Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I have been scrapping up a storm lately!  Creating layouts for up coming classes, a calendar for the end of the year to teach along with a Journal Jar, a Journal and a card for Travis's teacher.  Thought I would share with you what I have created..

Here is a layout I created about my Scrapping Studio using Kaisercrafts Distracted Papers. Scrapping really is my sanity, my outlet, my therapy, and of course what a great subject to scrap!

This is Trav's teachers Journal Jar, Journal and Card for end of year present.  The Journal Jar is all about being a teacher, alot of questions about her journey on how she became a teacher, why she became a teacher, where she has taught, fav things about teaching, etc...

This is my next years calendar using kaisers Lilac Avenue.  I am actually teaching this as my last class for the year on the 22nd december 2009.  If you want to create it too, make sure you book your seat ASAP, only limited seats and seats are booking fast.  Only 5 seats left.

Well thats it on the scrapping front.  Am also in the middle of completing Journal Jars for the girls at the scrap shop.  These Journal Jars are questions all about themselves.  At the end they will have a journal about the journey of their life.  A fantastic keepsake for their children / grandchildren to read in years to come about the person they are...  Will keep you posted with pics as I finish them.

Hope you have a truly fantastic day!  I will chat to you all soon
Love Lisxx

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tonights class is....

The Kaisercraft Pack your bags double layout that we were going to do last week. 

Also had a great night last night with the girls from the Salon with our monthly Scrapnight with Kaszazz.  So nice to get together outside of work, and Nyree and I were naughty on the way home and called into Macka's for a Hot Caramel and Hot Fudge Sundae!  LOL!  We even took the scenic route home and checked out some of the Chrissy lights on the way home!  Was really nice!  Such a fun time of year, as well as hectic!  LOL!

Looking forward to my class tonight, today I am staying at home, finish wrapping the Chrissy pressies, and working on a 2010 calendar to teach before the end of the year.  Yeh!!!

Just think Only 17 days until Chrissy!  Time is flying by!!!
Love Ya's

Sunday, 6 December 2009

A Break Away.....

Grant decided during the week that we needed to get away for a weekend before all the madness started for Christmas. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am not a huge fan of camping but hey I went and guess what I really enjoyed it.
Thursday arvo after work I went shopping and grabbed everything we needed, spend Thursday night packing all our clothes and getting organised. Grant and I both had Friday off work and we let the kids have a day off school! They were both so excited. Charged their DS Nintendo's up and Friday morning we packed the car and headed off at 9.30am. We drove for 3.5 hours to Chaffey Dam near Nundle (Tamworth area).
Trav playing DS on our Road Trip
I really must say I was quite surprised at how dry and brown everything is once you pass Singleton. Truly heartbreaking. And its only November, whats it going to be like come January / February??? Going to be a bad year for fires I would think.

Once we got to Chaffey Dam, we set up camp and Grant got straight into fishing and we all settled in, only to be hit with not one but three thunderstorms, within about 1 hour of each other. Well the tent did not like the wind and Grant and I ended up holding up each side while the storms went through! LOL!
Chaffey Dam & some Fishing

I must also say, what is it with boys and rocks. As soon as we got settled and Grant set up his fishing, the next thing we know, the boys are at the waterside, picking up rocks and throwing them into the water. LOL! Cooper was entertained for hours doing this, it was great! He got so much enjoyment with throwing rocks in to the water. LOL!

Coop and rocks and our storms Grant managed to catch the heaviest fish - an 8kg Carp on 4kg Line, and it wasn't until that night we realised that he had a world record and we didn't save it. Bugger it, Grant was truly devastated! Looks like we will be chasing world records next year! LOL!

Other than the fishing, and the relaxing, kicking back, I read some of my book - Paulina Simons new book. The second day we moved camp, due to the wind and found a more sheltered spot which was much more secure. I think come the new year it will be time to look for a camping trailer, that you just pull out and away you go. None of this setting up tents, trying to hold them up in huge winds! Actually looking forward to the next trip! Though in saying that, I think March would be good. Not too hot!

Relaxing and Kicking Back

Late Sunday arvo we got home, unpacked and crashed! Mum and Dad came round to catch up on our adventures and Coop decided he wanted a sleep over with Nan and Pop! WOW, so excited, can't remember the last time nan and pop had one of the boys over night. Well that was my weekend all wrapped up! Back to the daily grind in the morning.

