Sunday, 20 September 2009

Its a scrap happy day today...

Seeing that my class was postponed today, guess what!! I still scrapped! LOL! I decided to make my dad a 60th Birthday card.

Close up
Then I decided to make a Gratitude Journal. I don't know if any of you have read "The Secret" but it is very inspiring for positive thinking. I wanted a journal to capture little daily affirmations, write down things I am grateful for etc...

Gratitude Journal
Close Up
Then I was on a roll, so decided to make myself a Diary for my classes, so that I had somewhere to keep all my contacts, ideas that I come up with, techniques to cover, and a weekly place to put what layout I am doing each week, with a materials list, things I need to take with me, etc. Feel more organised now and feel like I have accomplished alot today.

Classes Diary
Close Up Also went to spotlight and bought the new Bella Sarah Jane Papers, and on the way home, hubby and boys and I went to the Hunter River Hotel and had lunch! Was a lovely Sunday, and the weather was fantastic. The boys bought some water balloons at spotlight, so the afternoon was full of water fights! LOL!

Cooper not very impressed at getting hit! LOL

Travis being hit!!!

I even got a reprieve from cooking tonight. Grant decided that he was going to try out the new BBQ and cook a roast in it! Well, I have to say that is the last time I cook a roast, Grant now has the job! What a top job he did too! And no mess on the BBQ! Even better! Thanks Granto!

Well thats the end of my weekend! Great fantastic family weekend with perfect beautiful weather... Bring on next week!!!

What did you get up to over the weekend???

Chat soon


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