Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Week 3!

Well I must say I am feeling alot more like my normal self. I had my post operative appointment today with Dr Jaaback, and all went pretty good. I even have pics of what my insides looked like! Ewwww! He found that I had endo on both my ovaries, as well as inside, also had endo on my uterus and on my bladder. He burnt/cut off what he could on the outside of the ovaries, uterus and bladder. I also have cysts on the inside of my ovaries, which he has left. Plus a curette to flush everything out! I still have all my girly bits and no cancer! Yippee! He was hesitant to remove my ovaries because I am still young, and by removing my ovaries will cause me to go straight onto HRT! Something he wants to avoid for quite a while yet. So going forward I just have to try to persevere with the discomfort for as long as I can. To slow the endo down, he recommends I go back on the pill (OMG) and only have a period 1-3 times a year! Well that I can handle... Bring that on!

Thats it for me!
Chat again tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Sooo good to hear about your post-op. Your card is on its way to you today :-) sorry it's late!