Sunday, 29 June 2008

How Good is this!!!!

Well spoilt rotten I would say! But hey, who am I to judge! Dad wanted a helicopter ride as he is absolutely obsessed with helicopters, but not only did he get his helicopter ride, he conned the pilot into picking him up from his own backyard. How spoilt is that!!!!!
The helicopter landed in their backyard, flew them to Gosford to have lunch at Magenta Shores via land, weaving through the rivers etc, on the way home, they flew the ocean shore home, spotting three whales on the way, only to land right back in the back yard! Now how is that for door to door service. Grant, the kids and I were all there to watch and of course I was there with camera in hand. Now this was an experience to believe!

Good on them I say! They deserve it!

Love Lisxx


Al said...

How cool is your Dad ... getting picked up at home - my goodness me! That looks amazing fun.

Sandy said...

how exciting!!!!! a day to remember for sure!!!