Did you get up to anything exciting over the weekend????

Chat soon
Love Lisxx

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas Carols

Travis's school put on a Christmas Carols. Each class had their own carols to get up on stage to sing and dance to. It was so cute to watch and such a great way to spend a night with the kids doing something Christmasy!

The school did such a wonderful job, there were sausage sizzles, cold drinks, lollies, glow sticks, flashing candles, raffles, a stage for the kids to get up and sing their songs complete with lights. This is one of the best shows Woodberry School has put on.
I was so proud of Trav up there on stage, singing and dancing, enjoying himself and having a wonderful time. He had stage fright to start with and really didn't want to go up, that old lack of confidence kicked in, but by the time he got up there, he ended up in the front row, dancing, singing and having a ball! It was so cute and I was so proud....

Can't wait for next years, was talking to Jo who was the mastermind behind the whole concert, and a bloody great job she did too, and next year they are going to add fireworks at the end of the night! WOW! This kids will go crazy!

Just love this time of year!


Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Tonights class is cancelled. Please make sure that you remember to book in to avoid any disappointment on both your end and mine!

Had a lovely catch up today with Sandy! Really enjoy our get togethers. I am so lucky to have found such a loyal and great friend through the world of scrapbooking. And extra bonus she only lives 10 minutes away! Could come and visit with you every day Sandy! Its about time you had a cry on my shoulder instead of the other way round! Bout time I could return the favour! Love you!

I was a sucker today as well and let Trav have the first day of the month off. The boys have been hanging out to put the tree up, so we all did it today! Have a traditional tree this year. Last year was Blue and Silver, the year before Green & Gold, this year it is Red, Green and Gold. Love the traditional look! Even managed to put a few pressies under. Such a nice time of year bonding with the kids putting the tree up! We had so much fun!

Our Tree - 2009

Well tea is done and dusted, think I might settled back with a few Christmas recipe books and find some nice recipes for Christmas lunch. Going to have Christmas lunch with my parents and Aunty at my place this year instead of going to theirs. Give mum a break this year. Then go to Grants family for dinner! Though in saying that, haven't heard of their plans yet! Busy Busy!
Then our traditional BBQ on Boxing day for Coops Birthday! The big 4!!!

Have a nice night, I am going to enjoy the break, kick back, relax and go through some recipes. Glad I had dinner first. LOL!


Tonights class is

a double layout on a favourite holiday you have been on! We are using Kaisers Pack Your Bags Paper.

Why does FB keep putting my pics on the side??????

You will need:
* 2 x cardstocks
* Pack Your Bags Kaisercraft Collection
* Pack Your Bags Diecuts
* 4 x 4x6" Portrait Pics
* 2 x 4x6" Landscape Pics
* A Title for your layout
* Your trimmer, adhesive, scissors, etc

I will bring my circle punches and 3D foam if you do not have any!

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BOOKED IN! Or email me and I will book you in!
Creative Craft Shack - Leanne - 49817484.

Can't wait to create with you! Just loving these classes, the girls are fantastic!

See you tonight

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Life has been .......

super busy and super stressful the past few weeks. I have been busy this week creating a few Chrissy presents for the girls who work at the Scrap shop where I teach! Will post up some pics when I actually get around to taking them.

Finished all my Chrissy shopping this week. Phew! what a chore that is! Also finished off all my Chrissy Cards, all hand made, just have to remember to buy stamps. The kids are busting at the seems to put the tree up but I told them not before the 1st December!

Had a big week with mum. She hasn't been well at all. Spent alot of time looking after her, keeping her mind occupied, taking her out, etc.

Though I did have my fortune told on Saturday! WOW! So so accurate. Describe Grants, Travs. Coops and my personalitys to a T! So bizarre! Was a really positive reading, really enjoyed it. Jan was a lovely lovely lady! Would definately go back to her. She reads your Astrology charts and then does the Tarot Cards. WOW! She even picked up that my car is having meltdowns and its time for a new one, her words "Your car has gremlins"! LOL! Love it!
I have been out of car nearly all week, this is constantly happening the past few months, the mechanic can't find the problem. Spent a fortune on it, and still keeps dying and playing up! I love that it has Gremlins! LOL! So true! She also said that I had spent to much money already on trying to fix the problem, and that they will never find the problem it is just Gremlins. Thinking a Prado very soon down the track!

