Sunday, 6 July 2008

A Surpise for the boys

Aunty Kate and Grandma came for a visit today, and with them Aunty Kate had made the boys a Romper suit each! Now these are the best things Aunty Kate has ever made. I got a pair of these when Aunty Kate first designed them, and they are the warmest Winter PJ's you could ever own, and for a cold frog like me, that is awesome. They are a full one piece fleecy lined body suit, complete with feet, no more cold feet, now more flannie PJ's riding up your back and making your back cold, you are toasty warm allllllll night! Kate has now designed them in Mens and kids too, and she was kind enough to bring some down for my boys to enjoy, of course we had to put them on straight away and have a little fun in them, so here is some pics. Don't they look awesome!

Now if you are wanting some of these warmest Winter Rompersuits just visit Kate's Website at Believe me you won't regret it!
Also it was fantastic to see Grant's mum out and about too, complete with wig, she looked fab! There is never a day goes by where she is not in my thoughts! It was great to see you both!
Anyway thought I would share Kates great creations! Well done Kate I am so very proud of you!
Love Lisxx


Jane Ettia Jones said...

i've left something on my blog for you

Al said...

Heehee cute little outfits on the boys Lisa. And love the photos :)

Sandy said...

those jammies are way cute!