Saturday, 9 May 2009

Injured - contents not too graphic!! LOL!!!

Well what can I say it started out a brilliant start to a Saturday! Grant didn't work, took the kids for an early fish, I got to stay at home and have some quiet time.... So I actually got to watch a full movie, with my feet up, kicked back on the lounge, with no interuptions. Blissful! I watched "The Women" With Debra Messing, Meg Ryan, etc. Good movie.
Once the boys came home it was motorbike time. So we took the motorbikes over to the bush for a few hours of riding. Again me and one of the boys on the Peewee and Grant and another on the Thumpstar. We also met one of Grants mates over there with his daughter... Now let me clarify something first. A peewee is a 50cc motorbike, just putts along, not overly fast, the Thumpstar is about the same size as the peewee, but is a 125cc motorbike and has balls!!!
After a few rides with the kids, I thought I would do a solo run, and this time take the Thumpstar for a squirt. I have no idea what happened next, but I was rounding a bend, hit the throttle instead of pulling the clutch in to change gears back, and ended up going through the bush instead of round the track. Ended up over the hangers, motorbike runs over left leg while I slide on my right side through a thistle bush! LOL! But shit did it hurt but as I say it was oh so quick!!!
I somehow managed to pull the bike up and get it back on the track but my legs had turned to jelly and there was no way I could kick start it again! So me and the bike headed back for base, sore, scratched up, bruised with a battered ego! LOL!
Here's some of the injuries. Nothiing too major, just alot of scratches a bruises to my right leg and arm, bruises to my left inner thigh and knee, a sore left wrist and sore left ankle at this stage. God help me tomorrow!!!

The injuries - too funny! Ok So I refuse to cook tea now, came home, cleaned up, soaked in a hot bath, and ordered in Pizza!! Off to bed shortly to watch a movie! Sweetdreams! LMAO!!!


Al said...

Jeez Lis, you fangster you! Fancy you going scadoodling around on a motorbike. You just don't look the kinda girl to do that LOL!
I'm so glad you are ok ... count your blessings huh?
Be safe luv ... remember the difference between the throttle and brake next time will ya LOL!

Tanya said...

ok so now I see your injuries! Thank god you are ok you wild girl you!! ;)