Monday, 29 October 2007

It all went Pear Shaped!

Well after the sunday we all went to Wollongong, life took a massive slide for us in the Hallett household, Monday afternoon, Coops silly little dry tickly cough, or so I thought, started to turn into a wheeze, by Tuesday morning, OMG, he was having a hard time breathing, so off to the doctors we go, was told he was having a moderate Asthma attack, was given some steriods, was told that if the steriods did not "MELT" the asthma in an hour take him to Hospital.
Well 1.5 hours later we were in hospital, stayed for the arvo and half the night, while he had 20 minute intervals of Ventolin, then sent home. Wednesday morning I woke to a child I was so afraid for. He had blue eyelids, blue under the eyes and blue lips, to say I was scared out of my mind would be an understatement, off we rushed to hospital once again. We are told he is having a severe asthma episode with cyanosis, and placed in Intensive Care Mode. Steriods, Ventolin Gas Mask, Oxygen nasal tubes and another white puffer with a green lid, have no idea what its name was now. Once we got Coop from 20 minute intervals to 1 hourly intervals of Ventolin, etc, we were off to stay at the Paeds ward.
We finally got to 3 hourly intervals and was told we could go home, but on the proviso that children are not usually sent home until 4 hourly but they felt confident enough that I was competent enough to continue the treatment at home as I was doing it all hands on whilst there and never left his side unless the toilet or shower called.
So just in time for the weekend, we're home, first day we back peddled back to hourly, but I took it as a stimuli to the outside air instead of air con he was used too, anyway, today is Monday, he is now at 4 hourly, slowly getting there, our next milestone is 6 hourly, then start decreasing the 6 puffs to 4 and so on. I was advised to change his linen to allergenic, so done that, bought some more spacers and ventolin to leave in the car and at my parents as well as having on in the house at all times.
Well this was how me and Coop spent the week! Over the weekend we just relaxed and did nothing in particular. NO scrapping either, but thats OK! Coop comes first. So tonight or when you read this give your babies and extra special kiss as they are so so precious. Here are some pics of my baby while in Hospital, not the best quality as I took them on my mobile phone, though better than nothing right! A scrapper has to capture every milestone, so the phone was it! Goodnight and god bless! Lisxx
Breaks your heart doesn't it?


AnnetteL said...

yes it sure does break your heart, the poor little thing. I hope all is well now Lis, and that it stays that way! Huge hugs to you & your family.

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh poor little cooper trooper, poor bugger has just been through the wars lately. hugs and hope everything is on the up for him. his such a trooper