Sunday, 5 July 2009

This little piggie....

Got a phonecall off Nyree yesterday to say that her Big Momma Pig had 11 little piglets, so Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to Nyree's we go! Me and boys couldn't wait! OMG they are so cute! we had a wander around the farm, had a look at the chooks, the ducks, the minature horse, the cows, the dogs and of course the little piggies. So very peaceful out at Nyree's! Thanks for having us!

Now how cute are they????

Saturday, 4 July 2009

OMG "What a Night"

P!NK totally rocks!!! She is just awesome!!! This is my third time I have been to see her in concert and she is just brilliant, a true entertainer, and a wonderful vocalist to go with it...

Unfortunately the night started off with a fizz, with me and my foggy flu head, I forgot our toiletries. Der!!! So no hair products, (OMG), no makeup (Argggg) and no perfume (Bugger) so it was a quick trip into Newy and over $100 later I had some supplies...
Then it was back to the Crowne to have a relaxing Spa, Grant had a few beers (me on antibiotics - so I behaved), got ready and off to Pink, only to be told at the door, that my camera was allowed! Bahhh Humbug!!! But once we were in, the concert was fantastic, awesome, totally rocked and so was this mornings Sunrise... Now to go home and rest and get rid of this flu!

Who is your favourite entertainer? Or who really inspires you? Pink is truly my inspiration!!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Can't wait for tonight!

Have the day off, have the flu, must have caught it from that cold windy day at Travs Sports Carnival, but nothing will stop me, rain hail or shine... Grant and I are off to "P!NK'S" concert tonight, staying overnight at the Crowne Plaza. Report back to you soon!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sports Carnival

Today Coop and I braved the cold and the wind to go watch Travis complete his first Sports Carnival. So cute watching the little kids have egg and spoon races, javelin, potato sack races, hurdles, running, etc. Trav even came out with a few red and blue ribbons. Well done Trav! Fun day!