Sunday, 31 August 2008


Well since Thursday we have spent each day at the hospital visiting Grants mum! Unfortunately she had a haemorrage internally, 14 bags of blood later and her spirits are fighting hard once again. She has had us in hysterics, the laughing kind. Joking, etc. such great memories to treasure forever. I made a Kaisercraft lace up Album for her to put beside her bedside table so that we are always with her. She loved it!

Hopefully with a little luck Netty will be home tomorrow. She has had a new bathroom put in at home to help her mobility in the shower etc, and all she is looking forward to is using her bathroom just once. God love her! I took a pic of Grant and his mum while we were visiting late this afternoon, and isn't Bald beautiful! I just love this pic! Gorgeous! Netty didn't want her photo taken at first until Grant said he really wanted it, and she made us laugh by saying, Oh OK, but hand on, I'll just put some lippy on! Priceless!

God bless everyone, and big hugs to you all!
Love Lisxx

Friday, 29 August 2008


This is such a huge word isn't it? LIFE? We have been spending a fair amount of time of late at the Mater hospital visitng Grants mum who is fighting her hugest fight with cancer. Such a horrible disease. Makes you feel quite helpless and useless. You start to look at you rlife in a different perspective and try not to sweat the small stuff as what is the point! So in order to find a little distraction I turn to scrapping.

Well I had such a great weekend with the girls at Sydney I just had to create a layout just for them! This was created with the gorgeous new Everblooming Paper range! HOw gorgeous is it! Perfect for my layout. The sketch is an exclusive sketch by Becky Fleck just for Scrapbook Shelf! And how blown away was I when Lissy Kennedy emailed me and said she wanted a copy of my layout to put on her wall at Kaiser. Chuffed really! So I made another one just for her!

Also Scrapbook shelf cybercrop was being held, and I had to do an example for one of the challenges. This cybercrop was "The lifestyles of the rich and famous" My challenge was a songtitle. So I couldn't resist doing Please don't stop the music as I had the perfect pics for it! Again I used Kaisercraft papers as they matched Janes top perfectly.

Also another of the challenges was to create a layout, and if you were to have your own movie what would it be called. I chose my movie name as "From the moment" Pretty fitting under the circumstances of late.

Well thats me for another day! Hope you enjoyed my therapeutic scrapping! Until next time take care!

Hugs Lisxx

Monday, 25 August 2008

OMG What a weekend!

Yep thats right! I had the best weekend of my life! I have never laughed so much or so hard in my entire life! Firstly Sandra from Port met up with us Newy girls (Jaimee, Sandy and Moi) and joined us in our roadtrip to Sydney! Sandra you are an absolute classic luv! I am very proud of you that you made the trip knowing how nervous you were, but it was well worth it wasn't it???? You are one very funny lady and you and Sandy together, OH Moi Good! Classic just doesn't cut it!
After dropping all our crap off at the Rydges, we headed over to the craft show to catch up with Miss Jane and meet Al & Lissy! It was just like meeting up with old friends again! Truly! It is so wonderful to finally put faces and voices to the friendships that we have made over cyberworld, and these girls were just as I imagined them to be! Absolutely gorgeous! Of course these girls are the Kaisercraft girls. All three on the design team and what a wonderful job they do too! Kaiser products rock! I even got to go up on the stage and help out in a demo! Now how important did moi feel???? I also got to meet Lorraine Bate from Scrapbook Creations, and what a classic she is, this lady should be a comedian, telling us all about her Anorexic Story and Bullemia! OMG I was nearly pissing my pants in laughter! Funny Funny Hilarious Lady! I also got to meet Claire Stewart, who was from Scrapbooking Memories and now with Living Creatively, and what a gorgeous and sweet girl she is! I think the highlight was the Pandora Bracelets we all bought and showing off to each other.
After the show it was back to the room, a few glasses of wine, thanks Sandy, and my god a thousand and one giggles. Into Paramatta for Italian for tea at Insignia, and the meal was fantastic but the company was just awesome. I am sure I nearly wet my pants from laughter, well actually someone did, but we won't mention names will we!!! He He He! Tooo bloody funny if you ask me! Thats what you get for all the laughter. Bloody Lissy was hilarious doing the limbo under a boom gate on the way back to the car around midnight, while cars banked up behind her, and she is stuck or locked in limbo mode! OMG! Then while trying to get into our room, a huge fart is dropped in the corridor which saw us all totally loose it, fits of laughter, I am sure we woke the whole floor up! Oh Well, the memories are just all too wonderful and its a weekend I will not forget in all my life! So thank you girls for sharing it with me, I am just so out of this world at meeting you Sandra, Al & Lissy, you girls are just awesome, and catching up with Jane & Lee was fantastic as always!

