Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A Boy??? A Girl???

I decided to do some spring cleaning, and go through the kids wardrobes, bookcases, toyboxes and once I had finished sorting and tidying there, I started on my room. Well of course Cooper had to be right in the middle of it all. Too funny! Here I was sorting out my underwear, socks and swimmers drawers when Coop strips off and starts putting on my stuff! Oh I was in stitches. In the end he was happy with a purple pair of my G's and one of my tops of a tankini. Well I was in hysterics. He was posing, and struting his stuff in front of the wardrobe mirrors.

I then told his to go and show daddy, and to start off with daddy was horrified, his son dressing in girls clothes, but after he got over his macho ways, he too found it funny. Who could resist with the posing! Anyway, we headed back inside, I grabbed my camera and here he was working his poses for the camera too! Way too funny! But beware, some pics are graphic! LOL!

OMG Cooper, you are way too funny!

The joys of little boys!!! OK Baack to it! Better go and finish off my room now!!! Then onto the toys in the loungeroom and back room! Its like Toys r us in this house!!! And Christmas is coming!!! Need to make room for the new!!! LOL!

Hope you got some laughter today from these pics!!

Take care, chat soon



Al said...

OMGOSH what a crack up! Look at that boy of yours LOL LOL LOL! And he has G's on ... LMAO!!!!!!!! What a classic !!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I cracked up when I saw the photo of him looking backwards between his legs!!! bwahahahahahaha what a hoot!