Sunday, 27 July 2008

Last day of the School hols

and we had a great family day out! We took the kids to Blackbutt Reserve and fed the ducks, and the emus, and looked at all the birds and the new baby koala! Way too cute. Then we went on the 1.2km walk, was great chasing the kids, tried to wear them out but it just didn't happen. Once we got back to the car, we went into Newcastle and checked out the carnival at Nobby's Beach. We rode the Dodgem Cars, and Travis and Coop went on the giant slide and the jumping castle, and of course we had a go at the clowns. After the carnival we went to the Waffle and Cone and we all got an icecream each, Cooper got a Rainbow, Travis a Triple Choc, Grant a Cookies and Cream and me a good ole fashioned Jaffa! By the time we drove home the kids were fast alseep! We had a great day out and these are just the best days to have and we need more of them.
Blackbutt Reserve

Also over this weekend was the Scrapbook Shelf Friday Night Frenzy! The criteria was we were all given a advertisment where we had to draw inspiration from and come up with our own Layout! Quite interesting really! So here is the advertisement and underneath is my entrant. Me being a DT I can only enter as inspiration which I just love to do! And my good friend Sandy Myers cleaned this challenge up scoring her a bonus 50 points in the Slice of Life Comp!

The Advertisement

My Layout

Stay tuned tomorrow for the third challenge in the Slice of Life Competition!

Be well, take Care and Chat soon!

Love Lisxx

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Al said...

The boys look like they had a most fantastic time at Blackbutt Reserve. How fun! I'm not a huge fan of birds - don't like how they poop everywhere LOL. Great collage!
And I must say, I love your take on the LO - great concept. And very quirky with your chosen title :)