Well thats me for a quick update. Will chat and download some more pics soon!

This time of year is crazy! So busy!
Love Ya's

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tonights class is

a beginners crash course on paper piecing. Nothing to elaborate, just some a few different size circles using your scraps to create a tree. Paper piecing seems to be the craze in the scrapbook world at the moment, so why not introduce you to this craft the easy way.

Sorry for the sideways pic, Blogger keeps puttiing all my pics on the side lately, even though are up the right way in my computer. *pulling hair*

You will need to bring:

1 x Cardstock

1 x 4x6" portrait picture

2 x 2x3" portrait pictures

Green / Brown scraps (or Duchess Scraps)

A title for your layout

9 x Assorted Green Buttons

1 Pkt Light Green Rhinestones

And of course your adhesive, your trimmer, your scissors and a pencil.

I will bring along all my different sized circle punches for use.

Remember the class starts at 6.30pm tonight and please make sure that you have booked in.

Thank you and hope to see you tonight!


Sunday, 22 November 2009

I went to see.....

New Moon today! OMG how good is this! And how hot is Jacob??? OMG! Talk about goosebumps!!! The movie was sooooo good. I really can't wait for the next two movies! These have to be the best movies of all time. I really really loved the books, they had me hooked from Twilight, and only took me like 1-2 days to read each book! Now the books have come to life and it is awesome!!!

Has anybody else seen New Moon? What did you think? Who else is a huge Twilighter fan like me?

Apart from that my life has been quiet. Been hybernating inside the house for 4 straight days of 40 degrees or more! Too hot to go outside. Even saying that it is nearly 7pm and it is still in its mid 30's outside. What is going on with the seasons? We don't usually get weather like this until January / February, and its only November!!! Here's hoping that January / February is more like Autumn then, seeing that we are getting Summer now in Spring! So confusing!!!

Now as for Christmas I am getting organised! I have my boys done, and pressies wrapped. Little snoops kept looking for them, easier to wrap them! Ha Ha Ha! Have even done Coops birthday pressie and wrapped them to ready to go, seeing that his birthday is the 26th december! The big 4!! So exciting! Have done my parents, have done my Sister in Law, have done my Aunty, and Grants niece and nephew, though still have Grant, Grants Brother and partner, Grants Dad, Mele & the kids, and a few others. I am making all the salon girls a gift, along with Trav's teacher and the lovely Leanne at the Scrap Shop! So better get cracking on those too. Can't believe how fast this year has flown nd its nerly time to put up the tree and all the lights! *Wiping brow* How are you going with all your Christmas preparations???

Have a nice cool day inside and lets hope for that southerly tonight!!!
Love Lisxx

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Silly Season is

fast approaching, so for tonights class I am teaching 6 Christmas Cards using Kaisercraft Christmas Carnival Papers!

Christmas Carnival Christmas Cards

I can't believe how quickly Christmas is coming around! I am trying to be good and starting to get organised! In saying that, I have finished the kids pressies and even wrapped them, just have every other present to go! Wiping brow! Its such a big job!!!

Looking forward to tonights class, something different other than a layout evey Tuesday night!
Lets get into the festive season together!


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tonights class is

my Please don't stop the music class! Tonights class incorporates hidden journalling, stamping, using punches, paper layering, using rhinestones, using 3 photos, and creating embellishments from pattern paper. Please do not forget to book in!

The materials list is
1 x Burgandy Cardstock
1 x White cardstock
1 x Bird Song Flutter PP
1 x Bird Song Morning Flight PP
1 x Robins Egg PP
1 x Water Threading Punch
1 x Scallop Punch
1 x Tab Punch
1 x Pkt Clear Rhinestones
Title for you page (One Word)
Bird Stamps
Staz On Ink
3 x Photos ( 1 x 9cm x 13cm, 2 x 8cm x 11cm)

DON’T FORGET TO BRING – your Pictures, three sheets of co-ordinating pattern paper, 1pk Clear Rhinestones, A one Worded Title. Scissors, Trimmer, & Adhesive. I will provide a sheet of small alpha’s, the stamps, the water threading punch, the scallop punch and the tab punch.

