Saturday, 15 August 2009

A bit to catch up on....

Sorry I haven't been around in a while, its just been one thing after another. Firstly, my parents dog, Leroy, who is the most gorgeous gentlest dog was diagnosed back in July with Bowel cancer, he had been given a week to live but he is still soldiering on. He is only 6!!! So not that old at all, so not far!!!

Secondly I have been having a few health issues myself. Went to my doc because of pain in my left lower side. Went and had an ultrasound, doc sent me to Gyno as he thought it may have been a cyst. Gyno decided to not treat me, instead he referred me onto Oncology at the John Hunter, wan't sure what he was dealing with but it wasn't a cyst. The growth is on the inside of the left ovary and is 5cm x 5cm. A normal ovary is somewhere between 1.5cm - 3cm. In the meantime I had to go and have a cancer marker blood test to see what we were actually dealing with. Cancer marker came back elevated. A normal persons cancer marker is between 0-20, mine came back 76.

Of course I've been in stress overload, and have been trying hard to remain positive, I have alot of friends and family around me to support me, and my intital appointment with oncology isn't until the 18th, so not long now.

These gorgeous flowers came today from my cousin in Sydney! Just the thing to brighten up my day! Thanks Nikkole, your the best!!!

I just love these, gerbera's and lillies are my fav!!!

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