Friday, 6 March 2009

My little man is 6 already!

Where does the time go. I can still remember my first born, my pregnancy, my birth, the sleepless nights, the joys of watching him grow, and now today he is 6 years old! Time is flying!!! I need to step off this ride and just reflect, watch, observe, to cherish!

Travis has always been my angel. My good boy, my soft and sensitive, loving, caring, and very intelligent boy, not to mention quiet.

Trav at Dinner

We took a birthday cake into school today so that he could have cake with all of his friends, no big birthday party this year as we did the big Macca's thing last year. We went to the bowling club for tea, and met Aunty Michelle and his cousin Brock there. He was so happy!

Trav glued to the XBox - LOL!
He got so many wonderful presents. An Xbox 360 and games: Kung Fu Panda, Indiana Jones Lego Man, Halo Wars, Saints Row, Crash Bandicoot and The Bee Movie Game. He also got three DS games, My little Kitten, Dinosaurs and Spyro, plus Mel is in Bangkok at the moment and she is bringing back a gamepak with 30 DS games on in too! OMG he is going to be stoked. Plus he got a few smaller things of us too, like a Transformer, some Bakugans and some pool stuff. Very spoilt, but also very loved and very deserving....


Mummy xoxoxox

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Al said...

Awww HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you little man Trav. No 6 ... I know you will say it every year how quickly time flies, and believe me it goes faster each year.
Great photo of Trav too :)