Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas Carols

Travis's school put on a Christmas Carols. Each class had their own carols to get up on stage to sing and dance to. It was so cute to watch and such a great way to spend a night with the kids doing something Christmasy!

The school did such a wonderful job, there were sausage sizzles, cold drinks, lollies, glow sticks, flashing candles, raffles, a stage for the kids to get up and sing their songs complete with lights. This is one of the best shows Woodberry School has put on.
I was so proud of Trav up there on stage, singing and dancing, enjoying himself and having a wonderful time. He had stage fright to start with and really didn't want to go up, that old lack of confidence kicked in, but by the time he got up there, he ended up in the front row, dancing, singing and having a ball! It was so cute and I was so proud....

Can't wait for next years, was talking to Jo who was the mastermind behind the whole concert, and a bloody great job she did too, and next year they are going to add fireworks at the end of the night! WOW! This kids will go crazy!

Just love this time of year!


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