Monday, 28 April 2008

Did someone say we needed rain?

Wasn't it back in June 07 that we just had floods? Don't they predict that a flood occurs every 10 - 15 years! Well what is with all the rain the past 10 days and all the water over the roads again! Here I was going to work yesterday, hit the back roads of Woodberry and bam, the water is all over the road! I didn't have time to turn around so through it I went! Luckily I have a Forrester! There was water over the road in three seperate sections and even Raymond Terrace river was up and over, no car park or boat ramp to be seen, all under water!

On the Sunday we decided to take a drive out through Millers Forest, then Morpeth and up to Chichester Dam to check out all the water! We stopped at Dungog for a COunter Lunch on the way! What a beautiful day! The paddocks were so green, and the drive was really tranquil, even rubbed off on the kids! Now thats a first! We got all the way to Chichester only to find the gates closed due to too much water spilling over the Dam Wall! Too dangerous, so we turned around and headed into Tilgerry Forest, checked out the river there, drove the car through the causeway covered with water and headed down to Frying Pan creek! Was a great day for a drive, especially since I have had this dreaded flu for over a week! So the drive was great for the rest and to have a family day out! Need more days like this!

Well that is me done and dusted! Time for work! Then Tuesday and Wednesday is scrapping days! Need to get the challenges done for the CC over at TSE! Thursday& Friday back to work! Thak goodness I don't have to work this Saturday like I have the past two Saturdays! Have the next two Saturdays off, then work the last two Saturdays in May!

Chat soon my friends

Love Lisxx

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Sandy said...

oh Lis, tell me about it! had to wear gumboots out to the clothes line last weekend! Incredible amount of rain!