Sunday, 6 December 2009

A Break Away.....

Grant decided during the week that we needed to get away for a weekend before all the madness started for Christmas. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am not a huge fan of camping but hey I went and guess what I really enjoyed it.
Thursday arvo after work I went shopping and grabbed everything we needed, spend Thursday night packing all our clothes and getting organised. Grant and I both had Friday off work and we let the kids have a day off school! They were both so excited. Charged their DS Nintendo's up and Friday morning we packed the car and headed off at 9.30am. We drove for 3.5 hours to Chaffey Dam near Nundle (Tamworth area).
Trav playing DS on our Road Trip
I really must say I was quite surprised at how dry and brown everything is once you pass Singleton. Truly heartbreaking. And its only November, whats it going to be like come January / February??? Going to be a bad year for fires I would think.

Once we got to Chaffey Dam, we set up camp and Grant got straight into fishing and we all settled in, only to be hit with not one but three thunderstorms, within about 1 hour of each other. Well the tent did not like the wind and Grant and I ended up holding up each side while the storms went through! LOL!
Chaffey Dam & some Fishing

I must also say, what is it with boys and rocks. As soon as we got settled and Grant set up his fishing, the next thing we know, the boys are at the waterside, picking up rocks and throwing them into the water. LOL! Cooper was entertained for hours doing this, it was great! He got so much enjoyment with throwing rocks in to the water. LOL!

Coop and rocks and our storms Grant managed to catch the heaviest fish - an 8kg Carp on 4kg Line, and it wasn't until that night we realised that he had a world record and we didn't save it. Bugger it, Grant was truly devastated! Looks like we will be chasing world records next year! LOL!

Other than the fishing, and the relaxing, kicking back, I read some of my book - Paulina Simons new book. The second day we moved camp, due to the wind and found a more sheltered spot which was much more secure. I think come the new year it will be time to look for a camping trailer, that you just pull out and away you go. None of this setting up tents, trying to hold them up in huge winds! Actually looking forward to the next trip! Though in saying that, I think March would be good. Not too hot!

Relaxing and Kicking Back

Late Sunday arvo we got home, unpacked and crashed! Mum and Dad came round to catch up on our adventures and Coop decided he wanted a sleep over with Nan and Pop! WOW, so excited, can't remember the last time nan and pop had one of the boys over night. Well that was my weekend all wrapped up! Back to the daily grind in the morning.

Did you get up to anything exciting over the weekend????

Chat soon
Love Lisxx

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