Sunday, 29 June 2008

How Good is this!!!!

Well spoilt rotten I would say! But hey, who am I to judge! Dad wanted a helicopter ride as he is absolutely obsessed with helicopters, but not only did he get his helicopter ride, he conned the pilot into picking him up from his own backyard. How spoilt is that!!!!!
The helicopter landed in their backyard, flew them to Gosford to have lunch at Magenta Shores via land, weaving through the rivers etc, on the way home, they flew the ocean shore home, spotting three whales on the way, only to land right back in the back yard! Now how is that for door to door service. Grant, the kids and I were all there to watch and of course I was there with camera in hand. Now this was an experience to believe!

Good on them I say! They deserve it!

Love Lisxx

Monday, 23 June 2008

The Shelfs - Friday Night Frenzy

Well its the very first Friday Night Frenzy over at the shelf. Put this into your favourites, you are going to need it!

We play a few games, have two scrapping challenges, chat, have fun and have heaps of laughs! And becareful, even a game of porn bingo or two! Way too funny, belly ache laughs! You girls really are my favs! Love ya's!

One of the scrapping challenges was to make a card with the criteria of having a circle on it! Too easy! Here is my card!

The second challenge was to use the KISS technique. Which stands for Keep It Simple Scrapping! The criteria was to use only one piece of PP, one cardstock, one title, one embellishment, one ribbon, and one picture. I really enjoyed this challenge of going back to basics! Sometimes I think it gets quite overwhelming trying to come up with new ideas for layering, and clustering embellishments and trying to get the right balance. Love Love Love the KISS technique! So have to do this more often! Such a great challenge, Thanks Brendy!

The Shelfs Friday Night Frenzy was a blast! So love my cyber friends. Can always count on you guys for side splitting laughs! Thanks guys can't wait until the next one!

Love Lisxx

Monday, 16 June 2008

Slice of Life Competition

OMG This is a competition of a lifetime, so make sure you drop by Scrapbook Shelf and register.

Get ready 'to capture life and to create art'.

Kicking off on the 14th of July 2008 will be a seven week competition. Our challenges will be inspired from the fabulous celebrity scrapbook artist Ali Edwards book 'Life Artist' as we embark on discovering the 'life artist' in all of us.

A challenge will be announced in the forum on the Monday of each new week. Challenge layouts/projects will need to be uploaded by Midnight Sunday of the same week For example First challenge will be announced on Monday the 14th of July 2008 and will need to be uploaded by Midnight Sunday 20th July 2008 There will be five challenges in total. Competition closes Midnight Monday 25th August and winners will be announced during Friday Night Frenzy on Friday 29th August 2008
Competition is open to Australian residents, with the exception of the Scrapbook Shelf Design Team Participants must be registered forum members with 20 posts and have uploaded to the gallery (this is more so we know that you can do it) before the commencement of the competition All work submitted has to be original; that is, created specifically for the competition and must be your work It may be 12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11 size unless otherwise specified You are free to display work images on personal blogs, reference to our competition as source of inspiration for your work would be appreciated. Please do not display work in other galleries whilst the competition is running You are welcome to submit work for publication after the competition has finished This is a paper crafting competition; that is, all work submitted must be 'paper' scrapping orientation unless otherwise specified All challenges must be completed and uploaded by the specified time to be elligble for winning major prizes
There will be a progressive point system in place. The individual who receives the most points at the end of the competition will be awarded First Place. There will also be Second Place and Third Place awarded. Design Team will award points for First, Second and Third each week. There will also be the chance of 'BONUS' points each week which will be announced during the competition. Everyone who submits a challenge layout is elligible for participation points There will be a public vote on layouts which also contributes to the point score. It would be appreciated if you don't vote for yourself when the public vote is 'open'. Public Votes carry a point weighting and will also be added to the progressive scores. Only registered forum members are elligible for voting
Individual who achieves the highest number of points at the end of the competition wins this MAKING MEMORIES SLICE MACHINE STARTER KIT and ONE MONTH GUEST DESIGN TEAM POSITION ** Please not that this machine is still currently on 'preorder' with the supplier. A machine has been preordered specifically for the competition but may not be available until September as advised by the supplier

Individual who achieves the second highest point score at the end of the competition wins this AMM Teal and Black Shoulder Bag PLUS a $50 STORE VOUCHER

Individual who achieves the third highest point score at the end of the competition wins this AMM Tote-Ally Cool Tote Teal and Black PLUS a $25 STORE VOUCHER

Registration opens today for the competition and closes at Midnight Friday 11th of July 2008 - please register here

So get to it everyone, not to be missed! How exciting!!!!!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Photo Shoot

with a good friends kids turned out so good! Jo was wanting to get some good pics of the kids for her scrapbooking and I offered to take some pics, well I was more than pleased with the results, coming from an amatuer and all! I really do love playing with the camera! Even grabbed a few of my boys as well!

