Sunday, 4 November 2007

Happy Halloween

Well Halloween has been and gone and I thought I'd better write a quick post about our day! Travis woke up rather excited that it was Halloween, much to my surprise, didn't even know he knew anything about it, apparently when asked, it came from the cartoons! SO there you go, TV does teach them something! So Trav decided that we were going to have a Halloween party, with dress ups, scary food, go trick or treating, then have some scary dinner. So off we went that morning to find some scary things for our party! Firstly was a phone call to Nanny - This is the phone call, "Hello Nanny" says Travis, "Goodmorning Travis", says Nanny, "and then Travis replies "Its Halloween today Nanny, are you are witch"? Well nanny and I couldn't stop laughing, out of the mouth of babes! Nanny's a witch! LOL, nearly PMP!

Anyway, after that we all went shopping, Trav and Coop got pirate outfits, we got cobwebs, spiders, balloons and streamers, along with some scary foods - snakes, grubs, worms, ghost biccies, I made some chocolate spiders, and some choc biccies with grubs stuck in spiders webs. Mel, Tessy & Trey from next door came over all dressed up and we all went Trick or Treating, very funny, only visited the people we knew though! Too scary otherwise. Then we came back home had some more food, Sausage ROll and Party Pies in Blood! And washed it all down with Vampires blood and Witches Brew! Too funny, made the kids night though and us adults certainly had some laughs!


AnnetteL said...

Wow Lis, you made it such a special day for your boys, love all that spooky food & your 2 cute pirates!!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh my how adorable do the boys look and man that food freaked me out with the grubs on it. hey were was my invite looks like you guys had a blast

Al said...

Oh my gosh Lis ... this all looks fantastic. You all had such a great day. So I'm guessing you had no idea there was going to be a halloween shindig, but the boys wanted it? LOL ... isn't that cute. It must definitely be celebrated more in NSW than Vic here ... because I didn't hear of anyone having parties. I think next year though, it might be a bit of fun, and a good excuse to get all ghoulish. I'm really impressed at your treats though - LOL @ the pies in blood! Great pics too. Your kids look awesome. Sheesh ... sorry that was long LOL!