Thursday, 12 June 2008

Photo Shoot

with a good friends kids turned out so good! Jo was wanting to get some good pics of the kids for her scrapbooking and I offered to take some pics, well I was more than pleased with the results, coming from an amatuer and all! I really do love playing with the camera! Even grabbed a few of my boys as well!

Cooper is just so cute.......

Travis - Look mum no Training Wheels....

Introducing Tamia ---
Tamia is 3 days older than Coop!

What a cutie!


Both Jake & Tamia

This is two cute for words!

Introducing Jake!
And he is only 13!!!!

Can't believe how quick Jake is growing up!

A little hottie - should be a model!

OMG - I Just love this Pic!
Well thats it for the photo shoot!
Though on the Sunday Sandy and I went to Sydney loaded with Pumpkin Soup, Damper Dips, and a Beef Casserole to take to Janes! She was having a rough time of it of late and at least we know that she is having proper meals for a week or so. Was so nice to catch up with Jane, such a shame that we live a few hours drive away! We also got to meet Lee, which was great to finally put a voice and face to the name! It can be so frustrating living so far from Jane when we know she needs us, so little simple gestures like this helps! And it gives us a good excuse to go visit too! Any road trip with Sandy is enjoyable!
Well thats me for another week. Catch ya's soon.
Love Lisxx

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