Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Don't Faint - Its Me!

I Hope you are all sitting down and haven't passed out from shock that I have actually found my way back to my blog! LOL! Anyway, my humblest apologies, life just got a little bit too hectic and my path veered off the track and into some major wilderness, anyway, found the the right path and am walking a straight line trying not to veer off again, if that makes any sense to you all!

Well since I last posted, back in the beginning of Sept, my parents went on their Europe tour and thankfully came back, missed them so much while they were gone! Have completed many layouts and entered many challenges on TSE, not to mention bought lots of gorgeous supplies as well. Have had a few scrap days with Mele, and one day with Sandy! Two gorgeous girls who I could scrap all day with! Have been doing a little bit more work, here and there, in the beauty salon, a week in Sept and have another week in November. Am currently organising my baby Travis in going to Kindergarten next year, boo hoo, life goes too fast and am so sad that he is going to big school next year! Can't believe it!

On the Christmas front have half on my present shopping list already done! So excited about that and have Coopers Birthday shopping done too, (Boxing Day 26th Dec).

On the TSE front, Jaimee has created a Tribute Album challenge where I am doing my album on my parents and thouroughly enjoying it! Am currently searching the families for pics of my grandparents and great grandparents to put in it! Going to be an awesome heirloom when I am finished! Also participated in my first Cybercrop ever and so proud that it was with TSE! Had such an awesome time and completed five layouts in one weekend. Awesome effort! The layouts produced at the Cybercrop were awesome and the games and banter was so much fun!

Well best be off, time for Travis to go to bed. Will post up some of my creations tomorrow when I get five! Hope you are all well and let me know if you read my blog or is it me just talking to myself! Love for you to pop by and say Hi!
Hope you are all well
Love you all


AnnetteL said...

Yay you're back - we missed you Lis!!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

thank goodness i was getting bored looking at your blog and nothing was updated, now i have heaps of eye candy again woot woot