Sunday, 6 April 2008

A Confusing week!

This week has been alot of searching within myself, if that makes sense. I spent last Sunday out shopping with my Aunty and my mum at Morpeth. A lovely little historic town with gorgeous little trinkets, bears, natural products, such a sweet little town. Anyway, towards the end of the day we saw a Clairvoyant shop! And we all thought, lets do it!

A Pic of Morpeths Park

So my Aunty went first, then Mum and then Me! Well, he was so eerily accurate. Told us all things and described to us people in our lives! He first picked up on a friend of mine, who is in a bad relationship, and needs to get out! And out now he said or she would leave life another way, and not in 20 years either. I think my jaw fell on the floor! He suggested a few books for her to read to gain back her confidence, courage and help her to focus! Luckily after I spoke to her, and quite a few teary moments between the two of us, she bought the books. Thats a positive step forward.

He told me that Cooper was bought to this Earth for my benefit, to teach me a life lesson of Practicality and Patience. Wow, he got that right. He explained Coopers personality to a T! Though we need to change is habits into a positive, no more tantrums, try to get him to focus around him and not just whats in front otherwise he could end up to be a very troubled boy with a drug problem! Gosh I tell you I was just devastated. Totally felt like a bad mother! I had put it down to Cooper just being very high spirited and focused on just what he wanted! But really when you looked at the bigger picture with what he said, it really made sense. Though as hard as that is!

Travis he said was very clever and very bright and has a very sensitive nature. Again Travis to a T! He is sensitive to the spirit world and see's people! Which we already knew! One of the reason's we still let him sleep in our bed as he is so afraid. Though he told me it was time Travis grew up, back into his own bed, and we had to stop letting him pull on our heart strings! So not an easy thing to do! So this week has been a struggle, though we have had Travis sleeping in his bedroom for half a night, with him falling asleep in his bed! Though with me having to sleep in the top bunk! But hey its a start! He also said because we give into Cooper so often, that Travis feels that Cooper is loved more than him! Travis was bought to this world for his own purpose to learn his life lesson of Self Worth. He needs constant praise and love, if not he could have depression problems in the future. Its like, Oh yeh I can see that now taking a step back.

Really eerie stuff I tell you, and I was quite a mess for the first few days of the week. Though I have taken the positive out of it and moving right alone. It was very deep, very intense and a little intrusive, but at the end of the day I'd rather know! Not sure if any of you beleive in such things, but I do believe in the spiritual side of life and found this quite fascinating. Before I knew it half an hour was up and it was over, I would of really liked to find out a little more about me, what my path in life was, not only to learn practicality and patience but what other life lessons were I to be taught! I also wanted to find out about Grants Mother! Well maybe another time! I have his name, phone number and the address of his store if anyone is interested! Just email me and I will send it over!

Other than that my week has been really basic! Work, Swimming, and more work! Yesterday I spent the day in the yard tidying up the kids area of the back yard, cleaning out the BBQ shed, and weeding the gardens! Was a beautiful day once the sun got out!

Last night we had our first Lighting of the Fire ritual! Every year when we light the fire for the first time, we have a camp out, grab the kids single bed mattresses, and sleep on the loungeroom floor, watch videos, eat chocolate, drink hot chocolate all while the fire is blazing!
Our first fire of the year!
Was so nice, though it is so hard to watch a movie with the kids making so much noise all the time. I ended up sneaking back off to my own bed at 11pm (Travis shortly followed) after Grant woke me snoring, so I left him there. But bloody Daylight Savings, had the kids up at 5am this morning! Nooooooooooooooo! I can feel a nanny nap coming on!
Trav - Campout!
The Boys - Campout

Coop - Camp out!

Anyway hope you all have a lovely weekend! Nice day to scrap today if I get the chance! Grant is off fishing again! So its just me and the boys again!

Love to you all Lisxx


Melissa said...

Hi Lis
Please be careful luv, when it come to clairvoyants, not saying I don't believe in them, but know too many people who have been "burnt" - sometimes we just need to look "up" when we need answers

Jane Ettia Jones said...

you freaked me out