See you there!


Sunday, 8 November 2009

I have my........

creative juices flowing this week. I have scrapped a double layout, something I hardly ever ever do, but thought I'd challenge myself, as one of the girls where I teach asked if I could come up with a double layout on holidays. So what does that focus on? Heaps of pics!!!! But I stood up to the bar and using the new Kaiser Pack you bags range came up with a simple double layout that was quite quick to put together. Surprised myself actually!

Here is a close up!
For some reason the double layout keeps coming up as sideways, so will have to post another pic later when I work out what is going on!!!

Also this weekend I manage to create two more layouts. Both for classes at Medowie. One layout I focused on doodling, the other on paper piecing.

Hunter valley Gardens - Focus on Doodling (and using scraps)

For HVG I used Kaisercraft Babushka Papers and Paint.

HVG Close up

Again facebook has turned my pic sideways, I'll leave this one for now! Sorry all!

For Bike Riding I used Kaisercraft Duchess Papers and Rhinestones
Bike Riding - Focus on Paper Piecing (and using scraps)

Bike Riding - Close up

Other than that my weekend has been the norm, with cleaning, tidying, washing, etc etc.. What have you been doing this weekend????
Chat soon

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Carefree Layout

Tonights class I am teaching a new layout that I have created using Kaisercrafts new Rewind Papers. I just love these papers and all the rubons, diecuts, stamps, etc to match! Well done Kaiser.
Carefree Close up

Hope to see you at class tonight and don't forget to book in!

Cheers Lisxx

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Some more creative time

Whilst I was off and found I had free time, I created the Bird House with the Duchess Papers and re-created a Christmas Layout with the Dear Santa Papers.

Close up of Bird House

and re-created a Christmas Layout with the Dear Santa Papers.

All I want for Christmas

This week has been so busy! We have finished on side of the fence with one side to go, we have had a new air con go in just in time for summer as our last one died at the end of summer last year.. Lucky for us we didn't need it during the year as we have the fire... This weekend we will be fencing again all weekend to do our other fence, though I have to say, the cream colourbond with the black trim looks awesome... Makes our yard look even bigger than it already is.. we have a 1300 m2 block, which is practically all backyard. 55metres is just one of the side fences! Yes pretty big for a suburban block, and we back onto 100's and 100's of acres, so no back neighbours, just the two side ones. We are going to leave the back fence open with a wooden post and rail fence (something like horse studs have), so it doesn't block out our beautiful view.

On that note I am also back to working at the salon in the morning, looking so forward to getting back there, missing the girls terribly. Lucky for me I did go in yesterday and had some maintenance done before starting again, so got a little fix from seeing the girls...

I hope you all have a brilliant weekend, for me it will be more fencing!!!

Take care, chat soon Lisxx

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Heartbreaker Layout

Tonight I will be teaching my Heartbreaker Layout at The Creative Craft Shack at Medowie. Please make sure that if you want to join us, that you ring and book your spot!! So excited to go back and teach after having three weeks off..

See you all tonight!!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Hunter Valley Gardens.

Today I took my mum, Aunty and my two boys to the Hunter Valley Gardens. My mum has had my Aunty staying with her for the past three weeks now, taking care of her while she recoups, we had ops on the same day, just in different states! LOL! She fell down a flight of stairs and shattered her left shoulder. Has 10-11pins and 1 plate. Twice a week I take them somewhere, whether it is out to a cafe somewhere just for a coffee, a drive around the coutryside, lunch at Blackbutt Reserve, and today it is HVG! Aunty Trish hadn't been here before, so it seemed like the place to go!

Just some of the pics I took from HVG!

We had such a lovely day! Took nearly two hours to walk around the whole gardens. The boys absolutely loved the Storybook Garden! It had statues all through the gardens of characters out of old storybooks, like Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Pussy in the Well, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Little Bo Peep, Alice in Wonderland, etc... Fantastic!!!

A few of the HVG Storybook pics

Though in saying that we did miss two displays, as Aunty Trishs arm was aching and the boys were getting restless... After the gardens, we went and had some lunch then ventured over the other side of HVG where the village is, and shopped at the Chocolate Shop, the British Lolly Shop, and had a look in all the other shops. Finally we decided to take another break, grabbed an icecream and waffle and parked ourselves in the shade right beside the kids playarea, and let the kids have a play for half an hour before going home.
We were pooped! Didn't get home until 5.30pm! The kids crashed in the car on the way home! Bliss! Least I know we will all sleep well tonight! Tomorrow is the start of putting up the new fences. Wonder how far we will get???