Cooper is just so cute.......

Travis - Look mum no Training Wheels....

Introducing Tamia ---
Tamia is 3 days older than Coop!

What a cutie!


Both Jake & Tamia

This is two cute for words!

Introducing Jake!
And he is only 13!!!!

Can't believe how quick Jake is growing up!

A little hottie - should be a model!

OMG - I Just love this Pic!
Well thats it for the photo shoot!
Though on the Sunday Sandy and I went to Sydney loaded with Pumpkin Soup, Damper Dips, and a Beef Casserole to take to Janes! She was having a rough time of it of late and at least we know that she is having proper meals for a week or so. Was so nice to catch up with Jane, such a shame that we live a few hours drive away! We also got to meet Lee, which was great to finally put a voice and face to the name! It can be so frustrating living so far from Jane when we know she needs us, so little simple gestures like this helps! And it gives us a good excuse to go visit too! Any road trip with Sandy is enjoyable!
Well thats me for another week. Catch ya's soon.
Love Lisxx

Friday, 6 June 2008

Some work I've been working on!

Well not much going on at the moment except scrapping. There is the TSE Cypercrop happening, as well as my DT work for the Scrapbook Shelf due and Friday Night Frenzy at The Shelf as well. So here are all my projects and entries into all these wonderful forums and challenges.

Scrapbook Shelf - June Stamping Challenge - To create a 3D embellishment

SBS - Card Challenge - Something Organic
My monthly work at SBS - My Cupcake Album
TSE - Cybercrop - My Challenge - Using paperweaving, bling and a pic you love about Winter
Well thats the work so far, and thought I would leave you with a funny pic! Cooper is in the process of getting used to the Potty in time for training come the warmer weather. Here is how I found him the other day after saying he needed to go to the potty. Too funny, all complete with book in hand, just like his daddy! Priceless! LOL!

Until next time, take care, and happy scrapping!

Love Lisxx

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Somewhere New!

There are always new endings and new beginnings.

I had my first DT spot with The Scrapbook Establishment and I will be forever grateful to have been apart of a wonderful forum and a great group of girls who I now have great friendships with. But the time had come for me to move on a let someone else have a go at being a DT for the first time with TSE, as it was such a great experience. I will be completing my contract up until the end of July! Here is my current Layout for June with TSE, Stamping with Kaiser Circles. Also don't forget that the Cybercrop starts on Friday the 13th over at TSE, so get your Winter Woolies ready, as it is jammed packed!

Now I have a new beginning. I was offered a DT role on the new forum Scrapbook Shelf (SBS). Trudi Harrison is a goddess who rocks, and her online store is mostly catered for Scrapbooking Idea Books. What a great idea! She also stocks a few unique scrapbooking items, so make sure you venture on over to take a look! SBS is brand new, has a store, a gallery and a forum, so if you want to pop over and say g'day and hang out, just head on over to The Shelf.

This is the first month of the wonderful and overly talented DT Team, and we have some great monthly challenges for you to try out and you could even win yourself a gift voucher to spend in store.

My monthly challenge is stamping! I want to see Three Dimensional Stamped Embellishments, and I have drawn inspiration from AL Perfectly Clear Idea Book! What a great book this is, if you do not own this book, I recommend you add this baby to your library! I love it! And what a great price too! Just click here to have a look!

On another front, we have all been a little under the weather, Cooper can't seem to get his Asthma under control, especially every time he gets the flu, the asthma lingers on forever afterwards, so he has been put back on the Predmix for 4 days. Fingers crossed this helps. Travis split his top lip opon on Sunday night being a clown in the loungeroom, hit the mat near the front door, it skidded out from under neath him, and wham, head first into the tiles, and put his teeth through his top lip! Monday Morning saw him with a huge blister on the top of his lip, must have been from the impact, and a huge gash on the inside. Took him to the doctors too, and not much you can do for mouth wounds, could be stitched, but just adds to the trauma for a little child, was told it will heal, as mouth wounds heal alot quicker than others. Poor baby. I also had a check up as I had been feeling really fatigued lately, no energy and really bad head spins. Thought I must have been over stressed, but it turned out my sugar is low 3.2 and also my blood pressure was low. So was told to rest HA Ha Ha, now thats a joke, and try to eat alot more salty foods. Helps to boost the blood pressure back up! I was surprised really, with all the stress I have been under lately, I would have thought my blood pressure would of been through the roof, but hey, its low, bonus, but having low blood pressure makes you feel like shit too!

Well I think thats it for me, so over this rain! Rain rain go away come again another day! Makes Coop even more stir crazy! So if you are stuck in the house like me, make sure you go and check out The Shelf and the amazing DT Team!

Be Well

Love Lisxx