Sandra, Jaimee & Sandy
Us Newy Girls
Jane & Lee
Jane & I ( Love this pic! )
Love this one of Sandy & Jaimee
And Al & Lissy!
Unfortunately I didn't take too many pics, as I was too busy laughing, but the few I got, I'll share and thanks to Al, I even have a threesome of us Newy Girls!!! I love You all!

We are so lucky to have made such a wonderful group of friends and all just click together so well! OMFG, the visions, the memories, the laughter will be with me forever I am sure! Thanks again girls! I so can't wait to do it again!
Love Lisxx

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

KI Bloom

Here is my latest DT work for Scrapbook Shelf! Trudi just has the best taste in papers, embellishments, books and everything else that goes with Scrapbooking! This month I got to work with KI Memories Bloom. I just love it when manufacturers bring out all the matching embellies to go with their papers, like ribbons, stamps, diecuts, buttons, rubons, etc. Gosh this makes life easy! The shimmer papers in this range are gorgeous but you cannot do them justice with a pic! It was quite a versatile range with a huge range of different bold solid colours, the challenge though was getting them all to gel together, if you catch my drift! Anyway, here are the three layouts using KI Memories Bloom. Hope you enjoy them!

In Unique of course I have used the KI Memories Bloom Papers. I have also used Stampin Up "Dare to be Fabulous" stamp and Kaisercrafts Rhinestones and Unique Bling Title. I photoshoped my pic to make the colour of my eyes more vivid by adding more contrast and saturation. Quite happy with the result.

I Love BooksWell thats certainly true, I have a mountain of books and have read every single one! I love nothing more than to put my head into a good book at the end of the day to help me unwind. And I have so many favourite authors that I just had to share! Here I have used the KI Bloom papers & Rubber Buttons, Stamping Up "Whimsical Garden" Stamps, Making Memories Journal Paper and Kaisercrafts Pink Pearls. Pink overload hey!

Knock Knock Whoo's there

I just couldn't resist to scrap these cute little owls all sleeping soundly when we went a visited Blackbutt Reserve on the last day of the holidays, and with Owls being so in, in the scrapping industry I just had to scrap them. The Brown and Teal paper is actually shimmer, Scrapware Owl, Kaisercraft Journal Stamp and Kaisercraft Rhinestones. I just love this layout, it is way too cute. A nice change too from scrapping people all the time!!!

Apart from actually scrapping, its not long now until us Newy girls and Sandra from Port head to Sydney for the Craft & Stitches show and catch up with Janey and meet Lissy & Al! Oh how excitement! I am nearly bursting at the seems.

Chow for now!

Love Lisxx

Sunday, 17 August 2008

A Quick update!

Not much happening on the Hallett homefront at the moment. Life is as normal as possible. Grant spends most of his evenings visiting his mum at the Mater, while I stay at home and look after the kids. I have been working on getting my DT deadlines completed and working on a Baby Shower gift for a friend which I will give you a peak at in a sec.
Firstly I wanted to share how big Mo is now getting, remember the feral little kitten Grant bought home from work about 4-5 months ago. Well he has adopted me as his mummy and only I can pick him up. He follows me everywhere, including when I am on the computer, he jumps right up on my desk and hides behind my keyboard. Mostly just falling asleep but when he is really playful he decides that my typing is actually a game and jumps out and smacks my hands, not to mention creating a thousand spelling mistakes. Well its always easier to blame it on the cat! He is settling in quite nicely. He is still partial to the kids and he is shit scared of Grant! But hey, he picked a winner with me and we are mates! Here he is hiding behind the keyboard while I am at the computer. Cheeky little squirt!

OK so now the Baby Shower gift. Well I had seen somewhere those Nappy Cakes, so I started there and created a Nappy Cake with Crate Papers Baby Bee range. Suited perfectly seeing that we don't know the sex yet! I also created a Memory Can so that mum can keep bubs first hospital name tag, umbilical cord clamp, all those important first things, and also a Kaisercraft Baby Monologue complete with Kaisercraft Bling Adore for mum to put up in the Baby's room! Not to mention a few neutral coloured Singlets thrown in and a handmade card to co-ordinate. Something different. The gift was a huge hit. And pretty ironic seeing that mum is a bakers daughter. They loved the Nappy Cake!!! A its a really different pressie than the normal stuff you get at a Baby Shower.

Time for me to fly! Will post up pics of my DT work as soon as I finish the last layout!

Take care All

Love Lisxx

Monday, 11 August 2008

Slice of Life Challenge 5

Well its that time again! At least girls you have two weeks to complete this challenge to either make a mini book or complete a double layout and document a day, a week or a special routine in your life. Wow has this competition flown or what! This is the last scrapping challenge, can you believe it! What a journey! What has been your most favourite challenge? What have you learnt along the way? Any new techniques that you have tried? What have you found the most challenging? I would so love to hear your thoughts!!!