What are you up to over the weekend? Hope its something good???

Love Lisxx

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Speaking of Christmas....

Thought I'd better get some quick Chrissy portraits done of the boys! Have a Chrissy layout I want to get done using the new Kaisercraft Dear Santa papers, so out comes the Chrissy Hats and out comes the camera.

Trav - you are way too sweet!

Cooper you are way to cute and cheeky!!

Well this is going to be my mission today! Get some scrapping done! Then what I don't get finished! Finish on Friday! Looking very forward to Friday! A day home alone! Grant will be at work, Trav and Coop both at School! WOW! Can't remember the last time this happened! Scrap day bring it on!!!

What do you like to do when you have a day all to yourself????

Chat soon


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A Boy??? A Girl???

I decided to do some spring cleaning, and go through the kids wardrobes, bookcases, toyboxes and once I had finished sorting and tidying there, I started on my room. Well of course Cooper had to be right in the middle of it all. Too funny! Here I was sorting out my underwear, socks and swimmers drawers when Coop strips off and starts putting on my stuff! Oh I was in stitches. In the end he was happy with a purple pair of my G's and one of my tops of a tankini. Well I was in hysterics. He was posing, and struting his stuff in front of the wardrobe mirrors.

I then told his to go and show daddy, and to start off with daddy was horrified, his son dressing in girls clothes, but after he got over his macho ways, he too found it funny. Who could resist with the posing! Anyway, we headed back inside, I grabbed my camera and here he was working his poses for the camera too! Way too funny! But beware, some pics are graphic! LOL!

OMG Cooper, you are way too funny!

The joys of little boys!!! OK Baack to it! Better go and finish off my room now!!! Then onto the toys in the loungeroom and back room! Its like Toys r us in this house!!! And Christmas is coming!!! Need to make room for the new!!! LOL!

Hope you got some laughter today from these pics!!

Take care, chat soon


Tuesday, 20 October 2009


This is the last layout that Leanne will be teaching and I will be back in full swing next week! Yeh!!! Thanks so much Leanne, you are a real gem! I will also be back at the salon too as of the 30th October! So looking forward to going back to work, so missing all the girls at the salon! Thanks Janet for looking after my Fridays for me! Best boss in the world!!!
So tonights class is my Clogs Class! So love the Babushka range from Kaiser! And these papers fitted perfectly with the pic of my Mother in Law in Clogs while she went back home for a visit! She is Dutch! Hope you girls can make it, and make sure you have in your diaries to come visit me next Tuesday night!
This week has also seen me order in a new air con, which will arrive and be installed next week. Our Fences also arrived and are safely in storage in our shed. Fingers crossed the weather will be all good for Sunday, and Grant can start to put them up! Be so nice to have a fence again, but will miss the view of the back paddocks.... Travis has gone back to school this week, so its back to one child. Though in saying that I have enrolled Cooper in two days next week. Mondays and Fridays. Pity I work both those days! LOL! Have also done some scrapping this week. Finished a layout using the Rewind Kaiser papers and some Christmas Cards using the Christmas Carnival Papers. Now just to finish my Christmas Layout using the Dear Santa Kaiser papers and my Birds House using the Duchess Kaiser papers. Will post pics soons...

Sneaky Peak of Rewind layout
Sneaky Peak of Christmas Carnival cards
Please drop me a line if you read my blog, say Hi, let me know what you have been up to, what you have been working on, or if I don't know you, where you come from? Would love to hear all about you!

Chat soon, take care

Week 3!

Well I must say I am feeling alot more like my normal self. I had my post operative appointment today with Dr Jaaback, and all went pretty good. I even have pics of what my insides looked like! Ewwww! He found that I had endo on both my ovaries, as well as inside, also had endo on my uterus and on my bladder. He burnt/cut off what he could on the outside of the ovaries, uterus and bladder. I also have cysts on the inside of my ovaries, which he has left. Plus a curette to flush everything out! I still have all my girly bits and no cancer! Yippee! He was hesitant to remove my ovaries because I am still young, and by removing my ovaries will cause me to go straight onto HRT! Something he wants to avoid for quite a while yet. So going forward I just have to try to persevere with the discomfort for as long as I can. To slow the endo down, he recommends I go back on the pill (OMG) and only have a period 1-3 times a year! Well that I can handle... Bring that on!

