Saturday, 13 June 2009

Just popping in

to let you know that I am still around! LOL! Not much happening in my camp at the moment. Spending most of my time at my parents as my mum is ill (something wrong with her liver), had heaps of tests so far, but still no answers. Been busy cooking dinners, etc. So not much happening in my world at home.

Though I have managed to scrap one layout! Pagemaps created a sketch for a comp called Love me some Basic Grey! I really loved the sketch, so I thought I would give it a go, seeing that I haven't been all that creative lately!

Here is the Sketch...Heres my layout!

Oh and one more thing I have done, I had my hair recoloured. Gone is the blonde locks and in comes the warm shades for winter! Loving it!!! Also love spending a few hours in the salon on the receiving end! Some girly me time!!!

Well girls thats me for now! Will update as soon as I have some news on my mum! Well on the positive front we know it isn't cancer, swine flu, malaria, jaundice, Hepatitis A, B, C, or D! Her liver is enlarged, and a normal persons count should be somewhere between 0 -30, (closer to 0 the better), mums is 238!! So this week she is being tested for zoonoses, as she works with animals at the vets and her doctor thinks she may have picked up an animal virus, like Q Fever, Brucellosis, Leptospirosis, etc. Gosh what mouthfuls. Crossing fingers we have answers this week.

Keep well and warm (Gosh how cold has it been???)

Chat soon, Loving Ya's



Al said...

Hey Lis, love your layout. Those papers look gorgeous!
And you know I love your new colour in your hair ... it looks awesome ;) xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous LO - even gorgeouser hair (is that a word? PMSL), and thinking of you and your mum. Hope you have some answers soon :-)

Tanya said...

I'm praying for you and your mum Lisa. I hope you get a result so you can at least have some answers. Thinking of you x

And wow I really love your layout, very beautiful papers. And your hair looks gorgeous!! Love it!

Sandra said...

Hi Lis... I'm sorry to hear your mum isn't well. I hope by now they know what's wrong and she's on the improve.

Gorgeous LO too... love that pic of your family. Agree with the girls... your hair looks great. xo

nicol said...

I was hoping to make a series of these for my bare walls, incorporating some old photos of each kid. I just need someone to teach me how!
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