Sunday, 29 November 2009

Life has been .......

super busy and super stressful the past few weeks. I have been busy this week creating a few Chrissy presents for the girls who work at the Scrap shop where I teach! Will post up some pics when I actually get around to taking them.

Finished all my Chrissy shopping this week. Phew! what a chore that is! Also finished off all my Chrissy Cards, all hand made, just have to remember to buy stamps. The kids are busting at the seems to put the tree up but I told them not before the 1st December!

Had a big week with mum. She hasn't been well at all. Spent alot of time looking after her, keeping her mind occupied, taking her out, etc.

Though I did have my fortune told on Saturday! WOW! So so accurate. Describe Grants, Travs. Coops and my personalitys to a T! So bizarre! Was a really positive reading, really enjoyed it. Jan was a lovely lovely lady! Would definately go back to her. She reads your Astrology charts and then does the Tarot Cards. WOW! She even picked up that my car is having meltdowns and its time for a new one, her words "Your car has gremlins"! LOL! Love it!
I have been out of car nearly all week, this is constantly happening the past few months, the mechanic can't find the problem. Spent a fortune on it, and still keeps dying and playing up! I love that it has Gremlins! LOL! So true! She also said that I had spent to much money already on trying to fix the problem, and that they will never find the problem it is just Gremlins. Thinking a Prado very soon down the track!

Well thats me for a quick update. Will chat and download some more pics soon!

This time of year is crazy! So busy!
Love Ya's

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