Thats it for me!
Chat again tomorrow!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

School Layout with Kaiser Dot to Dot

Leanne is teaching again for me tonight. Where would I be without Leanne! tonights class is my School Layout using Lace cardstock and Kaisers Dot to Dot Range. Hope you can make it.

Recovery is going a little better in my second week. I have progressed to being able to go out in the car and things are improving. My cut in my belly button is still quite sore as is my bladder. Wierd!! I have watched so many movies I couldn't even name them all but here are a few I can remember off the top of my head. Gforce, Aliens in the Attic, Ice Age 3, Transformers 2, Ghosts from Girlfriends Past, Confessions of a Shopaholic, the first season of True Blood, The last house on the left, 17 Again, Renee Zellwegers new one (can't remember the name), Bring it On (the latest one), Fired Up, OMG I am all movied out. Grant even took the boys to see Up at the movies. I stayed home! Have been doing a little scrapping, but only manage about 10-15 minutes at a time before my stomach starts to ache! Bring on Week 3!

Hope you are all enjoying the school holidays! Its so nice to have all three of my boys home (thats hubby included)!

Take care, Chat soon


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Grubby Layout

Tonight Leanne at the Creative Shack is stepping in for me and teaching my Grubby Messy Dirty Layout with Kaisers papers.

As for my recovery, it is coming along slow. I still have not progressed into Jeans yet, only Pj's and trackies. Lucky for me I am still housebound, doing a lot of resting, watching movies, reading, etc. Hubby is home looking after me, wrangling the kids, doing his best at the housework and doing the dinner duties. Bliss really! Now just to get rid of this pain and I would say I was in heaven! I am sure a few more weeks and I will be doing heel clicks in the air again! LOL!

Chat soon, take care


Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hi Honey I'm home.....

Well everyone, things went better than ever! Firstly, NO CANCER! Yeh, woot woot! Jumping for joy! What they did find was that I have endometriosis. My left ovary had an endometrial haemorrhage, and had actually ruptured a week or more before surgery! Hence the pain! Arggg! Though the ovary was absorbing it into my monthly cycle. I had keyhole surgery, had what endometriosis Dr Jaaback could burn away and had a complete curette to flush everything else out! As far as I am aware at this point in time, I am still ALL female, haven't lost any girly bits! LOL! Apparently cancer markers can rise when you have endometriosis that becomes inflamed or haemorrhages, hence why mine kept rising. Not necessarily meaning that you have cancer. Wish someone had of told us that in the beginning.

They actually sent me home from surgery the same day and I have been recouperating at my parents house. Very scared to stay at home with the boys incase I got hit in the stomach, or Cooper decided to crawl into bed with me. Not a good idea, so I had been staying at my parents until this morning, and I'll brave it out from now on in. *Biting fingernails* .

I look like I have been probed by aliens with 4 puncture wounds to my stomach, though I am mobile, and been pottering around, then lying down when I need to.

Have to send a huge thank you out to all of you who have sent text messages, emails, phonecalls, get well cards and flowers. I truly am so grateful to have such wonderful, thoughful and caring friends, family, workmates, etc. Thankyou all so much! Positivity is a great world to live in, and I can't have asked for a better outcome. A huge sigh of relief.

Chat again soon
Love Lisxx

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tuesdays Class

Tonight I will be teaching "This Girl" Layout. Hope to see you at the Creative Craft Shack.

Remember that the next few weeks my layouts will be taught by Leanne while I am home recovering from Surgery!
Now just to finish organising the house and pack my bags for hospital! See you all in a few days!
Love Lisxx

Monday, 28 September 2009

Sneaky Peak

Heres a sneak peak of tomorrow nights class....

Don't forget to book in. Hope to see you there!!