Well here is my example! I opted for the Double Layout as time is precious to me at the moment!

Well Grant comes home this evening and so looking forward to seeing him! I have missed him! I am also the bearing of bad news! His mother has cancer which he already knows but I have to tell him that his mum has been given three months! So not looking forward to that! Life really does suck sometimes. So if I am not around the forums or I haven't updated my blog for a while, please bear with me! I am thinking of you all, but time is precious for us at the moment. I need to also be a rock for my hubby, which is a turn of events in our household, as he is the strong one and me the weakling and the emotional one! So looks like we will be switching places for a while! Just want him home now! Not long now!

Yesterday was such a great fun filled day! We took Nanny's dog "Leroy Brown" to the beach, along with Nanny and the kids! What a fun day we had. This was Leroy's first visit to the dog beach in Newy and he didn't know where to sniff first! It was hilarious! He wasn't quite sure of what to make of the sand either and kept pawing at it! Eventually he went with the flow and had a ball making doggy friends and running around! Here are some pics of Leroys first trip to the beach! Afterwards we all went and got takeaway Macca's including Leroy and went up to the look out and had a late lunch! Then homeward bound, arriving at home with Travis, Coop and the dog fast asleep. Priceless!

Take care all!

Love Lisxx

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Slice of Life Challenge 4

Well we certainly are just past the half way point and things are swinging into action over at Scrapbook Shelf! The competition is going great guns and I have enjoyed being apart of the process. Its also great to keep my mind occupied.

So this weeks challenge is to us an Imperfect Picture, NO Cardstock and 3 pattern papers.

So here is my example! I just love these Basic Grey Papers! So Boy! So girls get scrapping and remember to have fun!

Also stayed tuned for little surprises that Trudi has up her sleeves. She is the secret keeper!!!!!

Life is going good! Grant is still away! My routine is down pat! Once the kids are in bed I hit the net and facebook! Just loving it! Going for a sleepover at mums Wednesday Night and have my girlfriend Jane sleeping over Friday night. So something else to look forward too!

Until then Chow!

Love Lisxx

Monday, 4 August 2008


Gosh how times flies, one minute they are babies the next minute I am attending assemblies to watch them get awards from School! Travis received an award of Excellence in front of the whole school for obtaining 6 merit awards. I am so very proud of the little big boy he is growing into. Though it saddens me at the same time to see just how fast he is growing up! At least he is loving school and trying so very hard!

While Dad & Grant are away, My Aunty Trish came up to stay with mum! It is always so good to see her and spend time with her! My routine has been great with Grant away! I have everything flowing rather nicely and am finding it quite easy! Touch Wood!

Well thats me, off to upload the Slice of Life next challenge! Be back shortly!

Take Care
Love Lisxx

Sunday, 3 August 2008

He's leaving on A Jet Plane

and he won't be home for another 9 days!!!!! Yep Grant and Dad have gone! Gone all the way to Fiji for 9 days on a Fishing trip! Gosh some people have all the life! But hey they both totally need the time out at the moment, Dad's health hasn't been the best of late with his heart probs and the stress of the business isn't helping any at the moment, and Grants mum isn't doing all that well, as battling Cancer is no easy feat, and Grant has been quite stressed and emotional of late, so the best thing those two need is a whole group of fellas, beer, fishing and having a good time.

So me and my little guys are living it up or should I say taking it easy! Yesterday we farewelled the guys, then me and the boys did the groceries then I cooked all arvo. I made Chocolate Mousse from scratch and Roasted Vegetable Lasagna from Scratch. I had my mum and my Aunty over for dinner, and a bottle of Tempus Two Verdallo Wine. Mmmmmmm. Great night!Today we stayed in our Jammies until 11am. We just veged out, I did a little scrapbooking, working on a baby shower pressie for a friend of mine who's Baby Shower is in a few weeks. We had hot dogs for tea, we all had a great big bubble bath together and now we are all ready for bed!

Though first I just had to tell ya's that I reached a mid life crisis on Friday, and went and done a spur of the moment thing. A bit crazy, but hey, thats me at times. I went and got my nose pierced, well I was at work at the nose gun is there and well it was just meant to be! He He He! Wasn't very popular with Dad, first the tattoo a few years back and now the nose but hey its my life and I like it! I will post up a pic in a few days when the redness dies down a little, I have to say it did hurt a little, the first few minutes my eyes would not stop watering and the huge urge to want to sneeze! Its all good now, just a little tender. Can't wait for the six weeks to be up so I can take it out and put in a tiny teeny diamond stud. Oooh I have lost the plot I know!

So ciao all, sweetdreams, I am off to put my kidlets to bed and go and jump into bed myself and read some more of my Jodie Picoult - Change of Heart book! What are all you guys reading at the moment? Any good authors you love?
Chat soon
Love Lisxx