Saturday, 4 July 2009

OMG "What a Night"

P!NK totally rocks!!! She is just awesome!!! This is my third time I have been to see her in concert and she is just brilliant, a true entertainer, and a wonderful vocalist to go with it...

Unfortunately the night started off with a fizz, with me and my foggy flu head, I forgot our toiletries. Der!!! So no hair products, (OMG), no makeup (Argggg) and no perfume (Bugger) so it was a quick trip into Newy and over $100 later I had some supplies...
Then it was back to the Crowne to have a relaxing Spa, Grant had a few beers (me on antibiotics - so I behaved), got ready and off to Pink, only to be told at the door, that my camera was allowed! Bahhh Humbug!!! But once we were in, the concert was fantastic, awesome, totally rocked and so was this mornings Sunrise... Now to go home and rest and get rid of this flu!

Who is your favourite entertainer? Or who really inspires you? Pink is truly my inspiration!!

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Tanya said...

Not sure why Lisa, but none of your updates have been coming up on my blogger. So I'm just reading it all now! So sorry to hear about your health problems. OMG, you are so strong to be dealing with all of that! You are in my thoughts.

These photos you got of Pink are awesome! I have seen her on her last tour and I think she is an amazing artist!