Monday, 29 October 2007

It all went Pear Shaped!

Well after the sunday we all went to Wollongong, life took a massive slide for us in the Hallett household, Monday afternoon, Coops silly little dry tickly cough, or so I thought, started to turn into a wheeze, by Tuesday morning, OMG, he was having a hard time breathing, so off to the doctors we go, was told he was having a moderate Asthma attack, was given some steriods, was told that if the steriods did not "MELT" the asthma in an hour take him to Hospital.
Well 1.5 hours later we were in hospital, stayed for the arvo and half the night, while he had 20 minute intervals of Ventolin, then sent home. Wednesday morning I woke to a child I was so afraid for. He had blue eyelids, blue under the eyes and blue lips, to say I was scared out of my mind would be an understatement, off we rushed to hospital once again. We are told he is having a severe asthma episode with cyanosis, and placed in Intensive Care Mode. Steriods, Ventolin Gas Mask, Oxygen nasal tubes and another white puffer with a green lid, have no idea what its name was now. Once we got Coop from 20 minute intervals to 1 hourly intervals of Ventolin, etc, we were off to stay at the Paeds ward.
We finally got to 3 hourly intervals and was told we could go home, but on the proviso that children are not usually sent home until 4 hourly but they felt confident enough that I was competent enough to continue the treatment at home as I was doing it all hands on whilst there and never left his side unless the toilet or shower called.
So just in time for the weekend, we're home, first day we back peddled back to hourly, but I took it as a stimuli to the outside air instead of air con he was used too, anyway, today is Monday, he is now at 4 hourly, slowly getting there, our next milestone is 6 hourly, then start decreasing the 6 puffs to 4 and so on. I was advised to change his linen to allergenic, so done that, bought some more spacers and ventolin to leave in the car and at my parents as well as having on in the house at all times.
Well this was how me and Coop spent the week! Over the weekend we just relaxed and did nothing in particular. NO scrapping either, but thats OK! Coop comes first. So tonight or when you read this give your babies and extra special kiss as they are so so precious. Here are some pics of my baby while in Hospital, not the best quality as I took them on my mobile phone, though better than nothing right! A scrapper has to capture every milestone, so the phone was it! Goodnight and god bless! Lisxx
Breaks your heart doesn't it?

Monday, 22 October 2007

Another Creative Weekend!

I must have found my mojo, as I have been creating so many things of late. Created another two more layouts on Saturday and created a Scrap Journal on Thursday Night. Friday night I went to a Scrap party with my next door neighbour Mele, and created a page designed by another lady, still have to adhere pics yet, so haven't uploaded that layout as yet!

I created the Scrap Journal last Tuesday night while I had a scrap night with Mele and Mandy at Mele's. Quick night, I was there about 1.5 hours and was able to complete my Scrap Journal. Jamiee from TSE created one for a Prize for October Tribute Challenge, and I so fell in love with the idea and concept that I had to make one for myself. This is where I can record the Magazines I have bought, their challenges, ideas I have, Sketches I want to scrap, Challenges that I have to enter and complete by a set date, Titles of Layouts I come up with, Quotes I love that can be scrapped, Friends contact names, email addresses, usernames, DOB, etc, and Passwords - All my usernames and passwords in Cyberworld. Always forget, I have Ebay's, Scrapbook Memories Scrap Room, TSE, Shop'n'Crop, My Blog, MSN, and who knows what others! Scary stuff really! Anyway, wanted to thank Jaimee so so much for her inspiration and idea of a Scrap Journal, What a useful tool to have in my world! Though thinking about changing the glitter flourish to a wooden flourish as I am not liking how the Kindy Glitz turned out green over the black paint. Just have to find a nice wooden flourish first!

On Saturday I created two Christmas Layouts! Was so so please with the results and the layouts couldn't have come up any nicer with out the use of Kaisercrafts Christmas paper range. They are to die for and a must if you are a scrapper. Their range is gorgeous. I bought mine from The Scrapbook establishment - Naughty or Nice is from a sketch and 'C' is scraplifted from Lou Spiden. Asked her permission of course, her layout was published in this months Scrapbook Creations, Page 98 (No 47 Vol 7 No 8). Thanks Lou, I just fell in love with this layout when I saw it and was doubley wrapped when I read your name, thankgod you are a fellow TSEr.

