Monday, 27 April 2009

Happy Birthday Kate & Shell

Just a quick note to wish my SIL Kate a happy 32nd birthday and my ole mate Shell, happy 34th birthday you ole tart, finally caught up to me!

Here's our ole cheers song we always sing:
Heres to you
And heres to me
Best of friends
We'll always be
But if you seem
to disagree!
Well F@&! You
And here's to me!

Cheers Girls. Chinck Chinck!!!
Have a good one! Thinking of ya's!

By the way Shell it was great to see you today! Coming to visit tomorrow too! Have to get my fix while you are close! LOL!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Happy Birthday Blanchy!

Here's to You Blanchy!!! 34! You caught up to me wench!!! Have a great day and don't get too pickled!!! See you this arvo!!

OK recap, last night we had a BBQ for the Anzacs, crawled into bed around 2am, only to be woken by the kids at 5,30am.... Not happy Jan!! Why is it a calling card for kids to get up so early!!!!!

So on with the show.... We decided that we would go and check out the rest of the Scarecrow Festival at Wollombi - Part 2... Took the lovely scenic route all the way to Wyong and turned off and headed to Laguna, then to Wollombi! Oh the scenery was gorgeous, just what we needed! The kids had a little sleep on the way, lucky devils.... Spotted a few more Scarecrows along the way that we never saw last weekend. This was soooo coool! The kids nearly jump out of their skin every time they spot a scarecrow..

Scarecrow Festival - Part 2 We arrived at Wollombi just in time to have lunch at the Wollombi Pub! Good ole true counter lunches!!! Whta a perfect place, like you stepped back in time... Love this little town! So would love to live there or ever have a weekender on some acres out here! Bloody gorgeous smorgeous....
The town of Wollombi

What a brilliant day, and what a brilliant weekend. Called into see the birthday girl on our way home, but she was too pickled for a normal convo! Onya Blanchy!

Hope you all had a brilliant weekend!! Groundhog day for me tomorrow, back to work!! Gotta love it right????

Love Ya's

Lis xoxoxo

Saturday, 25 April 2009


Well what a perfect excuse for a BBQ and few drinks with friends! Was a great night. Apparently Rod (Grants mate) had said to Rob, gunna get Lisa smashed tonight (seeing I am always the sensible one who knows her limits), not real keen on feeling like shite the next day!

And guess what kharm came back to bite him on the arse. He was the one that got totally smashed, so smashed that he had to fertilize my lawn, then passed out on the lounge. Ha Ha Ha! Tooo funny! That will teach you!!! Here's a few pics of Rod passed out cold.... Still kacking myself...

All in all, it was a great BBQ, as we always do, we all played 32 (cards - its our signature card game) until the we hours of around 2am. All except ole "chucky"! LMAO! Well maybe it will be my turn next time, Grant was the time before that, maggoted, Rod this time, so maybe my turn is just about up! We'll see! Too funny anyway, least we done the soldiers proud with out constant toasts!!!
Hope you all had a great and safe Anzac Day! Off to the scarecrow festival tomorrow. Lets hope we all wake pretty good and healthy! Cheers to that!

Saturday Ning Nings...

Firstly, a big Salute to all the Soldiers out there that fought for our country! Here's to the Anzacs!!!

One of the boys favourite pastimes at the moment, going motorbike riding out in the bush! Now they really look the part in their motorbike gear!!!

Trav in his gear

Coop in his gear!

Again spent a few hours beside the pipeline, in and out of the bush, keeping a close eye out for snakes this time, seeing that last time Grant and Coop ran over an Emerald Green snake.. Grant managed to see a Red belly this time but he wasn't sticking around.
Though Trav and I saw something that I am not even sure what it was. It crossed our path about 100 metres in front of us, didn't stop, just ran out of one side of the bush, across the dirt track and into the other side of the bush. Trav's first question was "What was that mummy, was that a tiger"? I said no it wasn't orange! I then asked Travis what colour was it? and he said "All black" Exactly! It looked like a big huge black cat to me too! We were out of there quick smart, straight back to the car and waited for Grant and Coop! Told Grant when he got back and he said that there had been sitings of a big balck cat out here but not for a while! Well thanks for telling me! I shat bigtime, that was the end of riding for me and Trav, we were too scared. Coop stayed at the car with me and Trav, they rode their pushies while Grant was determined to go find it, but noluck! Not sure If I am keen to go back out there again. Man the cat must have been on steriods to be soo bloody big!!
Well now its time to get ready for a BBQ tonight for Anzac day with a few of our closest friends... Will be back shortly!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A little scrap time out!

OMGosh, think I am nearly ready for the school holidays to be over. Had such a great time with the kids, but they are starting to bounce off each other now. Cooper tormenting Travis and Travis dobbing every chance he gets. Getting a little monotonous!!!!

