Monday, 5 November 2007

Three Cheers for Dad

For all of you who know my dad, his trucks are his life, and he is so proud of his business and the reputation his trucks hold.
Over the past three years, Newcastle holds a Truck Awareness Day at Newcastle Foreshore where hundreds of trucks donate money for each entry and have a Show & Shine, like a Car Show but for Trucks. All the money on the day is donated to the Westpac Helicopter. Families come to check out the truck, kids get to have a look and sit inside some of the trucks, very exciting for the little kids, there are rides for the kids, helicopter rides, and even a crane ride.
Over the past three years my dad has won Best Fleet for his pride and joys! Though this year much to his disappointment the trophy was handed over to another well deserved truck fleet. Competition is getting harder each year. Though we didn't walk away empty handed, we did win Best Rigid Tipper in the 1-5 year category for Dads Kenworth, so yippee, another trophy to add to the wall! We have quite a collection from other Truck shows we have been in too! So the day was great, weather was good, we all got a little sunburnt, though the morning was a bit of a worry because it was raining, but the truckies prayers must have been answered because the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day! So three cheers for Dad and is pride and joys!

4 Trucks out of the Fleet of 9


Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh wow WTG Dad, i can see him with that cheshire smile on his face. That is just awesome and i am not into trucks but man these look so good

Al said...

That's just awesome that your Dad one. OMG look at those trucks shine! Congratulations to him - that's obviously a really great achievement! Three cheers from here Lis.