Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I just cannot believe it..

Here mother nature goes again!   Now Christchurch has suffered at her hands with a massive Earthquake leaving devastation, destruction and absolute disbelief.  Though again I am humbled at the people who risk their own lives to try to help rescue people, those who volunteer to help in any which way they can, these people are true heroes and makes me very proud that when disaster strikes, people band together no matter of nationality, race, social status and help each other.  People this is what life is all about.  No judgement, everyone is treated equal..  I think Mother Nature is trying to give us a lesson.

To all those people in Christchurch, I pray that you are safe.  For my friend Hilary and her son Toby, I pray that you are unharmed.  Please let us know when you can how you faired.  To all those out there affected by Christchurchs Earthquake, godspeed to you all.

Love and Light

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