Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Our Own Mini Yasi

in my backyard.  Here I have been watching the devastation of Mother Earth occuring all around us over the past few months, Australia has weathered the fires, the floods, the cyclones, the heat waves on numerous occasions, not to mention our neighbours New Zealand with their earthquake only just over a week ago!! 

This afternoon what I thought was just another thunderstorm from the heat that we have been experiencing during the day turned out to be something much bigger.  With no warning, our thunderstorm turned into our own Mini Yasi.  Living in a city, (Newcastle, NSW) we are not prone to cyclones, so when this one hit, holy dooley, how frightening.  We had hail, massive winds, the noises of tin rooves, and colourbond fences being ripped apart was undescribable.  We had a trampoline from one street back, somehow got picked up like the house in the wizard of Oz, and dumped in our street, over two rows of houses only to land on a neighbours car.  Trees down everywhere, powerlines down, fences and people BBQ Roofs in other peoples backyards.  The noise of the wind howling against our windows with the force of the hail, was very frightening for the boys...  I can only imagine what poor Queensland went through only 1 week ago, and ours was minor and lasted 5 minutes.  But what a mess 5 minutes made.

Here is just a glimpse from my own street...

I still cannot believe that we have had so many natural disasters since the beginning of the year.  Seems like there is a new one each week..  I did read a book called 2012 by Doreen Virtue, who foresees a huge change to the world come 21st december 2012, leading up to this date, especially 2011, we would see huge natural disasters world wide.  Well I have to say, she is right on the money... 

Praying for sunshine tomorrow!
Take care
Love Lisxx

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