Spent the morning at Mele's, just a cuppa and a good chat. Let the kids do their own thing for a little while when Mele said "Lets get out tonight" Lets do some scrapping away from home! Now what a perfect idea. So we hired the Woodberry Community Centre's Conference room from 6pm to 9pm for $17. Bargain, and got away from it all!
Mele is working on an album for her Sister in Law's 30th and me well I bought a calendar at the beginning of the year and thought it was best time to scrap it, great little size for a desktop calendar too. No pictures required if you don't want to, so I scrapped it with the Kaiser Butterfly paper and put one of those sentiments beside the calendar, that way it won't date, like a photo can! Now if you buy one of these calendars, you will actually see a pic of me and Jane on the front, how cool is that?????
My Desktop Calendar

Well thats me for now.... Just the same ole same ole during the week... Work, Work, Work and wrangling highly strung kids.... Looking forward to the weekend...

Take care


Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Sunday!

After my lovely day with the girls in Sydney, I met up with Grant, Kate and the boys for a drink and a catch up of their day around near the Aquarium. The boys had a brilliant day, Grant and Kate had taken them to te Maritime Museum, a ferry ride over the Luna Park and rides at Luna Park! Too much fun.

We all then headed back to Kates at Five Dock, dinner, and crashed.

Up Early for a day, headed back into the City to visit the Australian Museum. WOW! What an awesome place. Three levels of amazing things. The kids were in awe as were us adults... We saw the taxidermy section, the Bird section, the Butterfly section, the Skeleton section, the gemstone section, the Australian native fauna section, the Woolley Mammoth section and the Dinosaur Section! Super exciting! The kids were so so so excited at the dinosaurs, Cooper was a little afraid, its was dark and scary, and dinosaurs roaring, the atmosphere was fantastic... Here are just some of the pics we took.
Museum Pics
After the museum, we headed into Bondi for lunch, another wonderful meal then back to Kates to pack up the car, more pics.

Pics with Aunty Kate

Just had to buy another jumpsuit off Kate before Winter is here. Know I am going to need it, my last one lasted me two years, could still wear it if I like but had washed it so many times it had started to go ball-e! LOL! If you haven't got a Midnight Romp Jumpsuit, OMG, you have to get one, the best winter investment ever! Kate is the Best! go get yourself some.

Kate is the chicky in the grey romper!

Well our weekend just didn't finish there. We thought we would take the long way home and head home via Wollombi, as the Scarecrow festival is on at the present. OMG the kids were excited all over again spotting scarecrows. What a fun arvo. Though we took a wrong turn at Wollombi and ended up at Bourke, just near Singleton, talk about the long way home, but we were in now rush, the drive through the country was fantastic, the scarecrows were cool as, going to go and check out the rest next weekend as we ran out of light....

Scarecrow Festival - Part 1 (Part 2 next week)
OK so now I am bushed, time for bed, so check ya's all later......

Fantastic weekend had by all! Can't wait to do it all over again.

Love Ya's Lis xoxoxo

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sydney Girly Get together!!!!

Wow what an awesome day! We (Al, Lee, Jane , Sandy and moi) all met at Janes place really early Saturday Morning! Happy Birthday Sandy, you ole chook!!!!
We then all went scrap shopping together at two different scrap shops, oh I was in sheer heaven and my poor ole wallett got holes burnt in it! LOL! But oh so totally worth it.
Then we headed into the city... Browse around Paddy's, Lunch at the Sydney Yum Cha upstairs from Paddy's. Oh it was sooo nice, and had us all cracking up at FOOK KIN FRIED RICE, seeing that FOOK is our favourite word! LMAO!!!! Oh My how funny! Of course there was a thousand pics and Sandy being the funny one of the group just couldn't help herself with the chopsticks up her nose! LOL Sandy! Never a dull moment!

Next thing we know its time to head home, the time just flew I tell you! More pics, and have to thank Jane for the pics as I didn't take my camera in with me, knew that the papparrazi would have theirs, LOL, and knew mine would get in the way! Thanks again Jane!
Again another brilliant day with the girls, these girls are my fav girls... Can't believe the whole scrapping cyberspace brought me such great friendships, Internet, I owe you one!
Happy Birthday again for Jane and Sandy! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Aprils Kaiser Simple Plan

I Just luv these simple plans from Kaiser. Have been doing them now for quite a while...

Here is Aprils....

I had this pic of Netty from years ago when she visited her homeland - she is dutch, and I just loved the clogs. The Mamma Bushka papers so reminded me of Jeanette and couldn't help but scrap this pic with these papers....
Luv the Clogs

Another fantastic Simple Plan! Kaiser rocks....

