Thursday, 12 March 2009

My heart goes out....

to my dear friend. Not long ago I made that gorgeous album for my girlfriend for her to put all those favourite photo's of her mum in it and journal about. Well this morning my friends mum passed away! She was only 58! That is such a terrible tragedy to loose your mum not only at such a young age, but my friend is just as young, still in her 20's.

Honestly my heart goes out to her, I feel so terribly helpless. There is nothing I can do to ease me friends pain, other than to be there for her. I got the phonecall at 7am this morning, I had just got up, I had to get ready for work, shower, hair, makeup, get the boys up, dressed, brekky and somewhere in between I managed to make a card, how I threw it together so quickly still amazes me, but I got it done, so that when I got to work, I could send her a bunch of flowers with the card from the florist next door. And I even thought to make the card, to match the album that I made! Funny how your mind takes over when you aren't even thinking clearly!

With Sympathy card

Close Up

I am still pretty speachless at the moment, and still feeling so terribly useless, but I know my girlfriend will cherish the card and the album even more so now.

Thinking of you
Lis xoxoxo

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