Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Geez, Time Flies

When your having fun, or is that when you are so bloody busy! Well no excuse really, just need more hours in the day like everyone else!
Well what has been happening in my world the past three weeks. Gee the ole brain really struggles to think back that far, sad i know!
Well I've been working quite a bit at the salon lately, helping Janet out where needed, and was actually offered to go back to work one - two days a week next year, so looking forward to that as Travis will be in School and Coop will start one day preschool, Oh how I would relish the thought of a day to myself, but unfortunately the money is needed more!
We have been getting Travis ready for big school at the moment, he has been attending transition classes every Friday in KIndergarten for the past three weeks, we have his uniform already and it breaks my heart! My first born off to school already, again, where does the time go! Though am a little undecided as to whether to put him into Kindergarten or the early learners programme they run at the school. We were advised that Children who do not turn 5 until 1 May do not have to attend school until the following year, so I can have the decision to hold him back a year, put him straight into kindergarten or put him into Early Learners. Early Learners is a little more flexible, they still go to school the same hours as all the other children and still go 5 days per week, but they don't go into the big playground with the other kids, don't have to do assemblies, and their learning is a little more flexible, gets them ready for Kindergarten the following year with a few more skills that other children. Also gives them an extra year of maturity and puts them in the eldest half kindergarten the following year. Apparently boys mature slower than girls and a higher percentage of boys will repeat a year if they turn 5 before 1 May 2007 and are sent to Kindergarten. This will also help in the years to come when he is in Year 10, he will be one of the first to turn 16, 17, get his license and hopefully will be less pressured from his peers. I know that I was one of the youngest in my years and the pressure to do things that the older kids could do (like nightclubs etc) was quite tough! Have a meeting today with the school to discuss Early Learners a bit more as I think I may go this way and give Travis that extra year of maturity and learning!

Apart from that I have been scrapping up a storm lately! We are in the middle of a Cybercrop of at the Scrapbook Establishment, so come on over and join in the fun if you like! I have got some OTP projects completed too! So here a few of my latest creations.
Christmas Countdown Tree November Cybercrop at The Scrapbook Establishment
5 Minute Card Challenge
Christmas Bauble Challenge
Challenge One - Stitching, Handwritten Journalling
and had three songs titles to choose from Challenge 3 - Assorted Text, Felt, Rouge de Garance Paper,
and a mask
November Page Challenge
"What in my handbag"

November Sketch Challenge

November Tribute Challenge
"Mums Siblings"

November Tribute Challenge
"Dads Siblings"
My Christmas Tree Album

Ok, now to head off Scrapbooking for a sec, I did have something exciting, well to me and Grant anyway. To get the gist of the story, I'll fill you in. Nearly three years ago, i miscarried my second child, a girl, at 12 weeks. (We named Emily). Was such a sad time for Grant and I, and in rememberance we planted a tree in front of the nursery where she would have been, and called it "The Emily Tree". Well nearly three years has passed (9th March 08 will be three years) and we finally have our first bloom from the Emily Tree. I was so excited, I went and grabbed Grant, and we had a little rememberence of our little girl we never had. Touched our hearts anyway. So here is Emily's first bloom! Very exciting!

Well thats it for me at the present, think I have you all up to speed! I am sure I have forgotten a few things, but I have captured the most important. Until next time, may you all shine!
Love Always


Al said...

Firstly Lis all your LO's are just amazing! Love that Countdown Tree - love the felt you've used! So jealous. And the Christmas Tabbed Album - just beautiful.

And you bought a tear to my eye - with your beautiful rose. So saddened to hear that, but lovely to hear that you have your first bloom. That was so lovely of you to share that. My fondest thoughts are with you both!

Kerry said...

Hey Lis, just wanted to say I'm so happy for you that Emily's tree had it's first blossom. I can only imagine how exciting and emotional that was for you!

I love your countdown tree and also your Christmas journal! They look amazing.

Also, thanks for the inspiration to get my blog up and running. I was a bit slack there for a while.

Jaimee said...

hey lis, what a beautiful thing to see Emily's tree in bloom what a special moment for you and Grant. Kisses your way