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Scrap Night with Sonya...

The rest of the week has been much of the same, Wednesday just stayed at home and let the kids play, did the groceries, that sort of thing, nothing too exciting, Thursday I worked, and then it was fun time.
Every now and then one of us girls books a class with Sonya, she is apart of Kaszazz, they have heaps of things to make when you just need a break, a night off, no thinking, no products, you just turn up and do a class. I love it.
This time my Aunty booked the class, making some bling bling cards... Mele and I went, so needed a break, and I really fell in love with the cards... We embossed, something Mele hadn't done before, stamped, and bling'd it out! Love them!

The girls from the Salon want me to do a booking as they are card makers and want to get into Scrapping, so I made a booking in May to do a double layout. I just love easy peasy no brainers, just turn up, and be told what to do! LOL! Lazy I know! But sometimes its just what you need... Looking forward to scrapping with the girls from the Salon!
Thats me for the rest of the week. Off to work at the salon tomorrow, take my new bling cards for show and tell! LOL! Then off to Sydney for the weekend to catch up with Sandy, Jane, Al and Lee! Happy Birthday to Janey today! 40 did you say?? Well Happy 40th again luv!!! Sandy's 40th is on Saturday when we meet up! Of what a cause for celebration... Have a huge weekend ahead, will be back to blog soon! Take care.
Love Lisxoxox

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Another Kids day...

You just gotta love the school holidays hey! Always things to do! Today Grant had a roster day off, so we thought we would do something with the kids and take them to the movies to see Monsters vs Aliens. Oh what a good movie, this was the first time we had taken Cooper to the big screen, he was really good for hald the movie then he started to get a little antsy throught the last half, though we got to watch it all. Not to mention gorge ourselves on popcorn and softdrink... LOL!

After the movie we wet and had a look inthe Motorbike shop next door, as you all know my kids are motorbike mad. Just our luck that they were having a sale, so the next thing we know we are walking out with a pair of Fox riding pants each for the boys and a fox riding shirt. At least these will be alot more protective than jeans. I'll have to take pics next time we go riding, they look so cute in all their gear....

Then it was off to Macca's for lunch, well maybe a little late, but never late than ever right? Especially when it comes to kids and McDonalds... I had a much deserved coffee and was in heaven, by the time we all got home Cooper and I were buggered, so we toddled off to bed together and snuggled and Grant took Trav to the skateboard park to play for a while. Now this didn't last long, poor ole Trav came off his little Mongoose and face planted the concrete. Put is tooth through his top lip, grazed his top lip (fat lip now) and his nose. Poor dude. So there went my snooze.... At least there was no broken bones....

Can you see the fat lip?

Oh the excitement of holidays, there is never a dull moment is there?

Have fun! Chat soon!


Monday, 13 April 2009

4 hour scrapathon!

Wow what a day!!! Mele next door came over and we decided that we would do some scrapping together seeing that we hadn't done it for a while. Well 4 hours later and 11 cards, we called it a day! And what a day we had... Not to mention the cards we made!

Look at the mess we had!
Mele scrapping Here are my creations... I just love these papers from Kaiser and why not make some little kids birthday cards, perfect.....

And while I was on the band wagon, I have 5 birthdays this month, so why not make the 5 cards for those too! Hope you like!!!!

Well thats my efforts with our marathon scrapping, until tomorrow! Be good!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter everyone.....

Just short and sweet one today.... My kids were up at the crack of dawn. Of course the Easter bunny had already been, so we were up, camera in tow running and screaming around the front and back yard looking for easter eggs. LOL! Talk about hilarious, I am sure we woke all the neighbours.. Luckily they all have little kids too!

Cooper was lucky enough to find a DS Diego game from the Easter bunny as well as a gazillion little eggs and Travis found JakIII Playstation 2 game and a gazillion little eggs. So guess whats for brekky at our house! "CHOCOLATE"

Easter Hunt at Home

Next on the Easter Train...... Next stop Nanny and Poppy's... LOL! Another Easter Hunt, but gosh the kids were way too quick for me, they were out of the car, noticed a few eggs laying around, and they were off, squealling, yelling, so I only have pics of the boys and their eggs....

Easter at Nanny & Pops

Well I think we have enough Chocolate now to last us through until next Easter! LOL! Have to go, off to a BBQ to Mele's next door..... See you later. Have a fantastic Easter!!!!

Lis xoxo

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Another day of...

Kids playing happily. We took Trav and Cooper and our two little motorbikes out to the bush today and went motobike riding for two hours.. OMG how much fun did we have..... Sorry no pics of that seeing that I was on a motorbike doubling one of the kids while Grant was on the other with another kid.... I had the Peewee (goes slower - he he he) and Grant was on the Thumpstar, had one little go on that by myself, holy shit, its got balls!!! Goes toooo fast for me, way too much power, althought it was fun for a few minutes, but I'll just stick to the little Peewee.