Sunday, 27 September 2009

Happy 60th Dad

Today is my Dads 60th Birthday! Happy Birthday ole fella! Love you to death!! We had a beautiful lunch at scratchleys in on Newcastle Harbour, very leisurely, a few drinks, a beautiful lunch, even mum and I squeezed in a yummy dessert! Mmmmm! Great great day, Happy Birthday, hope you have enjoyed your day dad!!


Love you!


Saturday, 26 September 2009

Its a good day for.....

a little scrapping... That awful wind is blowing again with dust in it, so while the kids are housebound once again, I got on the creative bandwagon, and made some cards and a canvas out of Kaisers Flutterby range. I really do love this range and don't really have a chance to use it seeing that I have a houseful of boys. This is one of my husbands friends daughters, who just loves coming to visit me so we can scrapbook together.. She is truly a gorgeous little girl... Going to give this to her for Christmas along with another one when I get around to completing that too.
Princess Dakota
Close Up of 3D Butterflies

Then with all the scraps I had left over, I decided to make 4 cards. Don't you just love Flutterby!!

What creativity do you create this weekend??


Thursday, 24 September 2009

"There is no place like home"

Well I woke yesterday morning, not quite sure if I had woke on Mars or whether I had been thrown straight into the Wizard of Oz. "Toto, where are you". I made sure I wore my bright red sparkly shoes all day so I could click my heels together and say "There is no place like home". No just kidding!!! Though wasn't that red dust storm just terrible.....

I have spent all day, apart from doing the bookwork, cleaning, dusting, washing cars, hosing the whole house down, gardens, garage, etc. My kids had the day off school, as I just wasn't going to tempt fate and have them come home full of sinus, allergies or asthma.... So we just veged out all day inside, watching movies and playing XBox with all the doors loaded up with towels so the dust wouldn't get underneath. Here I thought I was being so smart, but no that red dust just came right on in, through our tiled roof and down through our downlights. You couldn't pay me enough to live out in the outback. Yuk!!!

Here is a pic I took yesterday of the dust storm, then again this morning just to show the difference. This old shed is in the 200 acres behind us... Looks very rustic in the red dust don't you think...

Red Dust Storm

How did you fare in the dust storm? Have you got pics? Send me a link and I'll check them out! You tube has some great vidoes that people have took too! Amazing..
Stay clean

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tuesdays Class

That time of the week has come around again. I had a few requests on how to teach paper weaving, so I pulled out an old layout to teach for tonights class! Kaisercraft of course..

I created this album quite a while back in a cybercrop. The theme was something that you love about winter and you had to have paper weaving somewhere on your layout. No it may look easy, but let me tell you it can really test your patience. Good luck girls...

Hot Chocolate Paper Weaving.

See you all at Medowie tonight!!


Monday, 21 September 2009

Sneaky Peak

of tomorrows nights class! Paper Weaving on a layout!!

Don't forget to book in with the Creative Craft Shack at Medowie. Would love to see you there!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Its a scrap happy day today...

Seeing that my class was postponed today, guess what!! I still scrapped! LOL! I decided to make my dad a 60th Birthday card.

Close up
Then I decided to make a Gratitude Journal. I don't know if any of you have read "The Secret" but it is very inspiring for positive thinking. I wanted a journal to capture little daily affirmations, write down things I am grateful for etc...

Gratitude Journal
Close Up
Then I was on a roll, so decided to make myself a Diary for my classes, so that I had somewhere to keep all my contacts, ideas that I come up with, techniques to cover, and a weekly place to put what layout I am doing each week, with a materials list, things I need to take with me, etc. Feel more organised now and feel like I have accomplished alot today.

Classes Diary
Close Up Also went to spotlight and bought the new Bella Sarah Jane Papers, and on the way home, hubby and boys and I went to the Hunter River Hotel and had lunch! Was a lovely Sunday, and the weather was fantastic. The boys bought some water balloons at spotlight, so the afternoon was full of water fights! LOL!

Cooper not very impressed at getting hit! LOL

Travis being hit!!!

I even got a reprieve from cooking tonight. Grant decided that he was going to try out the new BBQ and cook a roast in it! Well, I have to say that is the last time I cook a roast, Grant now has the job! What a top job he did too! And no mess on the BBQ! Even better! Thanks Granto!

Well thats the end of my weekend! Great fantastic family weekend with perfect beautiful weather... Bring on next week!!!

What did you get up to over the weekend???

Chat soon