layout done of Grant & I! I love this layout! I love my hubby! We definately would love to have more time to spend together, just the two of us, even if it is to snuggle in bed of a night, but thats the joys of having kids! I do miss him and our togetherness and affection! I love him to pieces! He is so good looking, don't you think! I love his bulkiness, his strength, his humour, the way he works hard to provide for us, the way he loves our kids, I just love him!

Thats it for me until next time, give all your family a kiss and tell them you love them!

Hugs & Kisses from me


Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Back Again!

So where was I, Journal Art Cards! Here are four I have got done so far, only have 19 more to catch up on to catch up to everyone else in the challenge! Who am I kidding!


I am also involved in a Tag swap at The Scrapbook Establishment - TSE - where we have to make everyone a tag and send it to them, and in return, tehy will send each of us a tag about them! Good way to get to know each other a bit better and see other peoples talents! Here's my tag - 5 Randoms about me! Hope you all like what I've done sa far!

The past 10 days!!!!

Hi There, well alot has happened over the past 10 days! Apart from the floods at the moment, which I will get back to you shortly! I received my first RAK in the mail off the gorgeous Jane Jones! I was so excited and thrilled with my parcel of goodies and my eagerly awaited Jumbo Card so that I can start Emily Falconbridges Journal Art Card Challenge! Jane you are so precious and you totally rock girl! Thanks so much, you made my day!

I've made a few purchases over the past 10 days, too, gotta love Scrapbooking Supplies!

Awesome hey! Anyway, i'll post this up, then when I've got 5, I'll come back and post some of the Journal Art Cards Up, My Tag for the TAG Swap at TSE, and some pics of the flood and the liner thats parked on Nobby's! Be back soon!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Market Day!

Good evening all! Hope you have all had a great weekend! I certainly have!

Had a 2.5 hour phone marathon with my new forum buddy Jane the other night! How good was that! We chatted and laughed about anything and everything! She is absolutely wacky! Totally mad! Zaney Janey! You so have to come and stay with me girl! Next markets are the 1st July - hint hint!!!! If you haven't seen her work, she is one of the most talented people I have met! Here's a quick peek at one of the projects she has just finished! How good is that and that is only my page! Absolutely mind blowing! Truly inspirational Jane! Way to go!

Today has been the best day ever! Mel (my nextdoor neighbour) and I ventured out to the Maitland Markets at 8am, with NO KIDS! Total BliSS! We have Macca's for Breakky, shopped until we ran out of money, mind you all our cash was spent on Scrapping stuff, absolutely nothing else! Got home and Grant took Trav motorbike riding for the day! Put Cooper to bed and Mel and I scrapped all afternoon, even got a layout finished! So excited! Usually we talk, and laugh and only get half layouts done, but today we both finished a complete layout!
Grant and Trav got home in the arvo, and we all
took turns riding the Pee Wee 50 around the
backyard and up and down the driveway, at least we have a huge backyard - (House block is 1300m2) - and most of that is backyard! Just a great day in general, should be more of them! This is what life is about, no stress, enjoying life, laughs and doing the things you love!! I miss that! Need to do it more often!

Another bonus for the day was while we were at the markets, I met one of my forum girls I chat with, who is also a moderator at TSE! Tezza! It was so great to put a face and a voice to a name! She was great! We chatted for over 1/2 hour like we were long lost friends! Amazing! I love the friendships I have made with scrapbooking, people are so warm, generous, friendly, willingness to share, weather it be part of their stash, their ideas or their support. So glad I met you today Terri, we have to do it more often! Top Chick!!!!
Goodnight to all, and hope this finds you all well!
Love Always Lisxx