Sunday Dad, I and my two boys drove to Wollongong to pick up my mum from my Aunties. We reminisced and I drooled all over Aunty Trishes old photo's of mum and her family when they were younger. Amazing! Just love looking at our heritage and history! Can't wait to have these photo's restored so I can add them to mum and dads tribute album. Have some photo's from my Aunty Chrissy (Dad's sister) too of Dad's family. Really cool looking at my grandparents and great grandparents on their wedding day. These photo's are already with a photographer being restored. Just have to put mum's photo's in now! Too exciting!

Anyway that's it for me! Today is Monday, Swimming lesson day for the boys, then work work and more paperwork at Dad's! So have a great day all and enjoy this beautiful sunshine!

Lovin Ya's

Thursday, 18 October 2007

A Tribute to my Parents

A Tribute to my Parents

My Parents are my life, and when Jaimee from The Scrapbook Establishment created a monthly challenge to create a Tribute Album for someone you cherish or has passed on, I jumped at the chance to create a heirloom of my parents to pass on for generations to come.

The first challenge was to create an album and scrap the albums cover!
The second challenge was to create the first pare - Who you were tributing and why,
the third challenge was to tell the story of who they are and what their favourite things are. Now I am on a mission and harrassing my beautiful Aunties from both sides of the family chasing pics of my parents as children, pics of my parents parents and pics of my parents grandparents. Have so many things I want to put into this album as well as following Jaimee's monthly challenge! What a way to celebrate someone's life. My parents mean the world to me and I feel very blessed to have them in my life!

Scrap me Happy!

OK, now where were we, thats right, I need to upload all my layouts I have completed since September, well here goes girls, get ready!

This one was for the Page Challenge for October - Your Intial

This one is for October Scraplift Challenge
This one is for October Sketch Challenge
This is September 123 Flowers & Buttons Challenge
This is one of the Cybercrop Layouts I completed
This is one of the Cybercrop Layouts I completed
This is one of the Cybercrop Layouts I completed (Scraplifted from Jane Jones)
This is September Pages Challenge (Something or someone you miss)

This is Septembers Sketch Challenge Layout Also we went and saw Thomas and Friends Live in Concert, Travis and Cooper had so much fun, and I have to admit I never expected it to be as good as it was, we all enjoyed it, and even Grant took the day off work and came with us! Was a great family day out!

Will update a few more things later when I have a few more spare minutes, until then take care!

Love Always, Lisxx

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Don't Faint - Its Me!

I Hope you are all sitting down and haven't passed out from shock that I have actually found my way back to my blog! LOL! Anyway, my humblest apologies, life just got a little bit too hectic and my path veered off the track and into some major wilderness, anyway, found the the right path and am walking a straight line trying not to veer off again, if that makes any sense to you all!

Well since I last posted, back in the beginning of Sept, my parents went on their Europe tour and thankfully came back, missed them so much while they were gone! Have completed many layouts and entered many challenges on TSE, not to mention bought lots of gorgeous supplies as well. Have had a few scrap days with Mele, and one day with Sandy! Two gorgeous girls who I could scrap all day with! Have been doing a little bit more work, here and there, in the beauty salon, a week in Sept and have another week in November. Am currently organising my baby Travis in going to Kindergarten next year, boo hoo, life goes too fast and am so sad that he is going to big school next year! Can't believe it!

On the Christmas front have half on my present shopping list already done! So excited about that and have Coopers Birthday shopping done too, (Boxing Day 26th Dec).

On the TSE front, Jaimee has created a Tribute Album challenge where I am doing my album on my parents and thouroughly enjoying it! Am currently searching the families for pics of my grandparents and great grandparents to put in it! Going to be an awesome heirloom when I am finished! Also participated in my first Cybercrop ever and so proud that it was with TSE! Had such an awesome time and completed five layouts in one weekend. Awesome effort! The layouts produced at the Cybercrop were awesome and the games and banter was so much fun!

Well best be off, time for Travis to go to bed. Will post up some of my creations tomorrow when I get five! Hope you are all well and let me know if you read my blog or is it me just talking to myself! Love for you to pop by and say Hi!
Hope you are all well
Love you all