So what did the scrapping world bring me today..... another range of Kaiser. This range is so gorgeous. So nice to see a little purple for a change. Not too many company's do purple, so it was nice to scrap with purple and lime, such a great combo too.

This Girl

Is my next door neighbour, one of my truly treasured friends. We had a girly Christmas dinner at Hogs Breath last year, and well they were just too good not to scrap! Especially with the purple....

And of course Jane has me addicted now to making cards out of my scraps, so here are three cards made out of the scraps...

Thank You Cards

Again that is me for another day, best be off, the easter bunny is on his way!!!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Cooking with Cooper...

Its Good Friday, Happy Easter to you all. We have had a great first day to the start of the Easter Holidays, the kids have enjoyed playing with the other kids in the street, in and out of each others houses all day.... Grant cleaned up the yard, did the edges, mowed, cleaned up the toys, and I did some scrapping relaxation therapy! Great day actually.

With it being Good Friday and all, its a must to have fish, so Grant and Cooper decided to crumb the fish together, until Cooper took over. Luckily we had some delicious Yellow Fin and Bass Groper in the freezer (Very spoilt when it comes to fish - seeing that Grant loves his fishing). Cooper thought he was the bomb crumbing the fish. And I tell you Grant cooked it to perfection on the BBQ too, it was delicious.......

My day was productive.... I got to play with one of the new ranges of Kaiser today! Marrakech... Very gorgeous papers. Now as you know, Travis had his school Easter Hat Parade yesterday, and a little girl in his class's mother forgot her camera..Me being a sucker for pics, readily said don't worry I'll take a few for you (Ha Ha Ha) - few hundred, anyway, thought it was a good excuse to make a little flip out album (A little old school I know - but so effective for a pressie) and scrapped Kaitlyn in her Easter Hat!

Album Cover

1st Flip Out Page

Second Flip Out Page

Third Flip Out Page

Fourth Flip Out Page

Thats me for the first day of the holidays, who knows what I'll get scrapped tomorrow.... Have a Good Friday everyone.....

Love Lisxx

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Waiting for Daddy...

I just couldn't resist taking these pics of Coop, while he was sitting out the front, waiting for Daddy to come home from work... He was not budging until he saw daddy's car coming down the street, then he got all excited pointing, and yelling daddys coming! Made Grants day!!!!
And of course while I had the camera out, I get the one hundred different faces of Cooper as well. Never a dull moment when theres a confident little show off willing to pull faces at a camera!! LMAO!

And while my outdoor little monster is outside waiting for daddy, my inside little hermit is where he always is, playing his DS!!! I am sure he will end up with Square eyes soon!
Well I just thought I would share these quick pics with you, thought they were just too adorable not too! Good night and sweetdreams...

Easter Hat Parade

Well the time has come, the last day of school and what better way to get the kids all pumped and primed, is to have their Easter Hat Parade.

Travis has done extremely well this first term of 1st Class, he got to have a party with all the other good kids for receiving 30 gold star on the board...., not to mention the numerous Merit Awards he has got this first term. So proud of him.....

At 12pm today, mum, Coop and I watched, with camera in tow, watched the Easter Hat Parade, I cheated this year, and recycled last years hat, ha ha ha!!!! Though one of Coopers friends made him a hat so he could have one too at the parade. The school has a program called navigators like a preschool on a thursday and they made lots of hats for the little kids, so Coop was super excited that he got to have his own hat too! Too much fun to be had!

Easter Hat Parade

Now to tackle the holidays!!!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Its nearly Easter

So here it is, the chocolate season again, and time to make a little Easter Treat for Trav's teacher.... Oh what to make....

I went and had a visit with Sandy today, and we sat there and made little cello bags filled with Ferro's and a card topper on top, was fun sitting and chatting and scrapping together....

So once I got home, thought I better pull my finger out and start something for Trav's teacher. Well I am a big Fan of the Lindt Pull Treat Boxes, so I made one of them with some scrap papers I had left over - Sweet Branch.... Turned out pretty good all in all.... Not the clearest pic sorry, really glarey come afternoon... You just pull the ribbon up, and out pops the Lindt Chocolate - dark choc with Orange, mmmmmm my fav........

Easter Treat

Have been working on another project too of late, but its shhhhhhh, can't tell. You'll have to wait a few months..... Don't you just love that, when people do that!!!! Can't wait for the Easter Long Weekend, to sit down and do some more scrapping... Have my mojo back lately, feels good too....

Chat soon.....

Love Lisxx