Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hi Honey I'm home.....

Well everyone, things went better than ever! Firstly, NO CANCER! Yeh, woot woot! Jumping for joy! What they did find was that I have endometriosis. My left ovary had an endometrial haemorrhage, and had actually ruptured a week or more before surgery! Hence the pain! Arggg! Though the ovary was absorbing it into my monthly cycle. I had keyhole surgery, had what endometriosis Dr Jaaback could burn away and had a complete curette to flush everything else out! As far as I am aware at this point in time, I am still ALL female, haven't lost any girly bits! LOL! Apparently cancer markers can rise when you have endometriosis that becomes inflamed or haemorrhages, hence why mine kept rising. Not necessarily meaning that you have cancer. Wish someone had of told us that in the beginning.

They actually sent me home from surgery the same day and I have been recouperating at my parents house. Very scared to stay at home with the boys incase I got hit in the stomach, or Cooper decided to crawl into bed with me. Not a good idea, so I had been staying at my parents until this morning, and I'll brave it out from now on in. *Biting fingernails* .

I look like I have been probed by aliens with 4 puncture wounds to my stomach, though I am mobile, and been pottering around, then lying down when I need to.

Have to send a huge thank you out to all of you who have sent text messages, emails, phonecalls, get well cards and flowers. I truly am so grateful to have such wonderful, thoughful and caring friends, family, workmates, etc. Thankyou all so much! Positivity is a great world to live in, and I can't have asked for a better outcome. A huge sigh of relief.

Chat again soon
Love Lisxx


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaayyyy that's great news Lis!! I'm pleased to hear you still have your girlie bits too hehehe. I WAS thinking of you on Wednesday and sending you *good vibes* from across the Tasman lol. Wishing you a very smooth recovery now. Lotsa love n hugs xoxoxox

Lakshmi_yin said...

Great to hear you're not only on the mend, but that the test results were false positive.

Love U Heaps,
Alesha xoxo

Lyndal said...

FANTASTIC News Lisa :)
Hope you are feeling much better.

Debbie said...

Happy to hear your results were not as scary as you thought. Hope your recovery is going well.
Sending my well wishes to you and your family for a speedy recovery.

Al said...

Hello sweetie, it is SO great to hear you have a pretty clean bill of health. I was thinking of you often xx