Sunday, 13 March 2011

Red Alert - Laser Tag

A group of 8 year old boys, Laser guns, Mazes, running, sweaty, junk food, fizzy drinks, balloons, Birthday Cake - Must equal fun!  This was my sons 8th Birthday at the local Laser Tag Centre..   even my hubby joined in the fun with them for two games...

Happy Birthday Travis!!  We love you!

to finish the day off, we spent the afternoon going for a drive into Newcastle, checking out the beaches, going for a walk down to the BogeyHole along the Newcastle Coastline (The Bogey hole was hand constructed by Convicts in the early 1820's for the Major and Affluent people).

The Bogey Hole

The Stairs down to the Bogey Hole (Worse you had to walk back up them - Ouch)

Newcastle Beach

A wonderful and gorgeous day, and even managed to squeeze in a double layout!!  Yipee!!  Pics soons..

Love Lisxx

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