Sunday, 6 September 2009

Happy Fathers Day

I definately excelled myself this year.... Grant has been so busy of late pulling down our back fences, to make way for lovely cream 6ft colourbonds, that I thought I would buy him a gorgeous new 6 burner - 3 plate Stainless Steel BBQ, complete with WOK and utensils. OMG he was super excited..... Travis bought him Screwdrivers and Occy Straps from the School Stall, and Coop brought home a No1 Dad mug and socks plus a handmade card from me! Talk about spoilt....

My dad scored a Jump Pack, which is like a Battery that is charged and you can jump a car anytime you like without having to grab another car and jumper leads. He needs one of these as he was always borrowing Grants when his Corvette or Ride on Lawn Mower won't start! He was super happy and surprised too! Got Grant to get me one from Snap On! Now just to get him the mobile Chainsaw Sharpener that attaches to the jump pack so that he can sharpen his chainsaw even while he is out in the bush!

After visiting Netty's special spot, we took the kids down to the Skate Board Park and let them ride around for a little while, of course the big Kid (Grant) had to get in on all the action with the boys. LOL! You are so funny!!! We then had a lovely lunch at Anna Bay Tavern with my parents, Grants Dad, brother, sister in law and kids... Such a gorgeous day in the sun!

So Grateful for my family!


Tanya said...

Lovin those photos! And the jump pack sounds like exactly what my hubby needs (didn't know you could get them).

Hilary said...

Fab pics :-)