Sunday, 22 November 2009

I went to see.....

New Moon today! OMG how good is this! And how hot is Jacob??? OMG! Talk about goosebumps!!! The movie was sooooo good. I really can't wait for the next two movies! These have to be the best movies of all time. I really really loved the books, they had me hooked from Twilight, and only took me like 1-2 days to read each book! Now the books have come to life and it is awesome!!!

Has anybody else seen New Moon? What did you think? Who else is a huge Twilighter fan like me?

Apart from that my life has been quiet. Been hybernating inside the house for 4 straight days of 40 degrees or more! Too hot to go outside. Even saying that it is nearly 7pm and it is still in its mid 30's outside. What is going on with the seasons? We don't usually get weather like this until January / February, and its only November!!! Here's hoping that January / February is more like Autumn then, seeing that we are getting Summer now in Spring! So confusing!!!

Now as for Christmas I am getting organised! I have my boys done, and pressies wrapped. Little snoops kept looking for them, easier to wrap them! Ha Ha Ha! Have even done Coops birthday pressie and wrapped them to ready to go, seeing that his birthday is the 26th december! The big 4!! So exciting! Have done my parents, have done my Sister in Law, have done my Aunty, and Grants niece and nephew, though still have Grant, Grants Brother and partner, Grants Dad, Mele & the kids, and a few others. I am making all the salon girls a gift, along with Trav's teacher and the lovely Leanne at the Scrap Shop! So better get cracking on those too. Can't believe how fast this year has flown nd its nerly time to put up the tree and all the lights! *Wiping brow* How are you going with all your Christmas preparations???

Have a nice cool day inside and lets hope for that southerly tonight!!!
Love Lisxx

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